So we have relocated World of Braiding & Extensions to the heart of Essex (Southend On Sea)  – if you live in England you will be familiar with TOWIE –(The Only Way Is Essex) – a programme on Television where Essex girls show



their love for everything extensions – hair, nails, tanning, night life etc.

The only way is essex

The only way is essex

This is where our story today starts.  A client walks in the shop and is desperate for help. I was late getting to the shop as my day was going to be a video production day and not for clients.  But this is one of the perks of being on the high street where clients walk in without appointments. So I get a phone call to desperately come in as someone needed help.

I walk in to the shop and saw her sitting looking glum and very sad.  I wondered what was wrong but as is customary of our service, I ask her if she was okay and she replied back that she was not okay.

I settled down and came to her to hear what the problem was.

Her story.  She had got her hair into glue gun extensions the previous day but had not slept throughout the night.  This is because the stylist who claimed she was an expert at extensions had put the extensions in completely wrong.  The extensions glue had been applied directly on her scalp and it was so tight that she had headaches all night with her scalp gone sore and constantly throbbing.  Details of the story.  She had got to this shop at 9.00am and after hours of wait, arguments and eventual agreement,  finally got attended to in a process that did not feel right. She was expected to pay for all the materials needed for the hair extensions process exclusive of the fee she was going to pay for the service. She had to wait in the shop while the materials were bought.  In the end the process was completed at about 11.00pm.   Her head was sore.

Bad glue gun hair extensions

Bad glue gun hair extensions

She woke up the next day in agony and immediately ran back to the salon with the intention to take it out but it was closed and she had no idea when it was going to be opened.  She was now desperate and started going from salon to salon asking who could take out the extensions.  No salon could help her as all they tried did not take out the extensions but her hair.  Her head had gone red and sore as the glue stuck to her scalp firmly.  To cut a long story short, we were able to take out the bad hair day extensions using only the best glue removers in the industry without causing her any pain or hair loss.

This is a familiar story we have seen with our 3 months experience in Essex.  Young Caucasian girls getting different types of extensions done by untrained inexperienced stylist.  Among lots of the cases we have had to attend to, another case which was quite pathetic was a situation where a stylist had applied bonding glue on a client’s head all the way to the hairline which was very visible to an onlooker.  When it goes wrong they desperately come seeking help.  When you offer professional service, they claim it is expensive and they run off to cheaper salons.  The result is damaged hair and these girls will go bald before they are 30 years old.  We are happy to help but we will be happier to attend to these clients without having to mop after other people’s mess.

Badly done glue gun extensions

Badly done glue gun extensions

Some other known cases include – Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Coleen Rooney, Naomi Campbell etc.  Hair extensions when not done professionally or with care can seriously lead to traction alopecia and alopecia areata.

What is Hair Extensions:   Hair extensions are the addition of virgin, artificial fibers or anything that is not your own hair into your hair.  This way of achieving long hair has become very popular recently among all races. In the past extensions was only popular with Black girls but now this is no longer the case.

Lots of people still struggle to understand hair extensions.

What are the different ways of adding Hair Extensions:  There are different ways of adding hair extensions.  They range from:

Braiding with extensions – single plaits with extensions, cornrows with extensions, twist with extensions etc.

Weaves extensions – full head sew-in extensions, track sew-in extensions, interlock sew-in weave etc.

Weft Bonding extensions – cap weave with weft bonding, line bonding on tracks etc

Fusions strand-by-strand extensions – glue gun fusions extensions, micro beads /ring/micro loop fusion extensions, pre-bonded heat gun fusion extensions, cold fusions etc

Other types are known as Units –  regular wigs, Clip-ins, Velcro,lace front wigs, frontals etc

What makes a difference between types of hair extensions will depend on how healthy they are applied, how natural and realistic they look when compared to the natural hair, how comfortable the hair extensions feels on the client’s natural hair, how durable they last in-between salon visits, how much they cost to get the service done, the products used to achieve the result, how informed; experienced and educated your stylist is etc.

Why do we need hair extensions: 

Length – We need hair extensions for instant length of hair (our hair grows up to 13cm per year – which depends on a healthy lifestyle, the healthy food we eat, the quality products we use, genetics, age, health etc.).

Volume -We need extensions to give our hair volume

Change of Colour/Highlights, easy styling of our hair, for beauty, durability, for versatile look especially for people with celebrity lifestyle etc.

What causes hair extensions damage: 

Don’ts of Hair Extensions:

  • Don’t apply the wrong type of extensions on your hair without detailed consultation with your stylist.

  • Don’t become addicted to wearing extensions and not take a break occasionally to rest your hair – this is because the hair gets stressed from constant abuse – pulling and tugging.

  • You will have damage if you do not treat your natural hair with care – using good quality products – shampoos and conditioners, applying the right treatments – deep condition & treatment, split end trims and cuts etc.

  • You will have damage if you do not use professional service to take out your hair extensions etc.

Do’s of hair extensions:

  • Work with professional stylist who are well trained and have the love of your hair at heart.

  • Have a detailed consultation with your stylist and understand what type of extensions will suit your natural hair without causing you damage.

  • Learn to take advice – I deal with clients who simply do not listen to advice as they mentally take on an idea of what they should look like.

  • Treat your hair extensions with care as if it was your own hair as well as treat your own hair with care.

  • Do not wear your hair extensions for too long as it affects the health of your hair.

  • Use professional service to take out your hair extensions.

  • Give your hair a rest from extensions occasionally and give it good treatment when not in extensions.

  • If your hair is damaged, do not use hair extensions.  Wait for your hair to get back to good health before applying hair extensions.

World of Braiding offers healthy hair extensions techniques as our client’s hair health is our passion and concern.  We consult with all clients before taking on a service of hair extensions.  We care for your hair and ensure there are no damages. We also train you with the best ways to apply all the different hair extensions techniques.

 If any of the issues mentioned in this article has affected you, or you have an experience you will like to share with us, please feel free to do so.  Also email us if you need our advice on any issues in this article.

Tel: +44 1702 339 858, mob: +44 7946 439 057,


Joy a mother with her four children

Joy a mother with her four children

About your Trainer

Joy Phido is an internationally established Natural Hair and Extensions Educator, Specialist, & Designer.  Joy is a mother with 4 children and has first-hand experience on how difficult it is to work and run a family especially in the Western world.  After working in corporate Nigeria as a banker and corporate England in telecoms, Joy tried her hands on buy and sell businesses which failed. She eventually realized that to succeed in business; you need to have a skill in your hands first. In addition to her natural passion and skill in hair designing, Joy took series of professional training from across different continents and now has the mission to give students real skill of running a hair Business. This is why World of Braiding has become a success and it is this passion of owning your own skill that motivates Joy in helping people who come to World of Braiding & Extensions for training.

Joy has a BSc in Business Admin, a qualified NVQ Level 3 Hairdresser, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with UK Hairdressing Council, has over 20 years Natural Hair & Extensions experience.  She is also a qualified teacher, an NLP practitioner with varied career experiences.

Before setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy started teaching Braiding, Weaving & Extensions with the Newham Council Adult Education Department (Newceys) for 5 years at 4 Centres with some classes as big as 30 students. As the Chief Executive, Trainer and Artistic Director at World of Braiding & Extensions, her passion is to make Natural Hair and Extensions a professional skill as well as help stylist understand how to make money while designing glamorous clients.

Joy’s passion for natural hair is also associated with the fact that she experienced hair damage with chemical relaxers which made her start wearing natural hairstyles thereafter.  She can be seen as a Doctor  for healthy natural hair where all her children wear natural hairstyles and she is no stranger on the internet writing from her blogs, teaching on Youtube with step-by-step videos to constantly enrich students’ knowledge with over 1.5million views and over 6,000 subscribers.  She is also a Natural Hair & Extensions Business Mentor and adviser helping students & practitioners not only on how to get into the industry but how to become successful and prosper in the industry.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to this training to enhance your learning.  World of Braiding & Extensions is constantly exhibiting at Hair events, taking part in major projects and designing hair for fashion shows and events. 

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