We are in the business of hair.  Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. She needs to look good to have confidence. Confident people achieve great things.  This is why this industry will never die. It is now your turn to gain knowledge and learn how to prosper from hair.

1       Love & have passion for hair to be in it. Start being creative in hair. How creative are you.  How do you become creative? Look around you.  What are people wearing. Watch celebrities on TV, buy magazines etc and imitate the styles. Follow trends – on fashion, music awards etc. You do not want to be left behind on the latest style.

2       Keep training to update your professional & practical skill. Get the first training on hair.  What is hair? How does it grow? What damages hair, what can stop the damage?  These are some of the questions your clients will ask you.  You must be in a position to have answers.  Once you get your practical skill, start practicing. Practice, practice, practice to build confidence in everything you learn in order to Build your portfolio of experience.

3       Get into Retail – start selling products and extensions. Sleek is here today as they are happy to start you up in retail.  You work with the clients, you know what they want.  Why do you let them go elsewhere to buy these things? Retail other products – make-up, skin care etc

4       Educate and care for your clients on the best way to care for their hair.   I give information on how to manage their hair at home, information on quality extensions that are best for the style they want, products that work etc. They love you and will stay loyal when you save them money and give them quality advice.

5       Have a mission for your clients. My mission /motto is healthy hair.  We believe in helping our clients achieve healthy hair and so I am always looking for what will help my client’s hair grow and stay healthy.  I look out for products that help and advice. I also believe in passing on knowledge hence I offer education to help professional hair practitioners prosper with hair.

6       Affiliations and Partnerships – Team up with people and work together.  Product manufacturers, extensions distributors, information, and skills experts etc. Endorse products, knowledge, and ideas etc to make a strong team.

7       Research, Research, Research – keep your eyes and ears open.  To work with hair you must educate yourself on hair. Keep up to date with what is happening in the industry.  Constantly follow the hair industry on the internet.  Attend hair and beauty events. This will keep you up-to-date with information.

8       Grow a business.  A business is different from a hobby.  Lots of people are only growing hobbies.  Start with a plan. What do you want to see with your business.  This is what is called a business plan.  Then think of your marketing/sales and finance.

9       Customer Service /care – you cannot be in business without customers. The most attractive salon will have no one sitting in it if the service is poor.  Do something about this.  Look at other businesses and see how they are attending to your needs.  Use the same idea to grow your business.

10  Marketing – how are you getting people to know about you?  Think advertising and public relations.

World of Braiding Limited

Unit C,

219 Bow Road


E3 2SJ

Tel:   +44 208 983 9815

Fax:  +44 208 983 9815



Contact:   Joy Phido – Chief Executive Officer

World of Braiding is UK’s first Professionally Certified Hair Braiding & Natural Hair Academy.  WOBEL is a world premier institution in offering Education, Information and Skill to students helping them prosper in hair and gaining international recognition with our HABIA CERTIFICATION.


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