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02 February 2011

Reference No:  WOBEL/FRAN


World of Braiding Trains Australia’s Student to Natural Hair Business Success

Francesca's training

Francesca's training


After only six months of training Francesca De Mori, Freedom Braiding Couture one of Internet’s Top and Australia’s successful natural hairstylist is glowing with business success.

According to Francesca Angela De Mori, the founder and Managing Director of Freedom Braiding Couture “My biggest triumph in getting training is the fact that Business is BOOMING , I’m so overwhelmed with how in demand I am. Everyone wants me as their stylist and it’s a great feeling. I am truly in demand by my clients and have such a great reputation. I feel so successful in this industry and everybody around me sees how much work I put into my business”.  According to Ms De Mori since her training “I have been contacted by Rhihana’s hairstylist and Taliah Waajid, I write a monthly hair care column for a National Magazine, I speak monthly on a Radio station about new Hair styles and extensions, I’ve started doing Photo shoots, events, fashion shows and weddings etc.  It is so exciting.”

Freedom Braiding Couture’s success has been achieved by her dedication to her work and her willingness to take up training and apply herself to the knowledge she was taught. She accepts that to succeed in the industry, you have to be willing to improve on the service you offer your clients and you can only gain this knowledge from continuous training. “I needed training because I felt as a stylist I wasn’t being respected. Clients were not paying enough and they were coming late all the time. I felt if I was qualified with a professional certificate, I would be respected in the hair industry and by my clients. I also needed to  improve my skills to a higher quality.”  Since completing her training, everything has changed for her.  She now aims to work on 3 weaves in a day and earns very good fee from her clients. “I definitely help my clients more with advice on growing their hair and hair care rather that just styling as I was doing before training.  I make educated conversation and create a comfortable professional environment all the time.  I absolutely appreciate Customer service as very important to my clients.”

World of Braiding is UK’s first accredited Natural Hair Academy, a World Premier Institution offering Professional Standards and Natural Hair Glamour that helps stylist to achieve prosperity in the hair industry.

World of Braiding offers education, knowledge and skills training that let students achieve a lifetime skill for self employment in order to work around their family and friends, work from home, rent a chair, become freelance, start their salon/ grow their salon business etc.

According to Joy Phido – Chief Executive of World of Braiding, “we are focused on helping our students prosper in the hair industry.  Our training apart from offering the most detailed skills in Braids, Weaves and Extensions, gives information and statistics on the hair industry.  We welcome students from around the world and have proved our quality training with students from USA, Australia, Poland, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Africa, Barbados, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroun, Ireland, France to name a few.”

Ms De Mori concludes by advising people interested in the hair industry “Hair is a very profitable industry, however it is competitive. If you don’t have a passion for it and have the drive to excel for more education and training then do not bother going in.”

For more information on Ms De Mori and Freedom Braids Couture, see her videos on You tube.


World of Braiding is offering an Open Day of Training on February 22 2011 and it is absolutely free. Contact us for details:


For information on our training see our You tube channel:


World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd

Unit C, 219 Bow Road


E3 2SJ

Tel:  020 8983 9815




Contact:  Joy Phido

Chief Executive Officer



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