Why Choose World of Braiding and Extensions Natural Hair Design Centre

World of Braiding & Extensions Centre

World of Braiding & Extensions Centre


Top 10 Reasons to Choose World of Braiding & Extensions Professional Natural Hair Design Centre

We offer Professional 1-2-1 quality service starting with:

 1. Your personal consultation:

Consultation with clients

Consultation with clients

  •                discussing your natural hair type and what it requires
  •                discussing state of your hair health
  •                 solving / enhancing your hair issues if any
  • recommending best products suitable for your hair where applicable
  • agreeing on a hairstyle suitable for your natural hair type
  •                 recommending best extensions for your chosen style
  •                   offering after-care /home maintenance for your hair design




Booking appointments

Booking appointments

2. Booked Appointment means we understand that your time is valuable and means a lot to you so we work by appointment only.  This means there are no waiting times as you are attended to immediately you arrive.  There are no queues or frustrating wasting times sitting in the salon.






3. Good customer care means we understand health & safety.  This means we work in a clean, healthy environment as your safety is important to us. Good customer care means you are in a clean healthy environment.


4. Good customer service means your comfort is important to us as you get served basic necessities as tea, coffee, beverages, magazines, broad band internet access etc


1-2-1 service at World of Braiding

1-2-1 service at World of Braiding

5. Our work is a complete creative signature of art.  This is because your overall image is our priority so we pay attention to every detail while working on your hair.  We do not rush to get you out of our chair as this helps us to achieve neat, individual strands of hair which last you a long time and portrays the work of art that we are proud of.


6. Flexible time means we book your appointment around your convenience.


7. You are unique means we do not offer mass produced hair services on you as we appreciate you are an individual and we focus on your individual requirements. 

8. Friendly service means we make you our friend and do not treat you as a number.  It means we know your name and treat you as a person with individuality.

Friendly service at World of Braiding

Friendly service at World of Braiding







Hair Service at World of Braiding

Hair Service at World of Braiding



9. Continuous Education means we constantly update you with the latest hair styles, product information, extensions information and hair guide information.

Trained student at World of Braiding

Trained student at World of Braiding








Training at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding


10.  We guarantee our work on all our clients. If you are not completely satisfied, tell us and we will deal with any problems within 2 weeks of our hair service.


Based in a beautiful tourist town of Southend-on-sea in Essex, World of Braiding & Extensions is situated in the central part of the Town.  We are located within minutes’ walk of all basic amenities  – Southend Central C2C Train Station, Southend Beach, Shopping malls and High Street.

southend on sea by the beach

southend on sea by the beach


Take the family out to the beach which is within 5 minutes’ walk from our center.  Go shopping to all the major shops in the High street which are 2 minutes’ walk from our centre.

We look forward to welcoming you into the World of Braiding & Extensions Design Centre. 

 check out some of our hair designs from our facebook page.

World of Braiding Facebook



For any questions, comments or ability to add your personal experiences to our write up, please feel free to leave your comments or contact us using our details below for discussions.

World of Braiding & Extensions Group of Companies is made up of 4 major Service areas.
1. World of Braiding & Extensions Professional Natural Hair & Extensions Business School which offers education, knowledge & skill to students around the world with the mission to – get women into work & business.   We train our students with the best ways to apply all the different natural hair & extensions techniques.
2. World of Braiding & Extensions Professional Natural Hair & Extensions Centre offering healthy hair & extensions service on client’s hair with the passion for healthy signature natural hair glamour.  We consult with all clients before taking on a service of hair extensions.  We care for your hair and ensure there are no damages.
3. World of Braiding & Extensions Black Hair Education & Solutions Center where our focus is to train Black women in the understanding of their natural hair and how to care for it to avoid damage & hair loss.
4. World of Braiding & Extensions Natural Hair Accessories & Extensions center.  Providing all the materials you need to care for your hair.
If any of the issues mentioned in this article has affected you, or you have an experience you will like to share with us, please feel free to do so.  Also email us if you need our advice on any issues in this article.

Tel: +44 1702 339 858, mob: +44 7946 439 057



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