Today we received a call from a customer none too sure what exactly “Remy Hair” is. Well…here are the not so bald tips to look out for when considering a Remy Piece!!

Remy hair is not always virgin hair (the term virgin signifies that the hair has not been colored or permed); once virgin hair has been colored or chemically processed in any way short of removing the cuticle, it is referred to as remy. Remy hair can be categorized in the ‘premium’ segment, as far as hair quality is concerned. Remy hair has its cuticle intact, and running in the same direction “unidirectional cuticle” to prevent tangling. The cuticle protect the hair from damage and gives the hair its natural look.

For commercial purposes, remy hair is categorized into two types:

Remy Hair Single Drawn 
the hair is taken out directly from the scalp by shaving the donor head. Care is taken to remove the very short hair, with the longer hair, found in different hair length, giving a ponytail-like appearance.
Remy Hair Double Drawn 
the hair is the finest quality with the same wave length in a piece. The hairs are arranged with equal lengths. There will not be any short hair in a piece.

Three qualities have been designated:

  • Quality A: (the Caviar of hair pieces) an expensive type of weft hair made up of Brazilian (also Russian and Indian) virgin remy hair. This type is unidirectional and characterized by double drawn hair, where the whole weave is made up of hairs of the same length.
  • Quality B: made up of special double drawn hair, virgin remy hair, and is unidirectional. The length of hairs though may vary by up to 1-2 inches.
  • Quality C: the final quality of weft hair. The cuticles are intact and are unidirectional. The entire weave contains hairs of different length

The choice depends on how deep your pocket is.  From the view-point of your Weave Technician or Braids Consultant, expect to be charged a sliding scale, sometimes as much as 20% more if you opt to wear the Quality A Brazilian but then nobody said such luxury comes cheap.

Please call  or drop us a comment for further advice or to order discounted Virgin Brazilian, Wefts or bulk, single or Double drawn.


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