I was chatting with a client the other day and she brought this to my attention; Kim Kardashian is losing hair.

kim kardashian hair loss

kim kardashian hair loss

I was surprised. She is a celebrity; she is rich; she can employ the best hair stylist that can advise her – why has this happened. I actually do like Kim’s hair extensions. It really does look natural and glamorous. I had to research this to be sure my client was right. According to Belgravia Centre Blog “Kim Kardashian has been photographed in Paris with what looks excessive hair loss on the right hand side of her head. Ms. Kardashian, arrived in Paris on Tuesday 6th March for Fashion Week. She was photographed whilst waiting for her luggage at Charles de Gaulle airport. Her usually voluminous hair had a visible bald patch to the right: this could simply be a case of post-flight tousled hair caught at an unfortunate camera angle, or could more likely be an indicator of a hair loss condition.” As has been suggested in various quarters, it could be a hair loss situation caused by excessive stress due to the hectic lifestyle celebrities have. However on the other hand, addiction to hair extensions could have caused this as has been seen with other celebrities in the past – Britney Spears, Coleen Rooney, Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell hair loss

Naomi Campbell hair loss

etc. Hair extensions when not done with care can seriously lead to traction alopecia, patchy hair damage on the scalp etc.

What is Hair Extensions: Hair extensions are the addition of artificial fibers or anything that is not your own hair into your hair. Lots of people find it difficult to understand hair extensions as they tend to understand the way it is added onto the hair as the meaning.

What are the different ways of adding Hair Extensions: There are different ways of adding hair extensions. They range from:
Braiding with extensions – single plaits with extensions, cornrows with extensions, twist with extensions etc.
Weaves with extensions – full head sew-in extensions, track sew-in extensions, interlock sew-in weave etc.
Weft Bonding extensions – cap weave with weft bonding, line bonding on tracks etc

fusion strand-by-strand extensions

fusion strand-by-strand extensions

Fusions strand-by-strand extensions – glue gun fusions extensions, micro beads /ring fusion extensions, pre-bonded heat gun fusion extensions, cold fusions etc
Others Units /Wigs – Clip-ins, Velcro etc, lace front wigs, regular wigs etc

What makes a difference between types of hair extensions will depend on how healthy they are applied, how comfortable the hair extensions type is to your natural hair, how durable they last in-between salon visits, how much they cost to get your service, how realistic they look when compared to your natural hair, the products used to achieve the result, how informed; experienced and educated your stylist is etc.

Why do we need hair extensions: We need hair extensions for instant length of hair (our hair grows up to 13cm per year – which depends on a healthy lifestyle, the healthy food we eat, the quality products we use, genetics, age, health etc.), we need extensions to give our hair volume, change of colour, we need extensions for easy styling of our hair, for beauty, durability, for versatile look especially for people with celebrity lifestyle etc.

What causes hair extensions damage: Your hair extensions will cause damage if you apply the wrong type of extensions on your hair without detailed consultation with your stylist. It will cause damage if you become addicted to wearing extensions and do not take a break occasionally to rest your hair – as your hair gets stressed from constant abuse – pulling and tugging. You will have damage if you do not treat your natural hair with care – using good quality products – shampoos and conditioners, applying the right treatments – deep condition & treatment, split end trims and cuts etc. You will have damage if you do not use professional service to take out your hair extensions etc.
To have the best results from your hair extensions:
• Work with professional stylist who are well trained and have the love of your hair at heart.
• Have a detailed consultation with your stylist and understand what type of extensions will suit your natural hair without causing you damage.
• Treat your hair extensions with hair as if it was your own hair as well as treat your own hair with care.
• Do not wear your hair extensions for too long as it affects the health of your hair.
• Use professional service to take out your hair extensions.
• Give your hair a rest from extensions occasionally and give it good treatment when not in extensions.
• If your hair is damaged, do not use hair extensions. Wait for your hair to get back to good health before applying hair extensions.

World of Braiding offers all hair extensions techniques.  We care for your hair and ensure there are no damages. We also train you in the best ways to apply all the different hair extensions techniques.

If any of the issues mentioned in this article has affected you, or you have an experience you will like to share with us, please feel free to do so. Also email us if you need our advice on any issues in this article.

We are the Premium Natural Hair & Extensions Professionals
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Joy Phido (SRH)
BSc Hons – Business Management, Qualified Hairdresser,
Natural Hair & Extensions Specialist, Designer, Consultant, HABIA Certified Educator,
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Start-up Coach/ Adviser, Mentor, Member UK Hairdressing Council, Qualified Teacher, NLP Certified Practitioner, ILEX Certified Legal Administrator


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