22nd January 2011.

My client calls me on the telephone and starts to complain about how difficult it is to manage her afro hair.  She had taken out her braids and had gone to get her hair treated.  The hair stylist struggled to comb through her hair as her hair is natural afro hair of about 14” long.  She was worried her hair will start breaking because it was really dry, frizzy and difficult to comb through.  Her braiding appointment was still some days away and she wants to avoid damaging her hair.

I calmed her down.  Talked her through the products to use and how to manage it before our appointment.   On the day of our meeting, she came into my salon with head tied in a head scarf.  I asked her why she did that and she confessed she could not handle the hair anymore.

We set to work with her hair but first I had to take it out of the tight dry curls so we can start our lovely glamorous braids. With the hair dry and tight, we could not get neat smooth braids out of her hair.

How to release tight afro curls.

Materials you need:

  • Large tooth comb
  • Detangling/moisturising lotion
  • Power/Hot pick comb – WAHL, AFRODITE
  • Olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, jasmine oil, coconut oil.


  • Divide hair into sections – 4 to 6 sections
  • Working from each sections at a time
  • Apply a generous amount of detangling/moisturising lotion to the section working the product from root to tips
  • Add some natural hair oil to give it shine, and lock in the moisture from the detangler/ moisturising lotion.
  • Comb through hair with power pick comb working slowly from tip to roots. By going from tip you are gradually releasing the tangled tips and allowing the hair to be free of the tightness of the curls.
  • Use large tooth comb to finish up the treatment if you feel like it.  Style as normal or as required.

When we finished this process, my client was actually surprised to see the ease with which her hair was combed through.  She was shocked to see a small rat tail comb glide through the hair she thought she could never comb through again.

After releasing the tight curls, we decided to braid the hair.

Diagnosis for the Problem:

  • When afro hair is shampooed and conditioned, the natural oils of sebum found at the roots of the hair strands are washed off.
  • This will become more difficult depending on the quality of shampoo you use as the cheaper brands tend to become very drying and leave your hair in a very dry and brittle state.
  • The reason the hair breaks easily is because the protein in the hair needs moisture for it to get back to it elastic form without which it will snap to every touch.

Another satisfied client.

Love your hair and treat it right as it continues to grow.

For more information and help on how to maintain your natural afro hair, please email or contact us. Please send us comments, feedback, personal examples etc 0208 983 9815,


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