This brochure is aimed at celebrating and showcasing our students’ talents and success achieved from attending our training.


Celebrate Front page

If you have therefore trained or intend to train with us, this is to confirm to you that we are extremely proud of your hard work, creativity, focus and sheer determination to succeed. This brochure although not exhaustive, is a list of our students from our HALL OF FAME. We absolutely applaud you and honour you for putting yourself forward to make a difference and better your lives. Our business is to help you PROSPER in HAIR and this is why YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.


At World of Braiding, our focus is Education, Information and Skill aimed at helping our students achieve three major objectives: 

1.           To make hair braiding and natural hair Glamorous on all hair types.   

Our clients demand healthy natural, stylish and glamorous hairstyles offered professionally. World of Braiding trains her students to understand these needs have to be met through consultation and customer care. Caring for hair and adding extensions without causing damage is another way our students are trained to meet our clients’ expectations.  Our students are groomed with the ability to work with all hair types in order to meet modern society’s demands with our motto being “if there is hair, then it can be designed naturally and braided.” 

2.           To make hair braiding and natural hair industry professional and modern.

Natural hair grooming is as old as life itself however due to lack of understanding; there exist few professional training centres. This style of hair grooming has staged a great come-back in fashion as people begin to realise it is a healthier option especially as they begin to suffer hair loss and damage from the other grooming techniques. Adding extensions which also dates back to the early Egyptian history is also back in fashion as it is another healthy option. World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd (WOBEL) is the pioneer academy for teaching the understanding of, adding professionalism and glamour into hair braiding and natural hair.  With our believe that anyone with two hands and a passion for hair can be trained to design great looking hair in braids, weaves and extensions, we have confirmed our position  as the industry leader in natural hair training.  This is why we not only give you a skill but back you  up with business advice and skills to help you succeed in hair. We are the first to make Hairbraiding and Natural hair skill a Professionally Certified and recognised Course with our Habia certification which gives you international recognition.

With our unique “finger placement” we teach you to understand how the fingers are placed which has made all our students braid and design hair within a few days of training.  

 3.           To help professional hair stylist prosper with hair.

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. The hair industry is continuously growing as the appeal to look glamorous remains the focus of celebrities.  According to statistics – as at 2009 the Ethnic hair and beauty industry accounted for $2.9billion and by 2013, it is expected to grow to $4.2 trillion.  www.marketresearch.com. This money exchanging hands in the industry unfortunately is not passed on to the stylist who only stands behind the clients all day. We aim to change the attitude of our stylist so they can begin to see the potential in the industry from engaging in other retail activities.

The natural hair and designing industry also became popular with celebrities rocking the styles as seen below:



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