By Joy Phido – Chief Executive, Natural Hair & Extensions Educator & Specialist

World of Braiding & Extensions

1.       Hair Relaxers contain poisonous chemical such as Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide,   Lithium Hydroxide, Guanidine Hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate.  These chemicals are alkaline and range from a pH factor of 13 to 14 on the pH level.

Hair Relaxer

Hair Relaxer

Hair Relaxer

Hair Relaxer










2.   When these chemicals are applied incorrectly, left on the hair for too long or left in the hands of untrained hands, they melt your hair leading to burnt scalp, hair damage and complete hair loss.

Burnt and damaged scalp from chemical relaxers

Burnt and damaged scalp from chemical relaxers

Damaged and patchy scalp from chemical relaxers

Damaged and patchy scalp from chemical relaxers

Relaxing her own hair

Relaxing her own hairChemical Relaxer service in a salon















3. Chemical relaxers are corrosive and eat into anything they come in contact with. For this reason, manufacturers instruct that the stylist applies gloves on their hands before applying the chemicals as it will cut into your skin when applied with bare hands. For the hair strands, they penetrate into the hair Cortex and eat off the protein (keratin) in the strands giving the hair a permanent change that renders the hair limp and lifeless

4. Although the instruction says you should protect the hands when applying chemical relaxers, there is no instruction on how to protect the scalp.   For the reason that the scalp is exposed, when chemicals are applied, they absorb into your skin tissues through the scalp, to your cells and into your blood stream thereby exposing your health to chemical toxins from sodium hydroxide etc.  The dosage of this exposure is constantly increased depending on the number of times you retouch and apply your relaxer.  It is also a known fact that this is one of the occupational hazards of beauticians and hairdressers as they are constantly inhaling these chemicals when working with them.  These chemical have however been linked to tumors and cancers.


5. Considering the fact that we are constantly exposed to a barrage of external and environmental pollutants, the least we can do is help ourselves to reduce the amount of chemicals we knowingly and willingly put in our body. You are therefore personally responsible for putting toxic cosmetic chemicals into your body through chemical relaxers. With the world now developing a greener conscience – cutting down on carbon emissions, considerations for climate change, concerns about genetically modified food etc, shouldn’t you therefore need make a conscious effort to protect yourself from exposure to these chemicals by either completely cutting away from them or by decreasing your usage of them?


Burnt scalp from relaxer

Burnt scalp from relaxer

Damaged, exposed and wounded scalp

Damaged, exposed and wounded scalp























There are natural hair and protective alternatives to chemical processing of the hair which create beauty.

Would you like to know some of them? Follow and like us on Facebook or contact us to find out more.  If you already wear natural hairstyles, we would like to hear from you on how you are getting on and if you need help on how to care for them.


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2 Responses

  1. I am an AA female and I have been getting relaxers from age 7 to age 19. I recently chose to keep my hair in a short buzz-cut fashion for the following reason; 1. Getting relaxers such! Financially and going through the whole process. 2. It helps enforce a mind set of how black people have “Bad Hair” and how you must change yourself to keep up with Western-White Americans. 3. I kept up with my hair(wrapping and moisturizing) and still had thinning problems year after year. So it was a waste of time for me.

    • Thanks for your contributions. I have worked with so many Natural clients and sometimes when you have problems with your natural hair it comes down to care regime. Other things to look at are internal – For us to have healthy hair, we have to have healthy food as our hair grows from inside. It also comes from environmental factors – the weather we deal with, the stress we are going through in life, are we resting well etc. Also another point to look at is the genetic issues. What is in your family background. Could it be one of your parents had hair like what you have etc. So in the end there are many factors affecting hair growth and length retention. It is not always simply down to the fact that you have natural hair. Hope this has helped.

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