Business Enterprise of Natural Hair and Extensions

Black women run salons and various businesses but still struggle to make ends meet.   What is missing in the equation?  We already have the passion and the skill to care for and design natural hairstyles. Can we turn these into a great thriving business that is attractive, glamorous and welcoming to our next generation? How do we find out.

Award winning International Educator Joy Phido

Award winning International Educator Joy Phido

For more on this not to be missed  workshop; join Award winning International Natural Hair Educator, Celebrity Natural Hair designer, Master Natural Hair carer & Extensions Educator, Business Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker – Joy Phido Bsc (Hons) SRH to share her wealth of knowledge information & skills with you. 

business enterpreneurs

business enterpreneurs

  • Understand the $4.2 trillion Hair Care industry.
  • Find out how to start and Grow your Hair Care Business.
  • Create a Marketing Plan to grow your business.
  • Branding your hair business
  • Increase your hair business in 2015 with the secrets of Social Media.
  • Interact with other people in your industry to share ideas, life experiences, case studies etc – the excitement and the woes of dealing with clients.
  • Let’s connect with Hair when you take this chance to be among the first group to become a member of Joy Phido’s Hair Business Coaching Programme and gain over 20 years of business expertise and support to help you grow & many more.

DATE:   Friday 5th December 2014

TIME:   10am – 4pm (please keep to time)

PRICE: FREE (for first 50 attendees thereafter £9.99)

Meet and connect with Sleek – one of our Hair Extensions Suppliers.

Meet DeVine Rootz one of our alumni who has grown to create her own Hair products line & many more

This is an event not to be missed.  

To be part of this event, email us with your detail.

Name, Contact number and City where you operate. We look forward to meeting with you.


About Joy Phido

Joy Phido and her 4 children

Joy Phido and her 4 children

Joy is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd. Joy is a graduate of Business, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH), a business entrepreneur, educator, trainer, teacher, Natural Hair & Extensions Designer & Carer, Natural Hair Consultant, NLP practitioner and motivational speaker.

Joy can be seen working with celebrities at photoshoots or for special events and usually the go to person at the back stage of various fashion and beauty events – ranging from the Ethnic Fashion Show Southend, Essex Girls Football to major events as Blackstyles Weekend, Miss England, Miss West Africa, Afro Hair & Beauty Fashion show etc.  Training for major organisations such as Newham Summer School, Harrow Youth Council, Hackney Family Learning, American School in London, Newham Adult Education London etc

She has been braiding since the age of 5 and teaching natural hairstyles – Hair Braiding, Weaves & Extensions since 2003. Prior to setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy has had various career experiences with varied organizations and in various continents;  Currently teaching the world from the internet as a Youtuber with over 8millions views and counting Joy brings on a wealth of knowledge ranging from being a mother in Business, a wife, a business owner who started from Africa and now runs her business in the West etc. You have a lot to gain from this wonderful, full of energy and ready to share knowledge woman.

Some testimonial about Joy.

“The good thing about your videos is that you are so bold and honest because you know exactly what you are talking about.Besides,you just don’t focus on braiding hair,but also on all the other aspects of it(customer service,what to consider to be successful in the business,natural hair care…)That was just firing me up!
I was getting better everyday and started braiding at home (mid May 2013), all by Faith! I wasn’t professional at all,but was working hard on that!I’m proud of my improvements today and can’t thank you enough for your insightful videos.We haven’t met yet,but I consider you as an African sister who just wants everyone to succeed .I see your business is prosperous and by God’s Grace I’m hoping mine will expand as well.And of course,I hope to work closely with you in order to get there!
By the way ,I just watched the video on tree braids with the Bundle of Joy.That hair looks amazing! And it doesn’t look silky at all,is it? It just makes me  want to use it 🙂
Well,thank you so much for your time ,Joy! Please check my pictures out when you get a chance and your advice would be greatly appreciated.
God richly bless you!


01702 339 858

07946 439 057 



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