Hair damage;  Traction Alopecia; Hairline damage; patchy scalp; split ends, complete hair loss (alopecia totalis)  etc etc.  These are some of the problems you will come across while working with untrained stylist.


bad hair weave experience

wrong hair weave technique

Damaged hair is common among women these days and the search for solutions is causing traumatic frustrations.  Losing hair can be stressful as a woman’s beauty starts from her “crowning glory” (hair).  Some of the traumatic experience for women who experience hair loss include: emotional problems and this includes very low self-esteem as the woman suddenly has a low self believe.  She  now feels insecure which then leads to lack of feeling of love as she feels less attractive, loss of career due to inability to perform at her best, loss of relationship as all of this comes from the way she feels about her appearance and the fact that she now feels less feminine


The reason for these expensive and painful experiences is mostly due to untrained stylist who neglect their duties of giving professional advice to clients leading to cases and experiences that could have been avoided.

WHAT IS HAIR – As a hairstylist some of the issues you will deal with is to understand what a hair strand is, where  hair comes from, what hair contains, how hair grows, the cycles of hair growth, what  you need to eat to encourage growth, what products help maintain healthy hair when is grown etc. A hairstylist should understand these points such that when a client complains that her hair is not growing or is getting damaged, you are in a position to suggest or give tips on basic rules to keep the hair healthy. A trained stylist should be in a position to notice when a head of hair is not looking healthy and immediately advise on products to address or redress the problem before it gets out of control.  A trained stylist can recognise that a physically damaged hair is rough; brittle to the touch, and prone to split ends and can work on helping that client to address the problem.

damaged hair strands

damaged hair strands

HEALTH AND SAFETY IN HAIR STYLING – As a hairstylist you are the expert on issues relating to hair.  You should know products to avoid on varied textures of hair, you should know how to apply products, the timing to us and when to take them out of the hair.  You should be in a position to know how to test for hair strengths, strand test, incompatibility test, elasticity test, porosity test etc.  It is not enough to pack a handful of chemicals and slap on a client’s head without considering if the hair strand is strong enough to handle the strength of the chemicals in the relaxer or if the porosity of the hair is such that chemicals will not be the best option on the hair.


APPLYING HAIR EXTENSIONS – As a trained hairstylist you are in a position to understand if your client’s hair can handle additional hair – hair extensions and what styles that is best for the particular hair you are dealing with.  You are in a position to know the different qualities of hair extensions, where the extensions come from, how they should be applied to bring out the best look from them, how they should be cared for, how often they can be washed, how and when to take them out and when not to apply a particular style on a particular type of hair etc.  These are some the knowledge a hair stylist understands when they attend training.  A trained hairstylist will talk you through all the processes you will undertake before a styling process, they will look at your hair and take give various test before using their professional knowledge to give a judgement – The general word for this is called consultation – and it is a stylist role to consult with you before agreeing or explaining why a style may not be convenient for your hairstyle.

Investing time and money in training is not a wasted effort for a hairstylist.  It is a necessary end if their hopes and dreams for the industry is not to cause trauma and emotional distress for clients.  Just like a sick patient will not go to an untrained medical doctor for treatment so also should clients avoid untrained hairstylist as they may be cheap to use today but become very expensive burdens to bear for life.


Joy Phido is the Chief Trainer at World of Braiding & Extensions.  For comments, advise, more information etc, contact us:


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