“To either work the system or be doomed by the system”

This is a secret I have learnt over my several years of being in existence, working, attending schools, travelling the world, running a business in Africa and now subsequently running a business in the UK.

You are well educated, hardworking; you are smart, intelligent, focused, determined etc. You keep your eyes open and ears close to the ground and you do everything you can to achieve success but this is not happening. It’s as if you are yet to scratch the surface of the ground and so you get sad, depressed, frustrated and you want to give up. So you think you were never made to succeed. You start to think and believe success is for other people and not you. But wait a minute – it’s not you that has a problem; it’s our society. This is the topic of this article. “We are programmed to fail!!!”

“Our society is designed to make us fail.”  Great news.  Our Creator did not design us for failure.  We all have just about the same chance as anyone to succeed and become great but we have to prepare ourselves to overcome the major hurdles that have been put in place by society which is aimed at making us fail.

What are these HURDLES?

1                   ACADEMIC EDUCATION SYSTEM: 

Education system

Education system

 i.                   TIME: 

We are made to spend too much time of our life in the education system learning things that have absolutely nothing to do with the future we eventually survive in. Most of our time spent in school is used to learning academic theories starting mostly with English and Maths.  This way of training continues as we are growing up and we are given false hopes. When and if the schooling finally finishes; real life starts – but hey presto! there are no jobs waiting to cover what we have spent so much time learning – English and maths.  There is nothing unique about English and maths if everyone is equally qualified.  English and maths do not hold a candle to the rat race that starts when we start real life. We start by sending series of application letters written in English to every organisation we can think of, we may get lucky, and get invited for interviews where the process begins – we get turned down by everyone and the excuses starts – your CV was not good enough, you did not do well at the interview, someone better got the job, someone with a better qualification or experience got the job etc etc. This starts to break your spirit as you had built an image of what your life will be when you finish school. You had started dreaming when you were really young. You probably watched series of movies or like me; you read a lot of fiction novels and built castles in the air. You just knew that you were going to be great. However, what you are experiencing right now is nowhere near being great. Somehow, no one told you life will be this way. No one brought you to life and prepared you for the disappointment and failures that you are beginning to encounter or face.

ii.                 DEPENDENCE:

Our society builds us up for complete dependence on other people for your financial survival. You finish your long education which prepares you for nothing in real life and then you have to go to someone to get a job. You start by sending CVs, applications letters, attending interviews etc. You start getting feedback telling you the CV was not good enough; your application was not good enough; someone who is better qualified than you got the job etc. You find out 20,000 people applied for a job of maybe 10 staff and so they had to weed off everyone. You start experiencing rejection and this starts to break your confidence and spirit. You start thinking something is wrong with you and you are not good enough. You end up frustrated and begin to loose believe in yourself.

What if Society had prepared you to be independent? What if you had some skill in your hands that you could control and be able to help yourself with your own job?

Then the questions arise – who gave that person the ability to give you a job? Who put that person in a position to give jobs? Just like this person, can you also create jobs that other people can apply for in future? Do you simply need the right skills in your hands?

iii.              LEFT BRAIN / RIGHT BRAIN:

So we go to school to supposedly gain education that will better our lives or the skills to empower or help us through life. Somehow the school systems we have are not making great progress with this role presently. They are focusing on teaching only academic knowledge – read and write. There are no practical or physical activities to start activating our brain to think creatively and innovatively. This system only empowers us with Left brain functioning action which concentrates on theory. The lack of use of our creative mind also known as using the Right brain has left us becoming nothing but zombies and robots.  We are constantly being hypnotised and put in a trance so we do not question anything around us. The Matrix Movie is an example of the society we have become. This is unreal as nature provided us with 2 sets of brain and 2 hands. This was to help us think and take action with activities that will help better our lives. These activities were not meant to be uniform as is the case of – English and maths Pythagoras theorem, algebra, adjectives, noun, verbs etc etc.  They were meant to be varied and unique to each of us as we are different. They were meant to empower each of us with our unique way of thinking using the special talent that we have been naturally given to create something different from the next person – great with hands, great with voice, great with feet, great with sight etc.  This explains why there are so many different learning styles for each of us.

The Seven Learning Styles

  • Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  • Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
  • Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
  • Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
  • Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
  • Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
  • Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

We all do have passions and talents that we can pursue to create something unique/ something we enjoy doing so we can grow it and make it great.

For some of us, we love to cook or bake, we love to work with hair, we love to wear and make beautiful clothes, we love to create beautiful make-up, we love working with equipment, materials, bricklaying, playing football, swimming, running marathon, dancing, playing piano, gardening, photography, videography, electrician, plumber etc. These are real life needs and they are satisfied from our natural passion for working with them which is why we are different. The society we live in however does not appreciate our talents or hands-on skill as they tend to see these skills as not good enough, demeaning, derogatory and belittling; simply not good enough for so-called intelligent people who only learn by reading, writing and memorising – verbal learners.  The question then is – can someone be creative without being intelligent?  This is because, generally, creative people are usually credited with little intelligence. It is therefore the society that is misleading people and pushing them on a part of destruction – putting so much emphasis on verbal learners than giving/ encouraging everyone to have a chance in life by proving themselves. Academic qualifications that are generally appreciated and respected are mostly – lawyers, historians, politicians, business, marketing, finance, anthropologist, psychologist, sociologist, banking etc.

Big question then becomes, after these courses, can you employ yourself automatically? Can you do something on your own without involving others? Can you be your own boss?  This is rare as you have to look for a job from someone else who is running a business. How does this help anyone who cannot find a job for the reasons stated above? Who do you turn to – family, friends, someone at the top etc? Unemployment for life? This explains why there are so many unemployed people and why there are so many poor people. The youths are so bored, they have to find things to occupy their time and this is why our society has deteriorated and thy are angry leading to social unrest and social problems everywhere – stabbings, killing, pick pockets, robbery, looting, vandalism other. How has the education system helped to better the lives in our society? On the other hand, when you escape the unemployment queue, you start working with clear cut instructions on how to think and work. There is no free creativity on your part as you have to follow the organisations’ policy on how to work. Then you work so hard in your youth – giving it the best you can and you get promoted into various roles but as you grow older, you get to a point where the promotion has to stop unless you want to kill the people at the top so there is a vacancy for you to fill. Your boss will never pay you enough to make you rich – this is why it is a job – just over broke.

2                   HEALTH SYSTEM:macdonalds

unhealthy foods

unhealthy foods

The health system is completely messed up and prepares us for failure. It starts from the day we are born.  The content of the powdered milk given to us as food and the ingredients in the baby oil they rob on our skin are unsafe, unhealthy and damaging to us.  Then it gets worse as the food we continue to eat starts our decaying and oxidization process. All you see advertised and glamorised in your face are heavily processed, pre-packaged and prepared foods that contains parabens – full of synthetic chemicals which enhances and become catalyst for the process of sickness.   Your body starts to break down and decay so you start to fall ill. The sickness starts to build up – diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, heart attack etc.

When you are sent to the Doctors /pharmaceutical companies, they start using you for lab experiments to test their

Medical system

Medical system

various drugs.  This continues and as your body is natural and not built for chemicals, you deteriorate and eventually give up and die before the time you could have spent on this planet. Your family is then told that it is a genetic problem that runs in the family.

We are not told that our body being a product of nature; does not need chemicals but rather natural ingredients. Natural ingredients and products are never glamorised so you don’t see any use for them.  This is because if you went natural, you will stop buying their chemicals and then they will have less money so they simply want you to keep buying to line up their pocket lines. Profit before people. In the Western world, another snag is that the natural foods are made to be very expensive while the pre-packaged foods are very cheap and because you have not got so much money to go round for your needs, you end up buying their pre-packaged synthetics and chemicals foods where you actually end up using our own hands to kill yourself based on the foods you have been putting into your body.

3                   FINANCIAL SYSTEM:banking2



Money! Money!! Money!!! This is the one word that makes the world go round and this is the one word that the system does not want you to know about so you will never be in control. This is why caring for money, making money, managing and understanding money are never taught in Schools so you continue to make mistakes and never take control of what will help you. IT IS A CONTROL MECHANISM BUILT INTO THE SYSTEM SO YOU NEVER LEARN. We start with the wrong schools, wrong education with no life skills, live in the wrong neighbourhood, live in the wrong homes, wrong social groups, wrong friends and crowd, eat the wrong food etc because we do not have the right amount of money to buy the type of quality of life that will help us grow.  You have no money and you have no life – simple. If you had great business ideas and go to the bank to ask for a loan, you are automatically turned down because you do not have collateral to protect the loan you want from your bank. So how is the system helping you? You do not have a good job so it is obvious you will never get a mortgage, so you will not live in your own home or good neighbourhood. You do not have a good job because you did not have a good CV, you did not have a good CV because you did not go to a good school, you cannot go to a good school because you live in a wrong neighbourhood etc etc and the list goes on. Every barrier on the way stacks up against you. To progress in life, you need financial support to fund your ideas and to get financial support requires the system to help you so how do you get started? Chicken and egg which one came first? The Banks will not lend you money to start because they need years of accounts and collateral; you will not have years of accounts or collateral if you do not have money so how do you start a business to change your life? Why did the education system not help to prepare us?  

4                   LAWS & THE LEGAL SYSTEM:

the law

the law


This is a big big one. When they know you have been strong enough to overcome most of the other issues, then they hide under the law to further hold you down and depress you. The Banks will hide under a law and steal your money. If you don’t put money in the Banks, then you will not be able to buy things from so many sources. They use law and put insurance on everything; you may never have need to call on the insurance so you lose your money. When you do have need for the insurance, you are put through hell before you receive any payment claim if any at all. They use laws to create associations and groups and if don’t join them, you will never be recognised – Franchising laws, Health & Safety, cosmetology. Law says you should buy this insurance, attend this college or training, hold this certificate before you can practice, get this licence, get this signature etc etc or you get sent a huge fine and where this is not the case, you are sent to Court or prison for practicing without authority.

If you have to argue with anyone over any issue and you get the lawyers involved, then the lawyers get rich in order to take your case to Court.  The smarter lawyer wins the case and then you pay so much money for taking this action. If you have any case against the Government, forget it as you will never win – there are so many movies that tend to inform us about these things and people think – it is only a movie. They are real because they are based on people’s experiences and examples – The Matrix, The Firm, Law Abiding Citizen, Enemy of the State etc etc. The whole idea is to keep the small man smaller while the rich man gets richer.

5                   TAXES:



This is the height of injustice and unfairness in our Western society. Everything you touch is taxed.  I was reading an article the other day and there was an interesting picture in it. The picture had 2 refrigerators side-by-sides. In fridge 1, was just one bag while fridge 2 had every food in the world. Vegetable compartment, meat, diary, cheese etc. The caption of the empty fridge read – The hardworking taxpayer and the second fridge had – The man with welfare support from the Govt.  The Tax system had taken the hardworking man’s money and he could not afford anything anymore including food.

My children got so frustrated with their friends in school whose parents are on welfare but are able to buy all the latest gadgets – shoes, designer bags and clothes, ipad, iphones latest versions, wii, xbox etc etc.

frustration from bills

frustration from bills

They start asking questions like how come these people can afford these things. They say to me – “Why don’t we go on welfare too?” I don’t know what future we are giving our children by showing them examples like these where people don’t work and have a lot and people who work have nothing. According to Max Keiser of Keiser Report on Russia Television, we have over 150 taxes in the UK. There is no hope for the ordinary man.

6                   BILLS; BILLS; BILLS:

Bills are everyone’s enemy. They come in every form – electricity bills, gas bills, telephone bills, Council tax, Council rate, VAT, insurances, water bills, TV licence, food prices increase etc etc. Then you have personal requirements – rent, mortgage, car and maintenance, petrol prices, parking prices, road insurance, children’s school trips, travelling on public transport etc. The demand over your personal mental and physical strength and energy is far too much and

bills, bills, bills

bills, bills, bills

endless. How do you survive? As my Pastor will call it, take on 4 jobs to live one life. Where is the help? No jobs to cover your bills so where do you run to? How is society helping to better your life?

7                   NETWORKING AND CRONISM



Meeting the right people at the right time has helped some people hit their dreams overnight. Some people will call it being at the right place at the right time. Everything else becomes irrelevant. You know someone in Government positions and they help you; you get help from people in high places etc. You know the Bank Manager, you have a godfather in that establishment and many more cases.

 Well in spite of all above, you need to give yourself a chance. You need to bring yourself back to use your natural gifts, talents and passion. Use your right brain and start creating unique things – fashion, hair, beauty, food, baking, carpentary, electricians, photography, videography, music etc.

 Bring the real you to life by burying the society made version of you. Go back into your originally version which was created with gifts, talents, skills and passion by simply getting into a vocational trade. Get to train in what you love to

vocational skills

vocational skills

do, turn it into a business and be in control of your life

This is where the change in our life will come from and when we can change our individual lives, then we change our community and our economy.  We will take back control of our lives, as the skill in our hands will make us money without our reliance on the government or other individual by looking for a job. You are in control of the thoughts coming out of your brain and in control of the activities that your hands can perform.  Do not allow yourself to be tied to anyone’s thinking process.  Do not put yourself in a box because there are no rights or wrongs in the skills you possess – simply innovations – new ways of doing the same old thing – new colour, new length, new models, new texture etc etc. You simply bring your creative side alive while making a business out of it. You can then grow your ideas to a big business and at least you would have introduced new things into the world without simply being another number. You can now face the issues in your life with  focus and a clear mind without societal distortion of feeling inadequate and being mundane.


This is how I protected my future when I put my skill in my hands by going into Natural Hair & Extensions care

This is the world we live in today. You have to protect yourself as there is no one out there to do it for you.


There are so many movies that try to explain these scenarios to us but most times we think they are just movies. They are as real as you can imagine – examples – The Matrix, The Firm, Law Abiding Citizen, Enemy of the State etc.

It is up to you to either work the system to your advantage or prepare yourself to face the system and struggle for the remaining days of your life.

We are programmed to fail in order to keep the Capitalist system wheels in progress by enriching only the few and leaving the poor poorer. If we were all smart and owned our own business, then we will not look for jobs and there will be no big mega companies to hold us to ransom.  If we all ate well and were all healthy, then there will be no need for doctors and we will all live long lives. Then they will not manufacture and test new drugs coming from mega conglomerate pharmaceutical companies. If we were all rich, then there will be no need for the banks to frustrate our business ideas by refusing us loans.

It’s now up to you to learn more about the system you live in and avoid being miserable and depressed by it but rather learn how to work with it. Knowledge is power and knowing will help you change and better not only your life but your family, friends and community.  When I have knowledge, I like to share it and I want you to share this message if it has helped you learn a bit more about our world/ society.


Wishing you the best in your life and experiences.


World of Braiding is happy to support you with all the points mentioned above to help you grow and develop.


Joy is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions

World No. 1 Professional Natural Hair Academy.

info@worldofbraiding.com, +44 1 702 339 858, 07946 439 057

www.worldofbraiding.com, http://www.worldofbraidingacademy.com

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