It wasn’t long ago Hairfinity came to London to launch their hair vitamin with no other celebrity endorsement than Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe.

kim kardashian and hairfinity

kim kardashian and hairfinity

As a person this would mean nothing to me as I know major businesses hype up their products with celebrity endorsement in order to increase awareness and of course grow their brand.

As a hair expert and educator, this cannot be ignored for various reasons.  Clients with major hair problems who are struggling to grow their hair have now been fed with imagination and make believe that their hair will grow like Kim Kardashians’ and in no time too.

kim kardashian in hair extensions

kim kardashian in hair extensions

This is fraudulent – running with people’s imagination and feeding them with lies. If this were about anti-aging and health care; advertising standards would have been after this company with laws to force them to tell the truth about their product.  I find this line of advertising a bit too much to deal with at least for the ignorant.

I have no personal problems with Kim Kardashian. She is absolutely gorgeous and I adore her in her own right. Her business acumen is also enviable in every way. She has grown an empire that is beyond imagination. What I will not agree with is lying to the public especially on hair growth. If she was asked to give celebrity endorsement for hair extensions or wigs, she would have been perfect for the job. For someone who’s image like the rest of the celebrities including myself occasionally depend on wigs and hair etensions; need to tell the truth to their audience and stop feeding people with tales and lies.


kim's hairloss

kim’s hairloss

For another point, Kim is struggling with her natural hair as the excessive hair extensions has taken a toll on her hair. Would Hairfinity tell us that her hair problem have been solved hence the need for the hair vitamin? If this is the case then we have to see the roots of her hair to be convinced and for how long did she take this tablets to give her the growth she needed.  If there is no truth about this, then this is simply unfair to gullible people who believe every hype that is thrown at them.

Reading so much about Hairfinity gives me reason to wonder what the hype is all about. This product contains same vitamins as the rest of the hair growing pills so using Kim does not bring anything new to the table –

B-Vitamin complex nourishes and supports a healthy scalp and hair growth. Biotin helps produce keratin, increases hair elasticity, and protects the hair from becoming dry. It also helps thicken the hair to give the appearance of fullness. Antioxidant supplements such as Vitamin C are believed to stimulate hair growth by enhancing the immune function and improving scalp health at a cellular level. Vitamin D helps prevent hair shedding which is critical to a voluminous fuller head of hair. Silica (Horsetail Extract) helps to maintain collagen and hair elasticity to help keep hair lustrous. The sulfur provided by MSM is required for healthy collagen and keratin, which are essential to healthy hair growth.



 All of us seek beautiful hair and especially now every woman want to be like the celebrities hence Kim Kardashian is chosen to be the face of Hairfinity. We can all help our hair to stay healthy and grow without going the route of popping too many expensive pills like Hairfinity. If you are not one for hair extensions and wigs which gives quicker result like Kim, then there are things you need to do to avoid the hype and grow your hair naturally.


It starts from inside with eating the right food. Healthy food inside makes us beautiful and healthy on the outside. This is what Hairfinity and the rest hair growing tablets will not tell you. This is called hype and business marketing.


healthy foods

healthy foods

Some of the simple things you need to include in your daily life include the following:

  • Eat protein rich foods as hair comes from a protein called Keratin.
  • Drink lots of water as it is not only for the functioning of the body but also flushes out toxins.
  • Healthy fats – olive oil, canola oil, omega 3 fatty acids etc
  • Fruits and vegetables are all some of the things to consider and many more.


Best Vitamins for hair growth

  • Spinach – contains iron, zinc and essential minerals
  • Carrots – contains Biotin (essential vitamin for hair regrowth)
  • Onions – rich in zinc, iron, biotin
  • Sweet potatoes – contains beta carotene
  • Tomatoes – contains anti-oxidants
  • Garlic – contains sulphur
  • Beetroots – contains lycopene (stimulates hair growth)
  • Curry leaves – contains keratin
  • Oranges – beta compounds


While we do not support hype and confusion on how to grow hair, we also know that the hairstyles you wear, the products you use on your hair and the attention you give to your hair will all add up to either help your hair grow or completely damage your hair.


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About Joy Phido

Joy Phido and her 4 children

Joy is an award winning Natural Hair fashion educator and designer. She is a celebrity natural hair designer and trainer to celebrity stylist. She is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd.

Joy is a graduate of Business, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH), a business entrepreneur, educator, trainer, teacher, Natural Hair & Extensions Designer & Carer, Natural Hair Consultant, NLP practitioner and motivational speaker.

Joy can be seen working with celebrities at photoshoots or for special events and usually the go to person at the back stage of various fashion and beauty events – ranging from working behind the scene at Rita Ora’s Rimmel photoshoot, the Ethnic Fashion Show Southend, Essex Girls Football to major events as Blackstyles Weekend, Miss England, Miss West Africa, Afro Hair & Beauty Fashion show etc.  Training for major organisations such as Newham Summer School, Harrow Youth Council, Hackney Family Learning, American School in London, Newham Adult Education London etc

She has been braiding since the age of 5 and teaching natural hairstyles – Hair Braiding, Weaves & Extensions since 2003. Prior to setting up World of Braiding & Extensions.

She has spent 12 years in Natural Hair Education and Designs and 15 years in various Corporate responsibilities and careers with varied organizations and in various continents;  Currently teaching the world from the internet as a Youtuber with over 8millions views and counting Joy brings on a wealth of knowledge ranging from being a mother in Business, a wife, a business owner who started from Africa and now runs her business in the West etc. You have a lot to gain from this wonderful, full of energy and ready to share knowledge woman.

Some testimonial about Joy.

“The good thing about your videos is that you are so bold and honest because you know exactly what you are talking about.Besides,you just don’t focus on braiding hair,but also on all the other aspects of it(customer service,what to consider to be successful in the business,natural hair care…)That was just firing me up!
I was getting better everyday and started braiding at home (mid May 2013), all by Faith! I wasn’t professional at all,but was working hard on that!I’m proud of my improvements today and can’t thank you enough for your insightful videos.We haven’t met yet,but I consider you as an African sister who just wants everyone to succeed .I see your business is prosperous and by God’s Grace I’m hoping mine will expand as well.And of course,I hope to work closely with you in order to get there!
By the way ,I just watched the video on tree braids with the Bundle of Joy.That hair looks amazing! And it doesn’t look silky at all,is it? It just makes me  want to use it 🙂
Well,thank you so much for your time ,Joy! Please check my pictures out when you get a chance and your advice would be greatly appreciated.
God richly bless you!


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I write when something striking comes to my spirit and experience. This thought explains to me that there are people out there experiencing similar things and are therefore looking for someone to support them.  My spirit then inspires me to either get into the studio and shoot a video on get on the computer and write about the experience. When I come out with the writings or video, I feel better because I know I would have helped someone to deal with the issue or at least know that someone out there has an idea of what they are experiencing and so they are not alone in their predicament.

This is how the topic for this article happened. Recent activities and events I have experienced is making realise how difficult it is to run a minority business in the Western world. It is a struggle to survive as a minority business in the Western Countries as people are being made to feel inadequate or inferior.  This is the issue I address in this article.

Survival in the Western World is not one of the easiest tasks in the world. Yet way back in most developing countries, the assumption is that people who live in the Western world have a very easy life. It is assumed that everyone is making lots of money and having lots of fun like the celebrities in the Hollywood blockbuster movies. As one of my friends puts it – when her family members call her from Nigeria, they tell her to send them lots of money and presents because they want to look like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Rihana, Julia Roberts etc but she tells them, “These people are not real. I don’t live anywhere next to them and I only see them in the movies just like you do.”  Another friend of mine says she tells her family when they call her on the phone, “Hold on because I will go and pluck the money from the money tree in the garden” and many more stories.

All of the above scenarios come to play because the mainstream Western media creates the most glamorous image and impressions of wealth with civilized and fair society.  However, reality of this lifestyle is far from this truth.  It may be civilized but the bigger problems that people face are far exhausting than the benefits of civilization – issues such as racism, unfairness, bigotry etc rear their ugly heads at people when living in the West.  Some people may pretend to you that these issues don’t exist but nothing much has changed since the slave times. The names used may have changed but they continue to hide in the society – in Schools, Work place, Local Councils, Banks, Shops and worst of all when you start to run a Business.  I should know about these as I have experienced all these situations. The most important to me at the moment is when ethnic minorities try to run a business in the western society and the tons of mountains they have to climb or overcome before they can make sense of their business.  This is difficult but how to do you cope through this system to survive when you have an idea that you feel strongly about and want to turn into a business?

Here are my top 7 survival tips to running a minority Business in the Western World. 

1                   BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: 



You have to start by believing in yourself and your idea. Ask yourself a lot of questions and answer them genuinely.  What do you want to offer people? Do you really see a market for it? Who are your clients? Will you be helping people out with the service you want to offer? How will this help etc etc. Focus on what is right. My experience with World of Braiding & Extensions is a case in point. I remember when I was starting and being told by people that I was not going to create any impact in the society as there were Hairdressing Colleges everywhere.  The answer I had for such a person was – “Not everyone who is a hairdresser can braid hair. Not all hair braiders are professionals.  So there is a market for training people and offering professional service of helping people care for their hair.”  This is still the same to this day as we now have  clients from all over the world.

My advice is do not wait for anyone to pat you on the back and tell you how great you are doing. Do not wait for accolades, awards recognition etc. Simply know the clients you are going to serve. There are so many examples of people who started businesses that were told will not survive because it was not mainstream. An example is Tyler Perry and Madea. Today Tyler is worth billions. He never gave up on his dreams. We have been told by so many businesses that we are not mainstream enough. My question to such people is that I have clients to serve and my clients have needs that are not mainstream so I will continue to serve these clients.

2                   LOVE YOURSELF:



You must love yourself. People out there will want to talk you down so you forget who you are and what you want to do. They will pick on the most insignificant unnecessary issue to put you down.  These types of fights are usually spiritual as they aim to break you from inside – sadness, feeling of being inadequate, depression, mental disorder etc etc. You must learn to love yourself. You have been placed on this earth for a reason. Your creator did not make a mistake when he created you so you need to find out what you represent.  Allowing people to talk you down gives people power over you so be prepared to take on anyone who chooses to attach your physical appearance – height, face, accent, hair etc etc. example is Danny Devito – He was never your typical movie actor but he became one of the biggest actors of his time.  When people want to stress you about your physical appearance; tell them how much you love everything about yourself.  Then they will leave you alone as they find there is nothing else to pick on. They will move on to the next victim. A friend of mine who ran a Caribbean food business was told that the food she cooked was smelling and not good enough for the location we all shared at the time. This same location had another restaurant which had mainstream menus but the smell was okay and the minority restaurant was not okay. Luckily she moved and found another location to operate her business.  

3                   BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF:

Stop being too judgemental on yourself. Praise yourself when you do great things and don’t be too heavy handed on yourself when things don’t happen the way you want them.  Don’t be your own worst enemy and criticise everything you do. When you pull yourself down all the time, chances are you will not be able to move your business forward as well.

4                   MAKE MISTAKES:

Feel free to make mistakes. This is what makes life what it is. Mistakes are a necessary part of life as it helps us grow. Mistakes are bound to happen because when they happen and you learn from them, you move your life forward. You now know what happens when something is done in a particular way. This is what they call experience. Be like a child. When they start working, they stand and try to walk and fall, they try again and fall again until they finally can walk. This should be a lesson for all of us.  You do not give in at the least opposition. Especially when you live in the Western world, all types of problems will come your way. Do not pack up and stop at the least turn. This happened to one of my student – she paid good money and learnt our highest paying skills – she was absolutely brilliant with the skill. Then she set up her room to start her business from home and her landlord told her she could not operate from her home. She gave up and stopped operating. When I heard her story I called her and offered her various options. She simply was not prepared to go back again. This is simply nothing in business. There is no one who has ever achieved anything that does not encounter problems and especially a minority business in the Western world.  Problems will come in every form.  We have encountered everything you can imagine. I have had a bailiff visit my shop for the most ridiculous reason and telling me he wants to shut down my shop. I faced him squarely and dealt with the problem.  You will face all types of problems. You simply have to learn to be strong.

5                   YOU HAVE A MARKET:



Remember you have a willing market that is ready to take on your service.  Like I mentioned earlier, you are not here to serve everyone. The world is full of people and as at 2012, we have 7billion people. You may want to serve 1000 or 500. If you are from minority, you are not aiming to serve mainstream so do not allow anyone to put you in a box and give you mountains to climb in order to serve a small set of people. Example of people who want to offer braiding services in the US being asked to take up Cosmetology in order to braid hair. In our last episode of hair helpline, we said to you, aim to be perfect in what you want to offer and not what the system wants you to learn. Our students who want to get grant and support for their training with us are told sometimes that they do not recognise our training because it is not mainstream. What does mainstream mean. Do they mean we have to sign some paper work that says mainstream or it is about filling lots of forms that mean nothing? What I say to these students is that it is up to them to decide what they want as Cosmetology will not teach them what they want so if you sit back and wait for mainstream, you will never move your life forward.  Your market will be sitting down and waiting for you while you will take up your mainstream course and start to look for clients that will not exist because the same mainstream people will not be needing your service as you do not fit into their profile. Think before you act. Ask lots of questions before you commit yourself to mistakes.  I know lots of people who went to sturdy Hairdressing courses and yet cannot use their skill in any form.

6                   FIND A MENTOR:

Never take anyone’s word for granted. Whenever you want to operate a business in the Western world, seek people who have set up businesses or are running businesses. Find out from them what it means to keep a business. Find out their experiences and how this can fit into the plans you have. Do not simply jump into it. If your heart is in your dreams and you believe in yourself fully, use all the advise you can get from these people and add to yours they start your business. Do not let anyone talk you down.


market research

market research

Luckily with the power of the internet, you can find out a lot of answers before asking anyone. Do not be ignorant. Ask anyone who tells you lots of tales why anything is the way they think it is. Seek your own solution and take your own decisions.  The system will not like you but they will respect you when you know your rights.

We have been there and done that. I have had all types of businesses and continue to run a successful one so I will be happy to help if you need help.

Wishing you the best in your business start-up and growth.

World of Braiding is happy to support you with all the points mentioned above to help you grow and develop.

Joy is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions

World No. 1 Professional Natural Hair Academy.

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vidal sasoon celebrity hair stylist

vidal sasoon celebrity hair stylist

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