Joy Phido’s Top 9 tips on how to make your own money.

I get series of enquiries every day from people who want to take on training that gives them skills to help them create a better life for themselves and their families.  Out of these series of enquiries comes one of the most frequently asked question (FAQ) “How do I make money?”  Ironically, this is a common question on everyone’s lips.  It is a question that defines life itself as we all want to know how to make money because having money is an absolute necessary part of life.

Why is making money such an important part of life and why do we need money? We need money because it makes the world go round so there should be no pretence or denying the need for us to make money.

Getting rich in business

Getting rich in business

“People go to work with the aim to make money and people set up business with the aim to make money. People take up trainings, attend schools /universities, take up courses and travel the world etc with the hope to gain knowledge and skills that help them earn good money to lead a successful life.”

Money therefore is a very important topic that affects us all in the sense of what it can do for us.  Unlike other topics of life that offer training and guide for example food, health, fashion, hair, travel, make-up, technology, engineering etc, unfortunately there is no training that prepares you on how to make money or how to spend money wisely.  There is no School of Money that teaches you how to make money, handle money, protect money, care for money etc.  Money is a secret topic that no-one talks about. It is not taught in schools or universities as all the teachers would have been rich and not need their jobs. If solution to money problems were written in books, instruction manual or information packs etc, we would all have bought these pack and become rich without having to go through the stresses of trying to discover how to make money for our very existence. Money is simply taken for granted.  You either have it, keep struggling to have it or simply don’t have it.

The truth is the blueprint of how to make money is one of the mysteries of life as it has been hidden away from all of us so we continue to search for ourselves, struggle, trial & error, make mistakes; learn from it; take another route and try something different; fail; start again; achieve by getting really rich in the process or sometimes die along the way without achieving anything.  There are simply no guarantees to whatever route you choose to make money.

My life experience with reality is that no one is going to sit you down and teach you how or give you the key to make money as money in itself is power and no one wants to share power that they can keep for themselves.

According to an internet search, statistics have it that since the 1990s in US, 40 percent of the increased wealth went into the pockets of the rich minority, while only 1 percent went to the poor majority.  From 1977 to 1999, the after-tax income of the richest 20 percent of American families increased by 43 percent, while that of the poorest 20 percent decreased 9 percent, allowing for inflation. The actual income of those living on the lowest salaries was even less than 30 years ago and this story carries on.

If you do not know how to create wealth, the chances of you being able to run away from poverty are unlikely to be the case.  If you were not born into wealth, to create wealth like every skill of life, requires training, information and guide.

This is why when I set up my business in 2004, I made it my mission to help people not only gain a skill but know how to use it to help them make money.  It is this mission that has brought me a variety of people who continuously ask me this question over and over.  “When I finish your training, can you guarantee that I will make lots of money?”

To answer this question, I will take you into some of my personal experiences with money.

For various reasons, I have also been very curious in finding out how to make money for as long as I can remember – I was very aware that I was born into a poor home at an early age; I come from a poor community; I married poor and I have not been able to

African children

African children

accumulate wealth in my continuous search for it yet.  As a teenager, I had read a lot of intriguing books that gave me hope on how to achieve success in life despite my personal circumstance – such as – A woman of Substance – by Barbra Taylor Bradford; Kane & Abel – by Jeffrey Archer; Power of Positive Thinking – by Norman Vincent Peale etc etc and so I continue to hope and explore.

My immediate story to this article comes from my circumstance in 2002 when I became very desperate to make money to better my situation. 

I had just been made redundant from the company I worked for – MCI Worldcom (a US telecoms company in the City of London) and I had also just discovered that I was pregnant with my 3rd child.  These two simultaneous events made me realise I was in serious financial trouble.  The reason this became very clear is because I live in Western world where you are encouraged to buy everything on credit especially when you have a well-paying job.  With MCI Worldcom, I had a good job so I had also become a victim of the normal process which I prefer to call Western credit disease – I had a mortgage on a big house, furniture on credit, kitchen, conservatory, all the trimmings and accessories that make life comfortable in addition to the usual bills that follow – electricity, gas, telephone, petrol in the car, holidays etc etc.  I had 2 young children who had needs and was now on my third child.  All would have been okay until now that my big salary has stopped as I had lost the job.  I was in trouble waiting to face all the creditors and my fate.

This is the reality of Western civilisation – The capitalistic credit system where we are made to go through life on borrowed line – credit

credit cards

credit cards

cards – mortgage, insurance, store cards, multiple credit cards, car loans, student loans, equipment loan, hire purchase etc.  If you are on a high income, Banks, credit card companies, store cards etc all give you a large credit line, and if you are on a low income, you are given a low credit line.  You practically live a lie by buying everything on credit and pay back in little sums.  Your whole being and existence is placed at someone else’s mercy as the minute something drastic happens such as a change in your personal circumstance – your source of income disappears through redundancy, unemployment, job loss or you fall ill and stop working etc, everything you once knew disappears. Then you encounter the evils and devils of the system that will turn your regular happy life into a living hell.  Like sharks waiting for its prey, all the lenders and creditors will start appearing for their pound of flesh and your very existence as is known with free spirit then disappears.   We all live on a money time bomb as a cut on your source of income automatically blows you off the surface of the real world as we know it.

I was no exception as I knew the creditors will stop at nothing until they get everything I had acquired with their money and I was made destitute both physically and mentally – the house, car, clothes, gadgets and equipment etc etc.  There was no hiding place as this is the fate of the Western world debt disease. I was sent nasty letters, threatened with bailiffs and heart wrenching phone calls etc that breaks even the strongest of spirits and in the end, I was expected to become a shadow of the person I used to be.  It is a nasty experience to undergo.

My situation was bad and desperate and I needed to have a job but being pregnant and with 2 young children, it was difficult to find a job that will pay enough to cover child care which is another unimaginable expense in the West.  Childcare is more expensive than paying a mortgage for a big house. Before taking on a job, you have to consider who will look after your children and how much you will have to pay to get that service. I knew the job I wanted was near to impossible so I needed to help myself to create a job that would give me money and flexibility to be at home with my children – ability to work from home.

This was when my story started becoming more interesting.

In continuation with the messed up capitalist system, I made one of my first major investment mistakes.  I was desperate and went on the internet to look for businesses that could let me work from home.  I found one with a pyramid company – Herbal Life.  To cut a long story short, I invested all my redundancy money with the hope to make money for my family. To add insult to injury, I again got sucked in with the well-designed fancy marketing gimmick machine which entices, attracts, and invites the ordinary, innocent, gullible, person to fall into their trap. I ended up losing every money I invested in addition to additional money from my credit cards.  I was stuck with products worth thousands of ££££ that no one wanted to buy.

Now my financial woes had no end as I was in bigger trouble than when I started – I had no money, no job, lost all my savings and redundancy pay, huge mortgage to pay, loads of other unending bills and 3 young children to feed.

Then things changed slowly.  I love reading as reading helps me go into a world where I have control over my thoughts. I had read a book while with Herbal Life – “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  This book guided and urged me to look into myself, my passion and hobbies and that I could turn them into my business. It went on to advise that as these hobbies are my passion, I will work with them without pressure and they will not feel like I was working.

I have always loved and worked with hair all my life but had not thought of using it as a business.  This was when I knew I had to make changes and be serious with my life as I had no other option or choice to take in my situation.  I needed to make desperate decisions to protect my children’s future.

I took my children’s savings and took up professional training in hair. I travelled the world in order to understand hair better, to be the best,   gain up to date knowledge with the current trends in the industry and offer the best service to my clients.  On completion, I set up my own business and this was how I was able to make my own money and changed my life.

“Fighting poverty and debt for me is a personal war as I know my experience is the same with most people in the Western world. This is why I make it my business to answer questions from my students about “how to make money”.  It is a personal choice to help my students who are mostly women and mothers who are in the situation I was in to aim to achieve prosperity with hair business so as to make money for their children and loved ones.”

My experience, understanding and dealings of debt are not to run away from it as this is the intention of the “powers that create debt”.  The ultimate aim of debt is to break you so you lose out on your right to exist.  Once your mind has been engaged with debt, you become fearful and scared, you shrivel, shrink, lose control of who you are and eventually your spirit disappears and you become a shadow of who you are.

The system that create debt is not built to help you recover as you are further enticed to take up more loans to pay for existing debt and the cycle never stops.  Fighting with debt is a terrible burden as it sucks into your very existence and kills your spirit and soul leaving you to deal with low self-esteem, insecurity, depression, lack of confidence, bankruptcy, schizophrenia, mental disorder, madness etc and finally you either get locked up in a mental institution or you die wretched.

Creditors do not give you advice on how to make money because you are a money making machine to them – the fees, the penalties, interest etc.  This is why the banks declare billions every year and the source of their money is mostly from ordinary people. The strain and pressure from debt jeopardizes everything you care most about – your relationship, your marriage, your health, your sanity, your freedom, your life etc.  Debt is a disease just like cancer – it spreads, imprisons and numbs the mind stopping you from any ability to think freely, recreate and be your own person.  Debt simply puts you in a mental prison as it turns you into a vulnerable wreck which is afraid of even your own shadows.

My dreams and hope for every woman is to stay away from debt and where you have been sucked in through ignorance or lack of choice, learn to break free from this trap and prison and stay strong and true to who you are as this is the only way to get out of debt.

From my experience above, I learnt that training to gain control of my natural skills and abilities gave me back my freedom and free

Training in natural hair designs

Training in natural hair designs

passage to create my own job and money. Never stop believing in who you are and seek help from close family and friends to take up a training that puts skills into your hands.  With skills, you gain back control of who you are and this becomes your ticket to debt free life. Avoid spending any money until you have earned it as this takes away the extra pressure of adding on more debt.

According to an internet research on poverty; “A great number of Americans suffer from poverty and hunger. According to the statistics of the US government, over 32 million citizens, or 12.7 percent of the total population of the country, live under the poverty line. The incidence of poverty is higher than in the 1970s, and higher than in most other industrialized countries.”

Western world may be civilised and lands of opportunities, but it is also a land full of doom and gloom; it is also a land where dreams die young and are killed prematurely. It is a land where greed and injustice is hidden in the jargon and glorified name of the law.

My story and journey from above carried on with my husband also losing his job, was made bankrupt, we lost the big house and we had to start our lives afresh. I refused to give in, believed in myself, carried on with my dreams, vision and hope for everyone and today live to tell the story where the future is very bright.  If I could fight debt and live to tell the story, I believe everyone else can.




This is why here at World of Braiding & Extensions, we make it our business to empower you with skills that help you create your own job where you can start by working from home; looking after your children and putting your money in your purse. As a mother, my experience of struggling with job loss and redundancy is the reasons I chose to teach women in particular to gain back control to their own lives as every woman deserves the right to have money to spend on her children and loved ones. Going by my experience, I do not wish the pain I went through on another woman and this is why I am happy to share my Top 7 Tips on How you can Make your own Money. 


What it Money?

spending money

spending money

To get us started, we need to understand what the definition of MONEY is? According to Merriam Webster dictionary – money serves as a medium of exchange universally accepted in return for goods and services.  Money acts as a measure of value etc etc.

My personal understanding is – Money is a medium exchanged while sharing a service, product or knowledge. Money is created from the energy we invest in the right place and at the right time.


  • We need money to provide us with the basic necessities that we need in life.
  • Money buys you the things you desire in life.
  • We need money to create a better life for ourselves – training, education, information, knowledge etc
  • We need money to travel and see the world and understand how other societies operate so we can compare and learn from them.
  • We need money to live in a descent home, feed ourselves with quality meals, take care of our health, have clothes on our back etc.
  • We need money to be able to help other people who are less privileged in life.  Without money our life is bleak especially if you live in the Western societies where there are bills for everything as you  cannot pay your bills so you are frozen during winter, cannot move from one place to the other, end up in a poor home, poor neighbourhood etc etc.




Go back into yourself to re-discover your natural talents, skills, hobbies and passions.  What are those things you love to do that makes you feel your best or feel good inside about yourself.  What are those skills that you share with your family and friends that they love to get from you and yet you think is of no value to anyone. Your passion is that hobby that you are most likely to do without making any complaints at all whenever you are asked to do it. This is the hobby that we are going to turn into a business and because you are passionate about it, you do not notice when you are doing it and this is what will help you become successful when you turn it into a business.


While deciding on the hobby or natural talent that you have, make sure it is something that people will be happy to take from you for a fee.  Would you be happy to buy from you?  Remember it should not be a hobby that no one will love to share with you. Example includes: maybe you love to bake cake; you love to wear make-up; you love to sing; you are good at organising events and parties; you love to see people co-ordinate their clothes; you love to cook; you love to see people wear beautiful and healthy hair etc. It should also not be a skill that will take forever to perfect but a skill that you can pick up easily.


Find out everything there is to know about your chosen hobby or natural talent that we are going to turn into a skill.  Is it something that people really desire?  Is there a lack of it in your community? What are the competition of your hobby in your community?


You have found out a lot of things from your research.  Do something about it.  Information is the key to knowledge.  Take up training and education to get yourself ready and to be good in what you want.  “It is easy when you know how”. If you don’t train, you will never know how it is done properly and professionally. You will find that you will end up  struggling for years to find a solution to a problem that could have taken a day or a few weeks because you refused to take up training. Remember the money you put into training yourself comes back to you as you become the best in your field and everyone respects your opinion and comes to you for your service.  Money invested in training yourself is one of the best investment you can make in yourself.  Your investment helps to expand your knowledge and buy you a better future. It gives you lots of edge over people who refuse to take up training.

Other ways of getting information is to read, read, read.  Read up on other people’s experiences, successes, failures etc.  There are books on every experience in life.  Develop a habit of reading to prepare your mind for success.  While food nourishes the body, books nourish the mind with ideas.  Ideas are what we want in order to grow.  Ideas are what differentiate us from animals.  Ideas are what keep us thinking and we are what we think.  Give your mind the wrong idea and you turn out with wrong reality.


Whenever you finish your training, remember if you do not take your new experience into action, you will likely lose it and it will become a waste of money.  Practice the skills, knowledge and information you have gained from your training. Apply it constantly. Repeat it over and over again.  It will feel awkward at first.  This is normal.  Remember every expert was once a beginner.  You have to practice your skill to perfect it.  During your practice stage, offer free service sometimes, offer discounts, be willing to share your knowledge freely etc and this will bring you lots of clients who will believe in you.  Experience cannot be bought so you have to put your hands into practising your skill.  As you are perfecting your skill, make sure you keep portfolio of your work as this is what your clients want to see to believe you.


Selling or sharing your skill will come to you as a natural process. Remember you invested money into the training and so you have to recover your money back.  This is the stage that you then start making money.  The more you sell your skill, the more money you make.  How do you want to sell your skill; who do you want to have as your clients; how often do you want to sell your product or service etc etc.  Remember to be noticed by potential clients; you have to market your skill or product. The more people are aware of your skill, the more they will want your skill and the more money you will make.


Now that you know what you are doing, there will be distractions from every source you can imagine.  Stay focused and strong – mental and physically. Watch what goes into your body as food or information.  In order for us to achieve our dreams, we have to be physically and mentally healthy.  We are responsible for what goes into our body and mind.  Take absolute control of what you expose yourself to.  In order for our life to progress forward, we have to be in good physical and mental health and we cannot be in good health if we are not watching our food intake, exercise, relaxation etc.  Only a healthy body, mind and soul can think, plan and act to achieve success.


This is what they call research and development. (R&D).  This is where most people stop being relevant in business.  Do not stop learning, asking questions, researching, looking at your competition to see what new things they are adding to their businesses etc. Customers like to work with people who are up to date and not people who stay stuck in time.  Be consistently up to date and deliver latest trends to your clients. This will help draw more clients to you but remember you need to constantly seek knowledge to be ahead of people around you. PLAN YOUR LIFE instead of LEAVING IT TO CHANCE and this can be done by keeping track of what you are doing and what you plan on achieving.


Reading has helped me develop my mind continuously.  There is a saying that you start life education the day you stop going to school.  School or university does not teach you real life.  Real life you learn through experience but one of the best ways to learn is through reading about people you admire and how they achieved success. I admire Madam C J Walker and her achievement and made it my business to read about her. Other idols of mine are Anita Roddick of Bodyshop, Oprah Winfrey and a few others.  I have books on these people and constantly listen to Personal Development CDs which help me keep my mind on track.  An idle mind is the devils workshop so keep your mind on a positive track by feeding it with positive information.  This will help you discover your true mission in life and how you can help change other people’s lives for the better.  Remember making money without fulfilling a personal satisfaction with your soul leads to nothing.  Make sure the type of money you learn to make is one that you can look back on and be proud of your efforts.  Let it be one that you can pass on to your children and such that you can tell the world your source for that income.

Help make life exciting and a good experience for the next person you meet.  Make your natural gifting edify others you meet in your life and you will discover you would have achieved your life’s purpose.

My personal purpose is to share my knowledge, skill and experience with you in order for you to avoid making mistakes and to bring you success.  What are your dreams for 2013?  Would it be a year of you achieving your heart’s desires?  Would it be a year you come out of debt & poverty to take care of your life?

Is there any business ideas you will like us to help you with advise? We are always happy to help. Remember; Do not spend money unless you have earned the money. That way you will be free of debt eventually.

If you need us on any topic or will like to share your experiences with us, please email us or call us for a chat.

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Joy Phido has a BSc in Business Management.  A qualified Hairdresser /Cosmetologist specialised in natural hair & extensions consultation and designs; a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with the UK Hairdressing Council; has over 10 years Natural Hair & Extensions education; a qualified teacher; a qualified NLP Practitioner; an established Independent Business Start-up consultant and mentor; and has varied career experiences that spans over 20 years in Banking, Telecomms, Fashion, Make-up, Weight management etc etc.



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