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17 February 2011


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Shanelle Gill

Shanelle Gill



Shanelle Gill – Ellen Extensions Hair & Beauty Barbados is now recruiting trained hair and beauty experts for International beauty positions in London, New York and Barbados.

According to Shanelle Gill – the Managing Director of Ellen Extensions Hair & Beauty  “the need to recruit only the best in the industry is necessary as I believe there is little said about the chemicals we use on our hair and how they affect us especially for ladies with natural curls. Our curls are fantastic and there are easy ways we can care for our hair’s natural luxurious curls.”

Shanelle who is a Braids and Extensions graduate from World of Braiding is flourishing in business. With startup business in London, Ellen Extensions has grown to the status of International Business with her freelancing hair and beauty business spanning to Barbados and New York.

While training at World of Braiding recalls Joy Phido – Chief Executive of World of Braiding & Extensions, “Shanelle had her good and bad days when she doubted her ability to push her passion for hair into a successful business.”  According to Joy “Shanelle was very hard working and focused at achieving her aims for attending the training.”  With the achievement of Ellen Extensions as an International Business, World of Braiding – the home of Education, Information and Skills in natural hair, Braids & Extensions is proud to have contributed to the success of this company.  Joy continued “We train our students to compete with the world’s best hands in the industry.  We not only give them a skill but also information, tips, education and a business to help them succeed to whatever level they are dreaming of. Like we say to our students, their success is what drives us to aspire to do more.  We love success stories.”

When asked how she coped with starting her own business and achieving great results, Shanelle answered

“I honestly think owning a business isn’t for everyone, you need to be dedicated. It’s a  24 7 job, and starting up you have got to have skills in all areas. I started out on my own freelancing so I can best have an indication of what I was getting myself into.  While freelancing, I had a great idea of setting out with my business so I starting researching and putting together my business plan. I didn’t rush into this because I wanted to make sure that I approached it thoroughly and it was the service that my clients both enjoyed and also made them feel fabulous. Then I joined a few associations and talked to a lot of people. I got mentoring which was quite helpful in advising on areas where I needed help such as business, finance, recruiting, customer service, quality, advertising, accounting etc.  But if I can do it, so can anyone”

Shanelle’s personal advice for anyone starting in hair “I am always  studying. I love learning new things. Knowledge is power so I am always intrigued by expanding my skills since the hair industry is constantly evolving, there is always room for improvement so keep learning new things.” She also had this to say about her training at World of Braiding “World of Braiding helped me focus my passion and drive for hair.  The training was brilliant and a really great experience for me. I felt the questions I had were thoroughly answered and I became a true expert in the field with a sound education foundation. I also enjoyed learning not only the practical but also the theoretical aspect of my skill.  Thank you World of Braiding – Thank you Joy”

Joy confirmed that Shanelle will be attending the event PROSPER IN HAIR on 22 February 2011 – a conference organized by Women Business Opportunity Network and sponsored by World of Braiding & SLEEK.  Shanelle hopes to recruit some World of Braiding’s recommended and Certified graduates into her International hair business.




World of Braiding Limited

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219 Bow Road


E3 2SJ

Tel:   +44 208 983 9815

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Contact:   Joy Phido – Chief Executive Officer

World of Braiding is UK’s first Professionally Certified Hair Braiding & Natural Hair Academy.  WOBEL is a world premier institution in offering Education, Information and Skill to students helping them prosper in hair and gaining international recognition with our HABIA CERTIFICATION.




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