Searching For Professional Hair Braiding Stylist

For the past two days I have had two very different but interesting clients. This is their story.


She wears virgin afro hair and has no plans of changing the texture of her hair with chemical relaxers.  This decision has made her visit several hairdressing salons to get her hair in braids.  Whenever she got to the salons and they take a look at her virgin afro hair, they start complaining. Their reasons for the complaints are varied – they hate braiding virgin hair because it does not look pretty in braids, they hate it because it takes a lot of time to braid, they hate it because she should have put chemicals in it to save them having to comb through the hair and braid it.  One of the stylist also complained to her colleague that the time she spends braiding one hair is equal to applying five relaxers and putting in three weaves. These activities pays her more money.  Braiding does not pay her enough money hence the client will have to wait till she is ready to attend to her. Question now is why did she agree to have the client come round to her salon only to end up frustrating and wasting her day.  Why do these braiding stylist feel they have a skill that no one else in the world have hence they can afford to make clients feel inferior or different because they choose to wear their natural hair in a way they like. Why do these stylist think they can run their business without any client care knowledge.


My clients’ remarks to me was ” I have been searching for a professional braiding stylist and I am so glad to have met you at last.  I now feel good about my hair and will not be forced to relax my hair any more”  Similar case to client no. one but braiding stylist does not know how to braid virgin afro hair in cornrow styles.She can braid single plaits but is not prepared to learn how to braid virgin afro hair in cornrows.  She encourages her clients and advises them to chemically relax their hair in order for her to be able to braid their hair.

Again comes the question:  Why do braiding stylist demand that their clients should have their hair chemically processed.  Would this have anything to do with laziness? or is it simply ignorance of the highest degree. I choose to call it everything because being a hair braiding trainer, I work with all hair types and train my students to do the same.  I do not see any reason why a particular hair type should be encouraged over the other.  Clients should not be forced into making decisions just to make a stylist happy or make life easy on a stylist.  To help stylist, I will recommend they take up continuous trainings to update their knowledge, seek information and keep yourself abreast of fashion and beauty trends in order to satisfy all clients.

Question: Have you had any bad experience from stylist or are you a stylist who will like some advise on how to consult and attend to clients? Let me know and we can organise events to meet your needs.

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