My client came round yesterday for her hair appointment. We started to work on her hair as we have always done. Only there was something different this time. A bit about my client – we have been working on her hair for a period and she has a genetic case of hair loss. I have always been concerned about helping to grow her hair back.

Genetic hair loss

Genetic hair loss

Working with hair loss and hair damage clients is something we deal with on a daily basis. This instance is only one of the many cases we deal with on a daily basis but we feel really upset when we deal with hair loss / hair damage problems caused by untrained stylist and wrong styling advice.
We have therefore taken on the responsibility of researching and looking for products that will help regrow our client’s hair with good results. This is why we noticed something different about my client’s hair. I had given my client some natural hair oils in our last appointment and she has been consistent with using it. The oil had made a big difference and I could notice some new growth in her hair. Her scalp which had looked shiny with signs that her hair follicles were closed now looked normal and I could notice the signs of healthy follicles. Are you in hair business to help your clients maintain and grow healthy hair or you are there just to make money.
Regarding the style we were working on; remember your client’s self-esteem and confidence depends on the final outcome your service gives them. I ensure a good consultation is carried out first and then explain how I will work around and with the hair I see. I always work around the hair condition I see and provide my client with the best hairstyle that does not show hair loss or hair damage where applicable.

Cornrow hairstyle for hair loss

Cornrow hairstyle for hair loss

Would you say you help your clients grow back their hair? Do you help them search for solutions to their hair problems? On the other hand, are you part of the problem where you actually encourage your clients to develop hair damage and hair loss? Do you think it will be good for you to help and support your clients to develop healthy hair habits? These are the issues we deal with in our training. A client needs your help to grow their hair and not your help to damage their hair. Take on trainings if you know you are not qualified and help them achieve healthy hair styles.
As a client, find out if your stylist is qualified to work with hair and can help you create not only amazing hair looks but also look after the health of your hair, before you trust them to work on your hair. The problem here is that most stylists have no knowledge of how to work with hair. Worst of all, is the fact that they are untrained, uneducated, unprofessional and are therefore ignorant of what hair needs and how to care for it. My question to clients is – would you go to an untrained doctor for your health needs or to an untrained dentist, optician etc? The same applies to hair. There are so many people practicing hair service who are not trained. These people need training so they can offer good service. You can help them by not taking up their service and encouraging them to take up training.
We are however aware that some clients love cheap unprofessional service and this is why there is so much hair damage especially in the black community. This is a discussion we will have on another occasion. Please do not be one of those clients. Hair service is very important for a person’s self-esteem which helps you achieve great results in life. Do not throw away your self-confidence for cheap service. As a stylist, do not become the person who helped to damage your client’s self-esteem.

WHAT IS HAIR – As a hairstylist some of the issues you will deal with is to understand what a hair strand is, where hair growth takes place, what is in hair strands, how hair grows, the cycles of hair growth, what you need to eat to encourage growth, what your products should contain to help maintain healthy hair, the hairstyles that are good or unhealthy for your hair etc. A hairstylist should understand these points such that when a client complains that her hair is not growing or is getting damaged, you are in a position to suggest or give tips on basic rules to keep the hair healthy. A trained stylist should be in a position to notice when a head of hair is not looking healthy and immediately suggest solutions to address or redress the problem before it gets out of control. A trained stylist can recognise that a physically damaged hair is rough; brittle to the touch, and prone to split ends and can work on helping that client to address the problem etc.
HEALTH AND SAFETY IN HAIR STYLING – As a hairstylist you are the expert on issues relating to hair. You should know the styles that are healthy for your client’s particular hair type. You should know products to avoid on varied textures of hair; you should know how to apply the products, the timing to use and when to take them out of the hair. You should be in a position to know how to test for hair strengths, strand test, incompatibility test, elasticity test, porosity test etc. It is not enough to pack a handful of chemicals and slap on a client’s hair without considering if the hair strand is strong enough to handle the strength of the chemicals in the relaxer or if the porosity of the hair is such that chemicals will not be the best option on the hair.

Female Pattern Hair loss

Female Pattern Hair loss

These are only a few of the issues we have raised in this article. If you have experienced any problems from untrained stylist, we will like to hear about them. As a stylist, if you have had experiences with clients who are not willing to appreciate your skill, we would like to hear from you.

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Joy Phido (SRH)

Qualified Cosmetologist, BSc Hons – Business Management,
Natural Hair & Extensions Specialist, Designer, Consultant, HABIA Certified Educator,
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Start-up Coach/ Adviser, Mentor, Member UK Hairdressing Council, Qualified Teacher, NLP Certified Practitioner, ILEX Certified Legal Administrator


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  2. just in case of winters, try and wash the hair with lukewarm water as a result of it will a similar in winters i.e. unveil the closed pores for higher cleansing and remotion of the scalp.

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