I write when something striking comes to my spirit and experience. This thought explains to me that there are people out there experiencing similar things and are therefore looking for someone to support them.  My spirit then inspires me to either get into the studio and shoot a video on get on the computer and write about the experience. When I come out with the writings or video, I feel better because I know I would have helped someone to deal with the issue or at least know that someone out there has an idea of what they are experiencing and so they are not alone in their predicament.

This is how the topic for this article happened. Recent activities and events I have experienced is making realise how difficult it is to run a minority business in the Western world. It is a struggle to survive as a minority business in the Western Countries as people are being made to feel inadequate or inferior.  This is the issue I address in this article.

Survival in the Western World is not one of the easiest tasks in the world. Yet way back in most developing countries, the assumption is that people who live in the Western world have a very easy life. It is assumed that everyone is making lots of money and having lots of fun like the celebrities in the Hollywood blockbuster movies. As one of my friends puts it – when her family members call her from Nigeria, they tell her to send them lots of money and presents because they want to look like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Rihana, Julia Roberts etc but she tells them, “These people are not real. I don’t live anywhere next to them and I only see them in the movies just like you do.”  Another friend of mine says she tells her family when they call her on the phone, “Hold on because I will go and pluck the money from the money tree in the garden” and many more stories.

All of the above scenarios come to play because the mainstream Western media creates the most glamorous image and impressions of wealth with civilized and fair society.  However, reality of this lifestyle is far from this truth.  It may be civilized but the bigger problems that people face are far exhausting than the benefits of civilization – issues such as racism, unfairness, bigotry etc rear their ugly heads at people when living in the West.  Some people may pretend to you that these issues don’t exist but nothing much has changed since the slave times. The names used may have changed but they continue to hide in the society – in Schools, Work place, Local Councils, Banks, Shops and worst of all when you start to run a Business.  I should know about these as I have experienced all these situations. The most important to me at the moment is when ethnic minorities try to run a business in the western society and the tons of mountains they have to climb or overcome before they can make sense of their business.  This is difficult but how to do you cope through this system to survive when you have an idea that you feel strongly about and want to turn into a business?

Here are my top 7 survival tips to running a minority Business in the Western World. 

1                   BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: 



You have to start by believing in yourself and your idea. Ask yourself a lot of questions and answer them genuinely.  What do you want to offer people? Do you really see a market for it? Who are your clients? Will you be helping people out with the service you want to offer? How will this help etc etc. Focus on what is right. My experience with World of Braiding & Extensions is a case in point. I remember when I was starting and being told by people that I was not going to create any impact in the society as there were Hairdressing Colleges everywhere.  The answer I had for such a person was – “Not everyone who is a hairdresser can braid hair. Not all hair braiders are professionals.  So there is a market for training people and offering professional service of helping people care for their hair.”  This is still the same to this day as we now have  clients from all over the world.

My advice is do not wait for anyone to pat you on the back and tell you how great you are doing. Do not wait for accolades, awards recognition etc. Simply know the clients you are going to serve. There are so many examples of people who started businesses that were told will not survive because it was not mainstream. An example is Tyler Perry and Madea. Today Tyler is worth billions. He never gave up on his dreams. We have been told by so many businesses that we are not mainstream enough. My question to such people is that I have clients to serve and my clients have needs that are not mainstream so I will continue to serve these clients.

2                   LOVE YOURSELF:



You must love yourself. People out there will want to talk you down so you forget who you are and what you want to do. They will pick on the most insignificant unnecessary issue to put you down.  These types of fights are usually spiritual as they aim to break you from inside – sadness, feeling of being inadequate, depression, mental disorder etc etc. You must learn to love yourself. You have been placed on this earth for a reason. Your creator did not make a mistake when he created you so you need to find out what you represent.  Allowing people to talk you down gives people power over you so be prepared to take on anyone who chooses to attach your physical appearance – height, face, accent, hair etc etc. example is Danny Devito – He was never your typical movie actor but he became one of the biggest actors of his time.  When people want to stress you about your physical appearance; tell them how much you love everything about yourself.  Then they will leave you alone as they find there is nothing else to pick on. They will move on to the next victim. A friend of mine who ran a Caribbean food business was told that the food she cooked was smelling and not good enough for the location we all shared at the time. This same location had another restaurant which had mainstream menus but the smell was okay and the minority restaurant was not okay. Luckily she moved and found another location to operate her business.  

3                   BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF:

Stop being too judgemental on yourself. Praise yourself when you do great things and don’t be too heavy handed on yourself when things don’t happen the way you want them.  Don’t be your own worst enemy and criticise everything you do. When you pull yourself down all the time, chances are you will not be able to move your business forward as well.

4                   MAKE MISTAKES:

Feel free to make mistakes. This is what makes life what it is. Mistakes are a necessary part of life as it helps us grow. Mistakes are bound to happen because when they happen and you learn from them, you move your life forward. You now know what happens when something is done in a particular way. This is what they call experience. Be like a child. When they start working, they stand and try to walk and fall, they try again and fall again until they finally can walk. This should be a lesson for all of us.  You do not give in at the least opposition. Especially when you live in the Western world, all types of problems will come your way. Do not pack up and stop at the least turn. This happened to one of my student – she paid good money and learnt our highest paying skills – she was absolutely brilliant with the skill. Then she set up her room to start her business from home and her landlord told her she could not operate from her home. She gave up and stopped operating. When I heard her story I called her and offered her various options. She simply was not prepared to go back again. This is simply nothing in business. There is no one who has ever achieved anything that does not encounter problems and especially a minority business in the Western world.  Problems will come in every form.  We have encountered everything you can imagine. I have had a bailiff visit my shop for the most ridiculous reason and telling me he wants to shut down my shop. I faced him squarely and dealt with the problem.  You will face all types of problems. You simply have to learn to be strong.

5                   YOU HAVE A MARKET:



Remember you have a willing market that is ready to take on your service.  Like I mentioned earlier, you are not here to serve everyone. The world is full of people and as at 2012, we have 7billion people. You may want to serve 1000 or 500. If you are from minority, you are not aiming to serve mainstream so do not allow anyone to put you in a box and give you mountains to climb in order to serve a small set of people. Example of people who want to offer braiding services in the US being asked to take up Cosmetology in order to braid hair. In our last episode of hair helpline, we said to you, aim to be perfect in what you want to offer and not what the system wants you to learn. Our students who want to get grant and support for their training with us are told sometimes that they do not recognise our training because it is not mainstream. What does mainstream mean. Do they mean we have to sign some paper work that says mainstream or it is about filling lots of forms that mean nothing? What I say to these students is that it is up to them to decide what they want as Cosmetology will not teach them what they want so if you sit back and wait for mainstream, you will never move your life forward.  Your market will be sitting down and waiting for you while you will take up your mainstream course and start to look for clients that will not exist because the same mainstream people will not be needing your service as you do not fit into their profile. Think before you act. Ask lots of questions before you commit yourself to mistakes.  I know lots of people who went to sturdy Hairdressing courses and yet cannot use their skill in any form.

6                   FIND A MENTOR:

Never take anyone’s word for granted. Whenever you want to operate a business in the Western world, seek people who have set up businesses or are running businesses. Find out from them what it means to keep a business. Find out their experiences and how this can fit into the plans you have. Do not simply jump into it. If your heart is in your dreams and you believe in yourself fully, use all the advise you can get from these people and add to yours they start your business. Do not let anyone talk you down.


market research

market research

Luckily with the power of the internet, you can find out a lot of answers before asking anyone. Do not be ignorant. Ask anyone who tells you lots of tales why anything is the way they think it is. Seek your own solution and take your own decisions.  The system will not like you but they will respect you when you know your rights.

We have been there and done that. I have had all types of businesses and continue to run a successful one so I will be happy to help if you need help.

Wishing you the best in your business start-up and growth.

World of Braiding is happy to support you with all the points mentioned above to help you grow and develop.

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For years Laurayne worked in the Social Care industry.  She was tired and bored of working for other people and wanted to start her own business.  She however had a passion for hair and had no idea where to start from.  Her immediate purpose was “to learn different techniques in hair styles, to be professional and to introduce new styles”. She had taken a vacation from work and wanted to complete a short course that she could finish before her vacation was over.   She confided in me “I simply do not want to go back to work”. But she also did not want to go to a college and take at least 2 years to complete a Hairdressing Course.

She searched for natural hair training on the internet and found World of Braiding’s Training and decided this was what she wanted.  She came to us in 2009 and had a consultation with us where we explained all the various options in our skills Training Courses and the routes available for her to take after the training.

She chose the Foundation to Braiding Course and completed it in 10 weeks.  She said to me  I will give my training the best effort possible as I have a dream and have no intensions of going back to work. I will start my business immediately I finish my course.” True to her words, after completing her qualification, she worked with an amazing Estate Agent from the Internet who found her a perfect position on the High Street in Ilford, London.  She went straight on to start her Natural Hair and Extensions Salon. This is her testimonial in her own words “When I first came I was so excited about the trainings and worried to get better and professional.  Now that I finished I am so happy and content with what I learned, I feel confident about hair and can start my own business. Joy is a wonderful person, very sociable and patient. I am very happy that I met someone like her and definitely will be missing her, but I will stay in touch.”

Since then she has not looked back.  Today she is constantly busy with unlimited flow of clients and has now added other skills like Beauty treatment to her knowledge.  She is currently taking another course in Beauty etc.  This is one example of what you could achieve in a short period.


When I met Rita in December 2006 she was already in the business of selling Hair Extensions.  She and her husband John had started a small shop of 8 months old on a High Street in Portsmouth where they were servicing customers who needed hair extensions.  The customers will buy the extensions and take it elsewhere to get their hair done.  She had one stylist who decided when to attend to clients and when not to.  This stylist was in charge of Rita’s shop.  She enjoyed the fact that Rita had no skill and was capitalising on her ignorance.  When Rita hinted the stylist that she needed training to gain skill for the business, the stylist was completely against the idea.  She told Rita that no one will ever be able to train her to braid hair.  She believed it was a natural skill that you were born with and could never be taught or learnt.

John thought about this and decided it was enough of helping other people make money so he searched the internet and found World of Braiding training courses in natural hair styles.  John made the first call to us.  Rita came 2 days later for a one day Course on strand-by-strand extensions using the Glue gun.  When Rita joined the Course, her immediate dream was to gain more knowledge on hair extensions and the skill with the aim to grow her business.  Rita was very hands-on and had no interest in writing notes even when I explained to her that she needed the information to assist her learning.  She explained to me that she did not like taking notes and her brain served her better than paper notes.   Before registering on the course, she had been brave and had booked a client to get her hair done on the Saturday while she came for training on Thursday. She promised me she will practice non-stop on Friday. The outcome of the hair service was excellent and Rita could not believe the skill she had locked away in her hands for so long.

Two weeks after the training Rita and John could see the big difference in the income they were getting in the shop.  Rita had recovered the cost of taking the course from her very first client she booked on the Saturday and thereafter was simply making a profit.  Their intake had gone from about £500 a week to £2000 a week in the same shop.  Since then she has not looked back anymore.  She later came back to World of Braiding to take up another Course in Introduction to Hair Braiding.

Rita now owns a huge shop in Portsmouth on two floors selling extensions, products and adding the skill of natural hair and extensions.  She is desperately seeking stylist and is always asking for newly trained students who are happy to live in Portsmouth.  Due to her amazing presence on the High Street in Portsmouth, Rita has been spotted and sponsored by various international products and extensions companies from the USA and other countries who want their brands to be showcased in her shop.  She is constantly offered short training courses on these products and extensions.

Rita has now enrolled on a Hairdressing Course to further her knowledge on how to work with chemicals and service more clients.

You could be like her success story.


Magda came to us in 2009 with her husband.  She had no idea what hair braiding was but loved to look at the intricate styles in natural afro hairstyles. She had amazing fingers that could pick up skills easily she explained to me as she confided that she had taken lessons in musical instruments as well.  She had amazing passion for hair and wanted to use this skill on a freelance basis so as to free up time to be with her 6 year old son who needed her attention after school.  After our consultation, we agreed on a Foundation Course to give her at least 10 different techniques in Braids, Weaves and Extensions to help her have various choices while working with clients.

She was nicely surprised to find that she was the only one in class most of the time as we work with individuals as well as workshops.  She gave the training 110% as Magda still remains one of my favourite students.  She was creative, tried different styles whenever she completed a technique, practiced her styles on her husband and son and was overwhelmed with the knowledge she gained.

Her testimonial – “this course is one of my best experiences in life.  I still need more confidence to use my skills and start working from home, but even after the course I am always getting support from Joy and encouragement when I need it.  You can study for years and learn nothing, but when you have a master (like Joy) you will get where you really want.  It was brilliant!”

When she completed her training, her immediate worry was where to start practicing her knowledge so as to perfect her skill and gain life experiences.   We sorted this easily.  I contacted another student of mine – Vicky – who had set up a salon in the city where Magda was based – Hemel Hempstead and we agreed that Magda could come in and help out on Saturdays.  This helped a lot as she told me amazing experiences that she encountered.  She explained to me that the hair on the training head was a lot more difficult to work with compared to the afro hair on her clients.  She also experienced that when clients noticed that she was not black, they were usually a bit sceptical about allowing her on their hair until they see her work.  She also advised some of her colleagues on how to work with Caucasian hair as I had taught her in class.  What an experience she had.

Magda to this day produced one of the best portfolios I have ever seen which I still show to other students who come to make enquiries.

You could be like her.


Vicky came to us in 2008. Vicky like other students was unique.  She was an immigration lawyer and had taken on the reality that the economy was changing.  Immigration issues in the UK had taken a different turn and she was not prepared to wait until her business crashed.  She had a passion for hair and knew she will be better off getting ready and prepared in this industry. But the issue was where to start from.  She went on to the internet and searched for training in natural hair.  She was also not prepared to spend years getting a new skill.  We needed to get her started on a Course that will give her a lot of skill to enable her start her salon.

She chose the Foundation to Hair Braiding Course.  Since then Vicky had finished her Course and set up her salon.  In addition to natural hairstyles, she added another short course in working with chemical relaxers so as to give her more grounded approach to servicing her clients.

Vicky has also sent her 16 year old daughter and her cousin for training in Introduction to Braiding Course so they could help her in the salon.

Her testimonialtaking on the training is one of the best decisions I had to take.  Joy worked with me to ease me into an industry that I was not sure where to start from.  I will recommend this training to anyone who knows what they want in their lives.  Do not wait for things to overtake you before deciding what you want in life.”

Vicky’s salon is doing great and she is a great resource for students who need practical experience from World of Braiding and live close to her location.

Vicky gauged the economic situation and did not want to be held back by the changes in the industry she was serving at the time.  Now she is happy she took the plunge at the time.

You could learn from her experience.


Francesca came to us in August 2010.  She is still one of our star pupil as she was only 18 years old when she started with us and celebrated her 19th birthday with us.  Francesca was an established name on YouTube with a huge followership.  The amazing thing with her was that she was self-taught in all the different styles she was uploading on YouTube.  She found me on Facebook.   A great thing about Francesca is she is very inquisitive and is constantly on the lookout for the latest information or knowledge.  She will search the world for whatever she wants and go the long mile to get it.  This is a quality she has which I can relate to easily as I am like this in various ways.

We had months of consultation by emails, inbox etc from various sources – Facebook, YouTube etc.  We concluded on what she will need.  She wanted every knowledge she could gain as in her own words “I want to be the best in natural hair in the whole world”. We chose the International Braiding Course.  This course gave her over 22 techniques but based on her hunger for knowledge, I gave her more than was planned and made it 28 techniques.

Francesca took on her training in her true Leo star sign style – she was bubbly, worked late, asked questions, sought information constantly etc etc.  There was no dull moment with her.  In the end, she excelled in every technique including the Theory workshop where she finished 2 notebooks.  While in training, she was keeping her fans and clients up to date with her progress by constantly uploading pictures of her work.

She was like a sponge and soaked every information she was given.  First thing she did when she got back home was to change the name of her business.  Then she embarked on the photo-shoot I had advised her to do.  This changed everything for her as she had presented to the world her professional side and that she knew what she was doing.  She uploaded her new styles that she had learnt on her YouTube and Facebook pages.  She started getting new bookings.  Her testimonial “I could never have done it without World of Braiding”. Her testimonial is numerous.  See her YouTube video on our channel.

She constantly video her work and her clients, she updates her YouTube account all the time and gives her followers up to date information on everything she does.  They find the work great and call to book for their hair to be done in same style. Her followership has skyrocked on YouTube and Facebook, she now writes for a national magazine in Australia, gets celebrity stylist contacting her, attends meetings and events that concern natural hair styling and there is no stopping her.  We did a Press Release on her progress recently where she confirmed how she is in such high demand and gets over 3 weave clients in a day giving her more demands than she can handle.  She is always seeking experienced and trained students from World of Braiding to help her out.   Coming over to get training changed her view on the skill she had started without direction.  Now she is an expert in her own field and is coming up with her brand of hair extensions.

My experience with Francesca confirmed to me that it is not information and knowledge alone that makes the difference but what you do with it.  There were other people in her class who are yet to utilise their skill. She has used technology to change the way skills and beauty should be seen.

The sky is the limit for this young teenager who at this age has no holdback and fear in the form of children and family tying her down.

Watch this space as she will probably become a millionaire by the age of 30.

You can be like her or join her in Australia.


For Felicia, getting training from us was her last attempt at getting a professional training in braiding and understanding her skill.  She had started her own salon and was already attending to customers with some braiding techniques but something was missing.  She realised she lacked professionalism.  Her clients will get her service and not come back again so she needed loyalty from them.  This made her feel insecure and not sure of what was not right.

Being Ghanaian she thought it will be best to go home and improve her skill after all braiding was an African skill.  She left her family and went back to Ghana for 4 months.  This was a long time to stay away from her young family but being determined and staying focused to achieve a great result she took on the challenge.

After 4 months, she came back without achieving the results she wanted and still felt empty as if something was missing.  She now went on the internet for more searches.

She found us in December 2007. I remember very well as this was during Christmas time and her young family was missing her again.  We consulted by phone and agreed on the Foundation course for her training.  We narrowed her training to techniques that she needed and focused to make her understanding clear and professional.

On completion of the Course, we went on to the unique part of our training – Theory to Braiding.  This part to our training is our best part yet.  This is the section of the training that Joy and World of Braiding has perfected and branded specially for her students and is the part that separates our students from experienced braiders who have been braiding in Africa.  The theory encompasses understanding of the industry, professionalism, and running the business of natural hair.  Everything that no one else will teach you is in this part of the training and is based on Joy’s personal journey into understanding the industry of natural hair.  This is the Education and Information part that brings everything together and makes complete sense to our students.  This is the part that differentiates World of Braiding from everyone else.

Felicia however thought  she did not need the theory and was ready to go home to her children.  She said she knew everything there was to know about extensions and products. We insisted to her that to gain her certificate, she needs this theory side of our training.  Luckily for Felicia there was another student in the class – Sheena Daniels who insisted that she needed the training so Felicia had no choice.  We took on our training and on completion, Felicia was in tears.  This was shocking and we wanted to know what had happened.  It transpired that her continuous search and numerous travels to gain knowledge was based on this information that she lacked.  She had not known that this was the part that she was lacking and needed understanding to make her professional and educated in order to satisfy and be confident with her clients.  She now knew why her clients were not coming back and being loyal. She now understood why she felt insecure and her clients were in control of her business. She instantly felt complete and realised that she now had a business to run and no longer a hobby.

Her testimonial “I am now very satisfied because now I have the knowledge that I needed to run my business.  I am happy for the information I got from Joy and all the training that she has given me.  Thank you so much”

On getting back, she sent lots of glowing report about how she had changed everything in her business and how she was now in control of her business.  Everything had changed and she was a very happy business woman.  She remains in touch and lets us know about her progress.

You could be like her and change your situation around.


Thandi is one of those dream students.  She was hungry for knowledge and was willing to invest in it without argument.  When Thandi came to us in 2009, she had a good knowledge of braiding and was attending to clients.  Somehow she felt something was lacking.  She needed to perfect her skill as she was going back home for good.  She had decided it was time to go home and set up a professional salon.  We had our consultation and concluded on Foundation to Braiding.  We took her skill to the next level and when she was done her current customers where so grateful that she had taken training to better her skill.

Prior to this stage she was like most braiders charging ridiculously cheap rates for her time.  After her training everything changed.  All her new clients had to pay her new rate while she confirmed to me that the old clients who had remained loyal will still get the best service from her at the same old rates they were paying.  She thanked me and could not believe that she had been so ignorant about the industry.  She was so happy when she started shopping for all the things she needed to get back to South Africa.

Her testimonial “Everything I needed to know and learn I have learnt.  I am satisfied with the way I’ve been taught and have achieved everything I wanted. The course was great; the teacher is very good and makes you feel you are in the right place.”

You too could be like her.


Rose turned out to be a friend.  She like the rest of the students was hungry for knowledge and had a great passion for hair.  She had never braided before but knew this was something she wanted to do for a living.  By this time she was working in Social Care and was working mostly at night in a home.  She took on the Foundation Course in 2006 and embarked on gaining as many techniques as possible that was going to help her.

She had let everyone in her Brazilian community aware of her training because she wanted the market to be waiting when she was ready.  She stayed focused.  She gave her training all her energy as she practiced every night at work and while her clients were sleeping.  This was because her dream was to have enough time to be with her two lovely boys and eventually take her skill back to Brazil.

While in training, we attended various events together.  The great thing about Rose was that her hunger for knowledge and understanding encouraged her to be selfless and was always willing to help.  She joined me to every event I attended and assisted in every capacity. We became good friends.

On completion, she let everyone in her community know as well and the most exciting part was when a celebrity musician from her country visited England, she was asked to go and do her hair in the hotel.  She was so excited and could not wait to tell me the tales.  She was chauffer driven to the hotel and was given the star treatment.  She said the lady was so impressed with her work and they paid her amazing amount of money which almost covered the cost of her training.  This was the beginning of great things for her as this has now become part of her CV. She was now a Celebrity hairstylist she told me.  Since then everything had changed for Rose.

You could be like her.


Morgan came to me in 2008.  She had no idea what braiding was but had a mixed race child. There were no salons in her area that attended to mixed race hair so she chose to train herself to be in a position to cope with her child’s hair.  Her husband was black and never believed that she could be able to ever learn braiding.

We took on the Introduction to Braiding Course and she was very determined to surprise her husband.  She completed the training with the skill completely in her hands.  Her immediate testimonial “I really feel very confident to start braiding straight away and I am so pleased to have learnt a lot about products.  This course was such a fantastic experience for me.  Joy is a brilliant teacher and should be charging so much more.  I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in hair.”

She got back home and sent me glowing reports.  Her testimonial thank you so much Joy for letting me achieve 2 things in my training.  I gained my skill which I now use easily on my son but in addition, you have been able to help me wipe the smug off my husband’s face.” What a great result for someone who never imagined she could achieve the skill.

You could be that person.


Sheena was just a Mum who wanted to be able to do her children’s hair.  Kent barely had Afro salons and she was tired of spending a lot of money on taking her children to the hairdressers.  She was also fed up with the long wait, the too many questions from her children, the cries, the general inconvenience of taking them to the salon and especially the Health & Safety issues.

In 2007 she came to us and we undertook the Introduction to Braiding Course.  All she wanted was just a simple course that will give her the skill to style her children’s hair and get them looking tidy for school.  While in the course she met with Felicia – earlier mentioned and became more interested in the business.  She wanted to know more and was willing to give the skill a lot more attention.  She got really good at creating her cornrows and single plaits and was very intrigued.  She then enjoyed braiding her training head which she had a habit of taking with her to everywhere.

Interestingly she went to a salon one day to buy some materials and while there a Mum walked in with her daughter who needed her hair braided.  The salon had no idea how to go about attending to the needs of the client and were thinking what to suggest.  Sheena promptly brought out her training head and asked the woman if she wanted a style like she had on the head.  The little girl was excited and Sheena was asked to braid the hair.  On completion, everyone was happy – Sheena had discovered the use she could put her newly acquired skill to while also working on her own children’s hair, the salon were excited as they could not wait to sign her on as a staff, the little girl and Mum were excited as their needs were met.

From then onwards, Sheena never looked back as she now came back to take on a Course in Hair Weaving and now became fully professional in natural hair designs. Her testimonial “Simply the best training ever.  Absolute value for money and now I am looking forward to a better life.”

You could be like her.


Alena came to us in 2009.  She had travelled the world for a period and had decided to stop and do something she loved.  She had passion for hair, had never braided before but knew she could use her hands to achieve great results.   We chose the Introduction to Braiding Course as she did not want anything very complicated.

On completion of her course,  her testimonial “I am very happy with my training course, information, knowledge and skill of hair braiding.  I have gained a lot.  I had a wonderful teacher who is willing to teach, share and help others to start their own business in hair braiding. Thank you.”

On travelling back home to Slovakia, she sent amazing testimonials “Joy I got back home and as you had advised, I marketed my braiding skill to the Council and offered to do children’s hair for the Children’s day celebration.  They were excited and offered me the contract to braid over 1000 children on the day.  What do you advice?” This was amazing.  She had taken on the advice she was given.  At this stage I advised her to work with other braiders in the area but this was one of my favourite cases.

You too could be like her.


Celeste came to us in 2010.  She loved braiding and had been doing this on her clients.  She was self-taught and was very curious about the skill of braiding.  She was married to a black man and this made her more curious about the skill of braiding.  She had researched about training all over the USA and no one offered her the type of knowledge she was seeking.  She found World of Braiding and contacted us.  She was detailed and knew what she wanted.  She was one of my favourite challenges. Luckily for her she had negotiated a training plan in her workplace and they had agreed to share her training cost.

We consulted and because she was coming from a long distance and had major interest in braiding, we agreed on International Braiding Course.  She loved her skill.  She concentrated and perfected every technique she was taught.   My best student in Ghana cornrow was Celeste.  She gave an amazing impression and I was very pleased with her training.

On completion, this is her testimonial “All areas of my training exceeded my expectations.  I feel so much more confident and well equipped than I did before.  It was an amazing training. I was given so much feedback and encouragement. It blew me away.  Joy teaches on such a PROFESSIONAL level and is extremely in-depth.”

What a glowing report.  She was good and since returning home, she had taken on a lot of projects including working in Los Angeles with the celebrities.

You could be like her.


Uju only just completed her training this year – 2011. She just missed one of our Weave workshops which was what she wanted.  She then contacted us and wanted to be part of the next course.

She has been working in the salon but believed her skill needed to be made more professional and taken to the next level.  She had a chat with her boss who completely disagreed with her. Explaining that she was okay and did not need any more improvement.  She was naturally very curious and knew that an investment in a good training will change the way she was offering her service to her clients.

We consulted and concluded the Weave Workshop was good for her.  Uju like most of my favourite students was hungry for knowledge.  It excites me to see students who have done some research, have a lot of questions and want answers.  Uju never stopped asking questions.  She wanted to understand every style and every reason why a style is created in a particular way.  She took on her training with one of the most amazing vigour I have ever seen.  We completed a full cornrow weave and she got home and replicated the same style on another training head the same night.  She came to class with the new head all completed and showed me what she had done in the night.  I was in awe of her.  She had sat up all night to understand what she had done the day before.  What a woman.

Uju has 6 children and is a single Mum but she has refused to let her personal circumstance stop her from excelling and achieving her dreams.  I absolutely respect her as in my many years of meeting many women who want to better their lives by gaining a skill that equips them to take control of themselves. However, Uju is different.  She comes across as one of the people who not only wishes but takes action to make the changes she requires in her life.  She did not only take on the Weave Workshop, she came back to perfect some of her braiding skills.  She saved money and paid weekly on some of the techniques.  She always came to the class with something new she saw in the shop as she loved sharing ideas and information with me.   She made me see the good in human existence again. She never asked for anything but knowledge to better her life and in return gave back so much.

On completion of her course, this is her testimonial “I achieved perfect closure for my weave.  This is the best investment I have ever made. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity.  My confidence has improved and Joy is an amazing trainer and lady.  God bless you.”

Since then on getting back to work, she has sent more testimonials I just want to say thank you sooooooooo much for all your help. The teachings were all on point and there was no reservation. i couldn’t have asked for more. You have given me the confidence to believe in myself and to know that i can do it on my own. You are an inspiration and a great teacher and doing the training was the best investment i have made. There is a great improvement in my work and i can now say am proud of my work, thanks to you. Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work. God bless you x.”

You too could be like her.


Alex joined our training in 2007.  She was young and had a passion for hair.  She loved wearing braids but realised that there was no one doing braids in her local area.  This meant she had to pay a lot of money to get her own hair done. Alex saw the opportunity in this and decided to train so she could set up her own natural salon.

Her immediate worry however was the money to use in joining the Course.  She spoke with her job center who was more than happy to sponsor her training.  She took up the Introduction to Braiding Course and immediately picked up everything she was taught.

Her testimonial “everything was explained clearly and slowly which made it easy to pick up.  I found the experience very educational and would recommend this training to anyone.”

Alex now runs her own natural hair salon in Wales, starting from home she created a lovely website and gets orders from the net.  Breaking braiding to strands of single plaits, cornrows etc, highlights, lowlights etc.  She has been very happy she took up our training as she now has her own independence.

You could be like her.




+44 208 983 9815




CONTACT US ON 0208 983 9815   OR email for booking. All prices exclude materials /training kit.  A list of kit will be given.

Introduction to Braiding  

18-22 April

(5 days)




500 Kit 60

219 Bow Road



Ghana Cornrow


25th April





219 Bow Road


Weave Masterclass 2nd May – 6th May (5 days)  




219 Bow Road


Internet Marketing for Hair Beauty Business  

13th May





219 Bow Road




Cornrow Workshop  

16th May





219 Bow Road
Introduction to Braiding Workshop  

26th May –31st

May  (5 days)





219 Bow Road
Lacefront Wig Workshop  

2nd June





219 Bow Road


Weave Masterclass 6th-10th June

(5 days)



219 Bow Road
Weave Cutting workshop  

11th June





219 Bow Road
An Evening of Networking for Hair Braiders. How are you doing – Know tips of how to grow your business  

14th June


5pm – 9pm



Relax, chat and have Drinks & snacks on us


219 Bow Road

Tree Braid Weave Workshop  

17th June





219 Bow Road
Track Weave Workshop  

20th June





219 Bow Road
Single Plaits



22nd June





 219 Bow Road
Long Hair&Bridal Styling Workshop  

23rd June





219 Bow Road
Mothers in Braiding  

24th June





219 Bow Road


Full Cornrow Weave Workshop 27th – 29th June 10am – 5pm 399.00 219 Bow Road
Prosper with Hair Business Conference Series.

Skills  Demonstration, Education and Information Workshops


30th June






219 Bow Road

Natural Hair, Extensions & Beauty Exhibition. Education & Information Seminars,

Skills  Demonstration, Product exhibition etc.

1th July 10am – 5pm £19.99 TBC







New year, New you………. 

With the challenging work economy, it is now time we look inwards and create our own jobs/ businesses.

Join hundreds of women who are doing just this and attend this one day business information and practical skills day.

In addition to offering you a FREE HAIR BRAIDING DEMONSTRATION workshop, we have teamed up with successful leading Women entrepreneurs in various business sectors who have willingly volunteered to speak, demonstrate and advise you in their chosen area of expertise.

This is a unique opportunity for you to gain education, get information and be guided in making informed decisions while making investment choices in business.

Come and be inspired and empowered to take the leap to employ yourself, add more lines to your existing business, gain skills you never knew you had, or find the business that is right for you.

We believe “knowledge is power” and we want you to be well informed to make your choices in life.

Presentations will range from successful experts from a diverse field including:

HAIR BEAUTY INDUSTRY  – demonstrations and presentation.

•           GENERAL BEAUTY AND SKIN CARE – products & presentations etc

•           MAKE UP AND ANTI-AGEING THERAPY – demonstrations & presentations

•           HEALTH, WEALTH AND WELLNESS – demonstrations, products & presentations


•           FASHION


•           Free products samples

•           Networking opportunity with other delegates

•           Tea, coffee and snacks etc



  • Mothers – to save money braiding your children’s hair.
  • Unemployed – to make money and gain a skill to start your business.
  • Salon owner / hairdressing students, beauty students – to add more to your skill & knowledge.



  • A demonstration of various skills including hair braiding
  • General information on how to prosper in the Hair industry.
  • Starting your Business with planning, marketing; client care etc
  • Meet other Beauty, Business and personal Development experts to broaden your life.

Date:  February 22, 2011

Call to REGISTER & confirm availability.

Spaces are based on first come first served basis.


Tel:  0208 983 9815,  07932 695 305,  07946 439057


Please send us your comments, information, ideas and any help we can offer.

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