Temple Hair

Temple Hair also Known as Indian Remy is some of the most sought after hair. As is implied, it is from India and is referred to as temple hair because it comes from donor young men and women who shave off their hair as part of their Hindu religion. In its natural state  it only comes in two colors. –dark brown and black,#1,#1b,#2 and on rare occasions, #4. Needless to say you will be hard pressed to find natural #613. However, like virgin hair, it can be dyed after it has been attached to your hair. 

One of several ways your weave technician can apply your Indian Remy (as well as  Brazilian ) is by Micro bonding. This technique  will achieve  the most natural looking finish.  As the strands of the Indian  hair are  attached to your own hair as close as possible to the roots, it tumbles out like your own natural hair. 

Applied properly, your new hair should last for up to 3 months. Great to take on holidays as you can do almost everything you can to it as you would with your natural hair. Go swimming. Wash it. Set it. Dye it to any colour of your choice.

Best of all you can have your weave technician take it out for you to keep and re-use while you give your natural hair a breather.

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