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03 March 2011

Reference No:  WOBEL/PROS






22nd February – London UK World of Braiding – World leader with Natural hair training and now campaigners on encouraging hair practitioners to PROSPER WITH HAIR organized a successful conference.  This event was sponsored by World of Braiding under their umbrella arm of WOMEN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY NETWORK (WOBON).  “This was such an amazing day” said Joy Phido – Chief Executive of World of Braiding.  The turnout was great, the speakers arrived on time and gave positive messages to the attendees who all came out enriched in both their personal and  work life.  Roll call of Speakers included – Gill from Sleek – UK’s top hair manufacturer; Dr Shode – from Yes Body Care company; Bhavna – an author on Long hair styling who has put in 25 years into teaching her subject in the College; Allison Husbands – also an author on Black hair;  Shanelle Gill – Managing Director Ellen Extensions Hair & Beauty Barbados who is an alumni of World of Braiding; Pat Ceaser also an expert on Health & Wealth; Fola Ademoye who gave an intriguing story on her personal encounter with life; Carol Clarke who is an expert at Weave Hair Cutting.  The knowledge acquired on this day was invaluable.

Recalls Joy “I am so grateful to God that this day happened and everyone who came were touched in positive ways. We aim to continue to organise events like this across the World to enrich the lives of our people – USA, Africa, Europe, Australia etc and are presently in talks with various partners who are happy to work with us. We believe people who work with hair should be well informed and put in a situation where they can make money from this industry. The current situations where hair practitioners do all the work and earn pittance are over.  Knowledge is power and we are happy to empower people to make the best of this industry and this is what we will continue to do – through information, knowledge and skills training.”

These are some of the comments from some of the attendees.

Shola – Very educative, interesting, friendly people and learnt a lot.

Tanya – Today was Great!!! I am really glad I came.  I feel more confident about my business.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend this event.

Beatrice – I am glad I came and will be looking forward to having more of this workshop.

Uju – Worth it.  Thank you so much.

Marva – Great information. Thank you.

Other phrases used include: Excellent, wonderful, very informative, very glad I came, great and inspiring, brilliant, learnt a lot etc.

Joy concluded her excitement at the success of the event by saying “We are more than happy to enrich other people’s lives the way our own life has been enriched in business.  We are happy to pass on our knowledge and even when we have to bear the entire cost like we did in this instance, we know we receive back by being supportive to the people who need our help.  We look forward to the next event and will like to hear from participants and sponsors who would like to join us in this journey of enlightenment and knowledge building.”





World of Braiding Limited

Unit C,

219 Bow Road


E3 2SJ



Tel:   +44 208 983 9815

Fax:  +44 208 983 9815





Contact:   Joy Phido – Chief Executive Officer


World of Braiding is UK’s first Professionally Certified Hair Braiding & Natural Hair Academy.  WOBEL is a world premier institution in offering Education, Information and Skill to students helping them prosper in hair and gaining international recognition with our HABIA CERTIFICATION.




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