This is called personal development.  What kind of person are you.  What personality do you possess?  In order to be in a position to offer anyone guidance or be there for anyone, you have to develop yourself first. Your business is you and to grow your business you have to grow yourself first.  To get started, do a thorough analysis of yourself:

a.      Find out your strengths and weaknesses. Grow your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

b.      Take care of your health.  There is a saying –“Health is wealth”.  Without health, nothing you own means anything – you simply do not exist.  To look after your health, be careful what you put into your body – foods, drinks, medications, exercises etc.

c.       Appearance.  Image is everything.  People judge you on what they see. They world judge a book by its cover.  Do not give people the opportunity to judge you before they know you. Let them see you the way you want to be seen.

d.      Be open to learn and willing to share. This is called give and take.  Learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. This gives you a short cut to success and takes away years of struggling. Learning is continuous as you are never too old to learn.  Learning is not academic education.  You gain education in schools, colleges and universities.  Education gives you standard life but learning gives you sixth sense, street sense, life sense and this is what gives you the secret to success in life. Your refusal to learn will stop you from achieving success.

e.      Networking.  Learn to interact with others in order to share knowledge.  Remember we sell /do business with people and the more people you know the more people you can sell to.


2.      ATTITUDE:

You get back what you give to the world.  What happens to you is a reflection of what you have given to people around you.  Be kind to people as people respond to kindness. When you reach out to people, remember the attitude you give people is what they will give back to you. “Do to others what you want them to do to you.” Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.



Get training to understand your industry and business. Be on top of all the activities in your industry.  Know the products and materials you need to work with that makes your work easier.  Understand what you are working with so you can educate your clients as well.  To get you started in this area:

a.      Attend formal training to be qualified to practice your skill.

b.      Read books on your industry, subject areas, and successful people in your industry and life topics generally.

c.       Attend events, shows, fairs, seminars etc to keep your knowledge up to date.

d.      After your training, you have to practice what you learnt continuously.



Learn to come out of your comfort zone.  Do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. Nothing can be achieved without discipline.  Discipline helps you stay up all night and wake you up first thing in the morning to pursue a dream.  There is a saying “No pain no gain”.  Nothing can be better said about discipline.  It takes you to places you don’t want to go if given the choice.  It is that freedom of choice to take on what is best for you as against what you need.  Discipline is the actions we take to achieve a dream no matter the inconvenience we undertake on the way to achieving it.  Discipline is the painful, uncomfortable encounters you experience on your way to achieving a dream. How desperate do you feel about your dream and how far would you go to achieve that dream?  Persistence and perseverance are the continuous action you take to achieve your dream.  Your practice, your tenacity and your refusal to give up helps you achieve the dream.



Do you have love for what you are offering the world? Are you in it because you have something unique to offer or because everyone else is doing it?  Are you doing this because you will make quick money or you genuinely want to offer the world something special and you do not care about the obstacles and hurdles you will encounter on the way to achieving your purpose. How much value are you willing to share with other people? What difference will your passion add to other people’s life? Is there a problem in the community that you think your passions can solve?  Follow that dream and be a solution to the problem.


6.      ASK FOR HELP

When you are not sure about what you are doing, ask others for help.  Lots of people spend time and years groping in the dark.  This is where you need a mentor who can guide you on the right track.  The Bible says “Ask and you shall receive”.



Be curious about anything going on in your industry.  Curiosity pushes you to seek.  It pushes you to find solutions and this leads to searches and researches.  The Bible says “Seek and you shall find.”


8.      TIME

Create time to find solutions to your problems.  Rich and poor people share same time in the world.  It is what you do with the time you have that makes the difference to your day and your life.



Be flexible about everything you do.  When things don’t happen the way you want, learn to change it and do it differently.  It is not a perfect world.  There are times when it will not happen the way you want it.  Sit back, reflect, take stock and try it differently.  Do not be afraid to take a risk, adventure or a challenge.  If it works, congratulate yourself; if it fails, learn from your mistake and move on. .



Joy Phido

CEO & Founder of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd

Joy is a Natural Hair and Extensions Specialist, Consultant, Designer and Educator.  She is a Hair Business Coach, Mentor & Adviser etc.  She has been practising Natural Hair and Extensions for over 25 years and has been in Hair Business Education for over 7years.  With careers span over various industries, Joy is a well-established business woman, a Professional NVQ Level 3 Hairdresser and a member of the UK Hairdressing Council.  Joy has undertaken training in Natural Hair and Extensions from USA, UK & various African Countries. As hair plays a major role in the Black Community, Joy is an advocate and supporter of growing and developing this industry for the benefit and enrichment of the Black Community.  She is a firm believer of glamorous healthy natural hairstyles for Black Women 


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