1                   PREPARE YOUR MINDSET: 

This is a new field or area of business for you.  Learn to prepare yourself mentally.  Bible says you must sew before you reap.  Olympics winners don’t just get on the field and win gold medals.  They go through a lot of training and work hard to get what they want.  You have to look at all the possibilities before you decide to start in this field.

2                   INVEST IN A TRAINING:

To prepare yourself and become the best in this industry you need guidance.  To gain guidance you need to invest time and money to get the best skill.  World of Braiding is happy to offer you the best guaranteed professional and certified training you can find.

3                   PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE:

Be prepared to spend time practicing your skill.  Now you have the skill, if you stop practicing, you will lose it.  Practice makes perfect and if you want to be perfect, you must practice.  This helps to make you one of the best in the industry. Start with the Training head, then gradually grow to work with friends and family.


From your practice on the training head, you are now getting gradually confident and sure of what you are doing.  You want to start working on clients so you can guage their emotions, requirements, opinions etc. Offer your service free or for very cheap prices to help you completely take control and gain your confidence.  By offering this service, you will know what client’s expectations are and how they like their hair.  This will help you build a client base as well. This gets you started on your way to become a natural hair technician.

5                   BUILD A PORTFOLIO OF YOUR WORK:

Remember the hair and beauty business is very visual.  People want to see what you claim to know.  How would they see what you know if there is no proof in a photograph.  Building a portfolio seals your capability and gives proof of what you are capable of doing. It also gives you a point of reference for your clients to have confidence in your work. Please avoid taking other people’s pictures from the internet or celebrities pictures as clients will not be fooled by this action.

6                   START TO MARKET YOUR SERVICE:

Experienced business people say this is probably the most important part of a business and also the most hated.  Your business works around people.  People need to know that you exist. The only way for people to know about your business is when you tell them about it and this is what marketing does for you.  Circulate your information around people.  Some of the popular ways include: word of mouth, fliers, advert in magazines, brochures and the most current is the Internet – social media, website etc.  World of Braiding is happy to give you tips on how to sell and market your business.

7                   SET UP YOUR BUSINESS TO BE LEGAL:

Register your business as a legal entity. This helps you to network professionally with other businesses. It gives you corporate identity and the ability to become the boss of your own business.


A stable business survives on clients multiplied by the no. of usage.  Now that you have clients; how do you treat or attend to them? Do you give quality service that you are proud of? Remember the rule of life about “give and take”. You need to sew in order to reap. Do not take from where you did not sew. So to get your clients coming back avoid shoddy pretentious job. Give your best at all times – 200% where possible. Treat your clients well and they will keep coming back. This proves you have a going concern and that your business will survive.  Do not take it for granted that your clients will always come back or that they do not have a choice. Your clients will go to somebody else if you do not give them what they want. Also remember to thank them always for choosing to come to you instead of your competitor.


You have to continuously improve on your knowledge. Beauty is in constant motion as is seen on celebrities. Continuous learning is one area where Black Salons are losing out on their clients. You need to continuously improve on your knowledge. No one has sole custody of knowledge in the world and you are also never too old to learn. You have to keep improving on your current skill as the hair beauty industry is constantly changing.  Something you knew yesterday may have improved or changed today.  There are so many ways of improving on your knowledge – Attend hair shows, workshops, seminars, networking events, buy magazines and read articles etc. Remember other professionals such as Medical Doctors, Accountants, Solicitors etc always constantly improve on their knowledge.  You are a professional and you can only be the best if you keep your knowledge updated. You owe your clients their right to have latest hairstyles.


Your clients always need products to keep their style fresh at home.   You need to help them by stocking these products so it saves them travelling to the shops to buy fake products from ignorant people as they have no experience about these products and do not know what they are talking about.  Most times they end us advising your clients to buy the wrong products.  You are the expert and you are in the best position to advise your clients and give them the best  products to meet their needs. We are happy to introduce you to suppliers that will help you grow your retail side of your business.


Keep records of your client’s activities with you. This way you will always know what style they had the last time they were with you. You also need this information to stay in touch with them.  If you stop contacting them, they think you don’t care and will go to a different place for the service they want.  You do not want to be forgotten.


Wishing you the best in your business start-up and growth.


World of Braiding is happy to support you with all the points mentioned above so you can grow and be successful.


Joy is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions

World No. 1 Professional Natural Hair Academy., +44 208 983 9815, 07946 439 057



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  1. Thank you for this blog-so many women need to be empowered for success. Natural hair, braids, dreadlocks and hair extensions have so many avenues for sucess,learning and wealth.

    Keep up the great work.

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