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In my encounter with continuous enquiries in business regarding life’s questions, I have come up with some of the basic things that could help us stay on track for success in life.  An example in point was a call from a client who wanted to come and take a training to acquire skills that could help her emigrate from the UK to achieve a better quality life in another country.  She wanted to gain a skill to help her set up her own natural hair and extensions salon in another country.  As is normal, we had our consultation and a price for the training was quoted.  She was happy to continue with her decision but on further investigation, realised that she needed to pay transport money to get to where we are located.  This is the predicament of most of our enquiries from across the world.  She was willing to take up a training loan from the bank but was not prepared to add the cost of transportation to this loan.  This stopped her from taking the training. Question now is “How is her life going to change if she does not take the action to change it?”  Are we ever going to get out of the trap we have created in our lives to create success if we do not make sacrifices in our life?  This article is based on some of the personal experiences I have had in life and some of the things I have had to do to help me.  I have written this to help give inspiration and support to others who may be in similar situation.



spending money

spending money

Before you start buying things in life, ensure you have the money to spend as anything otherwise puts you in a position where you are subject to your creditor’s beck and call.  This is the reality we face in Western civilisation – The capitalistic credit line syndrome.  Families are made to go through life on credit – mortgage, insurance, store cards, multiple credit cards, car loans, student loans etc.  If you are on a high income, Banks, credit card companies etc will give you a large credit line, and if you are on a low income, you are given a low credit line.  You are allowed to live a lie by buying everything on credit and pay back in little sums.  Your whole being and existence is placed at someone else’s discretion until something changes in your life –   your source of income may disappear or stops.  Then your life becomes a living hell.  Like sharks waiting for its prey, all the lenders and creditors will descend on you and want your flesh and your very existence.  They will want everything you have acquired with their money – the house, car, clothes, gadgets and equipment etc etc.  There will be bailiffs, court orders, threatening letters, bankruptcy, and heart wrenching phone calls.  They will use every bullying tactics you can imagine. This is the reality with the present day economies of the West as most families are struggling to find their feet from failed economies that has put us in this desperate situation.

credit cards

credit cards

Fighting with debt is a terrible burden as it sucks into your very existence and kills your soul leaving you to deal with low self-esteem, insecurity etc.   It jeopardizes everything you care most about – your relationship, your health, your sanity, your freedom etc.  Debt simply puts you in prison as it turns you into a vulnerable wreck.  Break free from debt and be the master of your own person by avoiding taking on credits that you do not really need.  You can start by seriously investing in yourself to take control of your source of income and avoiding spending money before you earn it.





Before buying anything ask yourself a basic question – “What value is this thing bringing into my life?” Lots of us are simply

cost and value

cost and value

temperamental shoppers. We get very emotional when we buy things.  We end up buying things just for emotional satisfaction that dies in minutes after we have acquired the item.  Why are we buying this item should be a question you should put at the top of your list of shopping before you make it.  Stop being an impulse buyer.  Give yourself time to remind yourself the reason for that purchase and if it is absolutely necessary. Some questions could include: Is this an absolute necessity – a need or a want? How will this change my life – asset or liability?  Will it bring more or take away anything from my life. Is this purchase an investment that will help me create more in future?  If you do not review your reasons for purchases in life, you will end up in Debt’s prison.  Lots of us in life are simply shopaholics who are used by others to make money.  Do you want to be used to make money or would you be on the side of those who make the money.  This is your choice in life.


Your physical state of health is a major part of your success in life.  You cannot achieve much in life if your body is not in a position to

healthy foods

healthy foods

work with you.  If you are constantly visiting the Doctor’s clinic to fight for your health then this becomes what consumes your life such that you are unable to give thought to anything else.

Before you decide to put any food or drugs into your body, ask yourself a basic question – “How is this going to contribute to my overall health.”  Start by being your own doctor.  Learn to know the things that are good for your body and the things that are not so good for your body.  While some of the things we put in it may help as catalyst to sustain the body abilities, others may simply slow the body down and stop it from performing at its best.  Just like a car engine – good quality petrol you put in your car will help it perform at its optimum while wrong petrol will stop the engine from performing and may actually damage its ability to function.  Choose the type of petrol you fill your body with as this will help you achieve your life’s ambition.



investing in training

investing in training

When deciding to take on training and education, ask lots of questions, do lots of research, seek out a role model in your field and read all about how that person was able to achieve their dream. Your choice for training or education should aim at satisfying a need in your community or society so that you become a solution to a need that exits. For example – a medical doctor is there to help cure the sick; a trained hairdresser is there to help people with their hair understanding and how to care for it; a musician is playing music to feed an emotional void that needs to be satisfied and a farmer is planting the food that we eat etc etc.  Do not take on a training or education for the sake of it without having a reason for taking it on.  Your education and training should be real and practical.  Snap out of the colonial mentality which has failed our educational system in today’s economy where people take on academic trainings that lead nowhere and allow people to sit and wait to be employed after their education.  Start today to ask yourself the realistic question on how your education and training can help your society. If you find it is not real, start to make changes today as there are lots of needs out there waiting to be satisfied.

Cornrows natural hair training

Cornrows natural hair training

You may be the solution people seek in your field or community.  This will help you create a more successful life.



When deciding on the choice of a life partner, be sure you understand from what angle your partner sees life. This is one of the most

wedding /marriage

wedding /marriage

deadly and life threatening decisions we make in our life.  Your partner may help you prosper or help you disintegrate to nothingness.  So many relationships have been known to wreck one partner over the other.  The level of divorce cases in our society is a testimony to what comes out of wrong decisions while choosing partners.  One party to the relationship may be the hard working one, ready to build something great and the other party becomes the one who chooses to destroy everything that has been built.   Avoid this scenario and choose wisely – it should not be based on pity, infatuation, lust, wealth, looks etc as all these wear away through the test of life.  It should be based on genuine understanding of who you truly are.  Marriages are meant to be for life especially when we contribute to bring children into the world.  Your combined actions add to wrecking the young person’s life especially when arguments, disrespect, fights, divorce leads to shattered dreams in the home. Your success will become quicker to achieve if you have the right partner who stands with you shoulder to shoulder by supporting, advising, guiding and being there for you.





Success is not static.  Success is not a part handed down to us by our parents.  Success is a part that we chose to take on in life.  It is a part we achieve by going out to seek answers to the daily issues and questions we are bombarded with in life.  Success does not walk to you at home; you can discover it by going out to seek it.   You start by being inquisitive, asking questions, challenge stereotypes, rebellious where necessary, researching to find out the truth, adventurous to seek another way out of a problem etc.  For you to achieve success, you have to crave and hunger for success.  It should show in everything you do as you grow above mediocre and get to the level of seeking solutions to the questions you have.  You can only get help if you ask for help. According to The Bible “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Mathew 7:7.  This is why success is reserved for the few who seek.  Be among the few who seek success in your life.



Be very alert and clear with your thoughts when deciding on the information and know-how you constantly expose your mental mind

thoughts and mind power

thoughts and mind power

to.  This is very important as the mind is like a sponge.  It soaks up what it sees and hears every day.  This is why we are told to be aware of the people we surround ourselves with and also to be careful the books we read as these things shape our way of thinking.  We are what we think about as our thoughts guide our actions and our actions become our life.  You can achieve anything you set your mind on.  All you have to do is work with your mind and keep it healthy at all times. Detox it, clear it and make sure you are constantly on track. Your mind is your most important asset and should be protected with all your life as the moment you lose your mind, you lose everything. This is where personal development and NLP has helped to get some minds back on track.  But remember you have to seek help in order to be helped.

To your success, health, wealth and life.

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