Working with clients since 2002, Joy Phido has been there and done that with hairstyling and designing. As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of World of Braiding & Extensions, she has helped millions of people across the world with the skill of Natural Hair Care, Braiding, Weaving and adding Extensions to hair. With a youtube viewership of 14.5million people and nearly 100,000 subscribers, Joy Phido is doing something right.

In addition to training people with skills she also shares other knowledge such as of personal development which she acquired from taking training in NLP, health care for optimum life and designing African fashion.

One area where Joy Phido also excels in without making a force about her skills is her designer hairstyles which she offers only to the people who appreciate their image and are willing to spend good money to have it. Some of the clients that have sat on her esteemed chair range from celebrities such as Rita Ora, Kanu Nwankwo and various beauty pageant events to name a few. Here are some of the images for your viewing and inspirational pleasure.

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Rita's braided hair on x-factor

Rita’s braided hair on X-factor







More images of the red carpet event on the X-factor with Joy’s well known stamp of perfectly manicured braids.


At the big weekend in Glasgow 2014, Joy also came to give her trademarked braids to support the glamorous Rita Ora with one of the well noticed braided look.

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Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Working with braids in particular is one of Joy’s favourite skills only in addition to natural hair care and adding various types of hair extensions as is the case with most of her clients including Stephanie who was one of the participants at the Miss England Beauty pageant 2013.

Joy can be reached at her Essex Salon and Academy in Southend on Sea where she can work with you to achieve whatever natural hair care designs or extensions that you may require for whatever the occasions.


Working with various high end clients is Joy’s specialism as she offers only the best service in hair extensions, braids and weaves.


Joy styling Miss England 2013 contestant

Joy styling Miss England 2013 contestant


Stephanie Contestant Miss England 2013

Stephanie Contestant Miss England 2013


To contact us:

Tel: 01702 339 858

Email: info@worldofbraiding.com

Other contacts include:

facebook – joyphido, worldofbraidingandextensions

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Joy can be seen in her salon working with clients or in training with her students from across the world.

Hair Service at World of Braiding

Hair Service at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding





On this day I had one of my shocking experiences of working with the most damaging glue extensions on Caucasian hair.

My usual day starts and I was in training with students, then the office phone rings at about 11am so I answered.  An extremely traumatised young teenager is on the other end of the phone.  “Can you please help me take out my hair extensions?”  “Of course we can take out hair extensions” I answered back. “What type of extensions is it?” I asked her. She then confirmed that it was glue extensions. So I took it for granted that a glue extensions is normal and can be taken out easily as I teach it and have dealt with all types in my experience of working with extensions.  Afterall, I am an expert here so it will be easy and I gave her an evening appointment as I would be done with training by then.

Copydex in hair extensions

Copydex in hair extensions

About 12 midday, a young 16 year old walks into the Centre and introduced herself.  She said she was on break from school so wondered if we could take it out at that time.  It turned out she had tried everything possible and nothing was shifting this extensions with the glue in it.


My Students in training had settled down with their training, so I thought I could get on with it and save myself working late hours.  I then asked her to sit down and we started.

Wow! What a shock and horror when I found out the type of glue extensions I was dealing with. I had never dealt with anything like it in my over 10 years of working with Caucasian hair extensions.  The young girl’s hair had matted and tangled in a ball of mess where the glue had pulled her hair strands together.  I was in such shock it took me some minutes to decide what to do to help.  I had nightmares of not being able to help this young client and asking her to cut her hair.  I recollected my thoughts and got on with it using all the various glue remover products I knew.

I asked my students to have a look and tell me how they could have dealt with similar instance.  Luckily one of the students in training was Caucasian and owned a salon too. She then confirmed to me the type of glue that was used in this extensions.  She had experienced it in her salon hence she has come to train in the right ways of adding extensions.  The type of glue used is called COPYDEX which has nothing to do with hair but lots of rogue hairdressers are cutting corners, watching youtube, applying this glue on young people’s head, charging a lot of money for it and causing so much damage to these ignorant teenagers who simply want long hair.

It took nearly 3 hours to take out this extensions completely; the young girl was visibly traumatised and could not obviously go

Copydex in hair extensions

Copydex in hair extensions

20131202_123414 20131203_100349 20131203_100407back to school.

In the end, her hair was saved, thanks to the fact that I am extremely experienced with hair and love it so much to avoid damage where necessary.  I had to give her lots of healthy hair products to help her treat her stressed hair, gave her lots of advice on types of extensions to avoid and the ones that are healthy.

If you wear extensions, please do not wear this type of hair extensions and if you offer the service, please do not offer this to anyone. It is purely inhumane and I will advise clients to sue you for the trauma and stress they go through in experiencing this nightmare.


  • Do not wear a type because you know someone who is wearing it.
  • Seek good consultation with your stylist and ask a lot of questions on how it will affect your hair.
  • Find out how the extensions will be taken out as it is not just about the beauty of the hair but how healthy and how it will come out too.
  • Find out how it can be maintained and cared for – what are the processes, can you take care of it or do you need frequent appointments etc.
  • Ask your stylist to show you images of work they have done in the past and confirm if this is okay for your hair type.
  • Confirm if your stylist will take it out and have an idea of how much it will cost to take it out.
Caucasian Track Extensions

Caucasian Track Extensions

Have fun with your hair extensions. Enjoy the freedom of having long hair that you can manage easily.

We will like to hear your experiences with hair extensions services. If you have been affected by anything in this article, please feel free to contact us and we can chat with you to help.


Contact us:

Tel:             +44 1702 339 858,     mob:             +44 7946 439 057      




About Joy Phido

Joy a mother with her four children

Joy a mother with her four children

Joy Phido is a qualified licensed hairdresser /cosmetologist.  She is an internationally established Master Extensions and Natural Hair Educator and Practitioner.  As the Artistic, Creative Master Director at World of Braiding Joy is inspiring women and younger generations to embrace not only natural hairstyles but to get into the Business in order to create wealth for themselves in the hair industry.  Joy is a mother with 4 children and has first-hand experience on how difficult it is to work and run a family especially in the Western world.  After working in corporate Nigeria as a banker and corporate England in telecoms, Joy tried her hands on buy and sell businesses which failed. She eventually realized that to succeed in business; you need to have a skill in your hands first. In addition to her natural passion and skill in hair designing, Joy took series of professional training from across different continents and now has the mission to give students real skill of running a hair Business. As a way of sharing her knowledge and encouraging other women in business, Joy has been active in conducting seminars, workshops, events etc across various continents.  She can be seen on Youtube sharing her knowledge and skill with over 5million views and over 50,000 subscribers. She has written e-books and produces DVDs for sale to help her clients understand the industry better.  This is why World of Braiding has become a success and it is this passion of owning your own skill that motivates Joy in helping people who come to World of Braiding & Extensions for training.

Joy has a BSc in Business Admin, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with UK Hairdressing Council, has over 20 years Natural Hair & Extensions experience.  She is also a qualified teacher, an NLP practitioner and has varied career experiences.

Before setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy started teaching Braiding, Weaving & Extensions with the Newham Council Adult Education Department (Newceys) for 5 years at 4 Centres with some classes as big as 30 students. As the Chief Executive, Trainer and Artistic Director of World of Braiding & Extensions, her passion is to make Natural Hair and Extensions a professionally recognised hair beauty skill that can be practiced by anyone.

Joy’s passion for natural hair is also associated with the fact that she experienced hair damage with chemical relaxers which made her start wearing natural hairstyles thereafter.  She can be seen as a Doctor  for healthy natural hair where all her children wear natural hairstyles.  She is also a Natural Hair & Extensions Business Mentor and adviser helping students & practitioners.  

She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to this training to enhance your learning.  World of Braiding & Extensions is constantly exhibiting at Hair events, taking part in major projects and designing hair for fashion shows and events. 


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