Tired of the same old story – no job, no opportunities, difficult life, bills, bills, bills etc etc.

 Do what I did!  Gain a real skill that puts real money in your hands.

 Join Joy Phido  for this day to take ACTION THAT CHANGES YOUR LIFE.

 With Natural Hair & Extensions Business, you are in control! – Braids, Cornrows, Twist, Weaves, Extensions – for children, women, men irrespective of race or colour – Black, White, Asian etc. You make the choice to design beauty with your own fingers on everyone.  

Hair & Beauty is no longer a career reserved for the non-achievers, inferior, ignorant, uneducated people etc. Think talent, creativity, intelligence, smart etc. Think Loreal posting sales of 20.34billion Euros for 2011, Vidal Sasoon – an icon who recently died at 84, Toni & Guy, Errol Douglas, Charles Worthington to name a few.

vidal sasoon celebrity hair stylist

vidal sasoon celebrity hair stylist

With world population at over 7billion, you will be tired of clients as they will look for you and are  happy to  pay good money for your service.

All you need is to gain the skill and offer the best service to your clients. This is what brings change to your life. Time to be in control of who you are.

Don’t take our word for it, get to know more when you Attend this FREE 1 DAY WORKSHOP and hear all about how we have changed the life of so many women.  Also find out more about:

  • Why there is a high demand for natural chemical-free & Extensions stylists 

    Virgin hair extensions

    Virgin hair extensions

  • Hear the experts explain how you can be part of the huge hair industry worth over $4.2 trillion

  • You don’t need stock or expensive shop front as you can start and run your own business from home and around your family

  • Get a free cornrow demonstration class

  • If you are struggling to grow your existing hair business, this is your chance to find out what is missing and become the “must go to” professional salon in high demand

  • See why everyone is interested in our training on Youtube With over 7,000 subscribers and nearly 2million views, we know we are doing something right.

  • Use this opportunity and register for this class today and enjoy a wonderful day out at our beautiful Coast and Tourist Holiday City. 

    Southend Beach

    Southend Beach

Date:      Saturday 22 September

Time:     11am – 4pm

Venue:   Natural Hair & Extensions Professionals

              37 Alexandra Street

              Southend On Sea

              Essex, SS1 1BW

Price:     Free

  • We are here to help you prosper with hair.

    southend night life

    southend night life

Registration is by email only.  Simply send your details –



Your special interest in hair.



Tel: 01702 339 858, 07946 439 057



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