Be a Natural Hair Fashion Designer

Be a Hair Fashion Designer and run your own business.

Train Professionally across 10 different natural hair fashion styles and start booking high-end clients within 3 months.

With celebrities changing their image daily, hair fashion is a part of daily beauty regime that has come to stay. Be the designer who creates the beauty to earn thousands of ££££




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Take up all course Modules Be the best in your chosen fields Design your business to suit you Skills in your hands saves your finances tomorrow
1. Weave Installation  3 dayswith cornrows knowledge (1 day a week for 3 weeks – all training completed in class with supervision)


1.Sanitation,Health & safety in weaves 2.know your weave hair extensions 3.prepare weave Cornrow  4. needle placement for blanket style weaving 5. blending-in weave stitching 6. creating a professional weave closing and closure 7. weave extensions hair cutting, blowdrying and styling 8. caring for weaves.  Complete head of full Cornrow weave

practical work, discussions, demonstrations, questions & answers

Price: £1000 excluding kit and uniform – to be confirmed 

2 Box Braids  2 Days (1 Day a week for 2 weeks)  1.Sanitation, Health & Safety in Braids 2. know your braiding fingers 3.Finger placement for professional braiding 4. know your 3 block sectioning for consistent braiding design 5.natural strands braids 6. braids add extensions 7.prepare extensions for box braiding 8.complete professional braid closure without gap  Complete head of Box braids

Demonstrations, practical work, questions & answers

Price: £400 excluding kit and uniform to be confirmedd

3. Twisting 2 Days (1 Day a week for 2 weeks) 1.Sanitation, Health & Safety in twisting 2. know your twisting fingers 3.Finger placement for professional twisting 4. know your 3 block sectioning for consistent twisting design 5.natural strands twists 6. twists add extensions 7.prepare extensions for Afro kinky twisting 8.complete professional twists closure without gap Complete head of Afro Kinky twists

Demonstrations, practical work, questions & answers

Price: £400 excluding kit and uniform to be confirmedd

4. Cornrows  1 Day classroom training   1.Sanitation, Health & Safety in cornrows 2. know your cornrows fingers 3.Finger placement for professional cornrows 4. know your 2 block sectioning for consistent cornrows design 5.natural strands cornrows 6. cornrows add extensions 7.prepare extensions for cornrows 8.complete professional cornrows Complete head of Box braids

Demonstrations, practical work, questions & answers

Price: £199 excluding kit and uniform to be confirmed

Other Designs

5. Ghana Cornrows 



1 Day class training with cornrows knowledge



Same as above with details specific to Module 





6. Senegalese Twist 1 Day class training with natural twist knowledge  Same as above with details specific to module  £199
7. Crotchet Braids / Weaves 1 day classroom training with cornrows knowledge same as above with details specific to module £199


8. Track Weaves


2 days classroom training with Cornrows knowledge same as above with details specific to module  £500
9. pick ‘n’drop braids with 100% human hair 1 day classroom training with braids knowledge same as above with details specific to module £299
special class

 Masterclass in Hair Business Enterprise 

1 daypractical Business knowledge Understanding specific to Natural Hair fashion Understanding Business, Business Planning, Marketing, Personal Development, Customer Care, Internet & Social Network Free for Full Courses.£299.99 for others
10.Micro Beads extensions ( strand-by-strand extensions) 1 day classroom training same as others with details specific to module  £500



ONE TIME PAYMENT of £1,500 to save thousands, or

take training in bite size to cover what you can afford at a time.





For details of training dates, venue and time please contact us.


For more information please contact us.


+44 1702 339 858


About Joy Phido

Joy Phido and her 4 children

Joy is an award winning Natural Hair fashion educator and designer. She is a celebrity natural hair designer and trainer to celebrity stylist. She is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd.

Joy is a graduate of Business, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH), a business entrepreneur, educator, trainer, teacher, Natural Hair & Extensions Designer & Carer, Natural Hair Consultant, NLP practitioner and motivational speaker.

Joy can be seen working with celebrities at photoshoots or for special events and usually the go to person at the back stage of various fashion and beauty events – ranging from working behind the scene at Rita Ora’s Rimmel photoshoot, the Ethnic Fashion Show Southend, Essex Girls Football to major events as Blackstyles Weekend, Miss England, Miss West Africa, Afro Hair & Beauty Fashion show etc.  Training for major organisations such as Newham Summer School, Harrow Youth Council, Hackney Family Learning, American School in London, Newham Adult Education London etc

She has been braiding since the age of 5 and teaching natural hairstyles – Hair Braiding, Weaves & Extensions since 2003. Prior to setting up World of Braiding & Extensions.

She has spent 12 years in Natural Hair Education and Designs and 15 years in various Corporate responsibilities and careers with varied organizations and in various continents;  Currently teaching the world from the internet as a Youtuber with over 8millions views and counting Joy brings on a wealth of knowledge ranging from being a mother in Business, a wife, a business owner who started from Africa and now runs her business in the West etc. You have a lot to gain from this wonderful, full of energy and ready to share knowledge woman.

Some testimonial about Joy.

“The good thing about your videos is that you are so bold and honest because you know exactly what you are talking about.Besides,you just don’t focus on braiding hair,but also on all the other aspects of it(customer service,what to consider to be successful in the business,natural hair care…)That was just firing me up!
I was getting better everyday and started braiding at home (mid May 2013), all by Faith! I wasn’t professional at all,but was working hard on that!I’m proud of my improvements today and can’t thank you enough for your insightful videos.We haven’t met yet,but I consider you as an African sister who just wants everyone to succeed .I see your business is prosperous and by God’s Grace I’m hoping mine will expand as well.And of course,I hope to work closely with you in order to get there!
By the way ,I just watched the video on tree braids with the Bundle of Joy.That hair looks amazing! And it doesn’t look silky at all,is it? It just makes me  want to use it 🙂
Well,thank you so much for your time ,Joy! Please check my pictures out when you get a chance and your advice would be greatly appreciated.
God richly bless you!


01702 339 858

07946 439 057 





Investing in yourself to protect your future is one of the best ways people are taking control of their lives. Training in a skill is one of the best ways of investing in yourself and this is where gaining more knowledge in a passion takes prominence of place in your life. Passions are also known as hobbies and lots of us take our hobbies for granted without knowing its value.

I was like this in the past where my understanding of life from mental brainwashing of society made me think that finding a job after education was the only way to a successful life.  I believed this and it was my experience where I had to take on so many varied paying jobs over the years just to survive. This carried on till I finally lost my last job and by then I had 4 children to feed.  I was lost and had nowhere to turn to as it was clear that I will not be welcome into any job especially here in the West with 4 children to constantly worry my company about. I knew I had to do something and this is where self-employment became an option.

This is where reading the book – Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill came to my rescue.  I went back to my hobby which was Hair Care & Braiding Skills.  I wanted to protect, care for and glamorise natural hair.  This is where my business brains came into play.  With a BSc Degree in Business Management, I felt I needed to start my journey in creating my own business. This idea gave me back my life and I now not only chose to go into it but I went on so many training across the world to perfect my skills.  I practiced constantly and perfected it, glamorised it and now train people all over the world with my fantastic creative skills.

People often ask me why they should choose Natural Hair Care, Braiding & Extensions for a career and here are 10 of my top reasons why you should choose this industry.

My first answer to everyone who ask this question is that you have to clean your head of the mental brainwashing you have grown up with over the years where you have to go to someone else to give you a job. You have two hands and a brain to work with so why wait for a job when you can create your own job? With your 2 hands, your future is in your hands.

All you need is to have your passion in your field of interest and the rest is to research, train yourself and use your skills.  Your passion will help you become creative and in control of your hobby.  You will then gain your job, take control of your source of income and become your own boss. Do not become a part of the billions of people (world population now7billion) who simply walk the surface of the earth without a purpose.  Learn to design your own world and life.

We are happy to support you in your choice to become part of the Natural Hair Care, Braiding & Extensions industry. We have taken on as much as possible to contribute to as many lives as we can to empower them into this industry.   Over the years, we have researched and found so many answers to get into the industry with ease and we know our solutions have helped so many women across the world.  We did not choose to keep our knowledge, experience and information to ourselves and that is why we share it to as many people that are willing to use it.




Your skill is unique and can be used both at home with family & friends and also for business clients.

Training at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding


The skill of Natural Hair Care, Braiding & Extensions is a huge industry worth trillions of US dollars according to many researches. You could be earning from £1000 to £1,500 for your hair services excluding your retail services which include offering hair products, extensions etc. Why would you still have a mentality that you need someone else to provide you with a job when all this can happen to you.



Joy Phido & family

Joy Phido & family

As a mother of 4 children, this was one of my favourite reasons for going into this business. I knew it would be impossible to work for anyone with the demands of my family life.  Choosing my own passion and career helped me to overcome this challenge as I could work around my clients and my children.  This is a major part of running your own business as a mother.


I started from home. Being a personal service where you have to work directly with your clients, you can choose where to work. Work in the comfort of your home, go to your client’s home, work in a salon or rent a chair in a salon. These are choices that other industries will not offer as you are left with chasing the traffic for peak period, stuck in the office or left out in the field etc.


You can choose to take your skill to countries where it is appreciated. With our International Certification, you can go anywhere in the world to practice with confidence.  The demand for this skill has escalated over time and there is a high market for natural hair carers and practitioners. Why not be the next best natural hair carer.  Simply take a look at the celebrities sporting natural hairstyles; braids, weaves & extensions.


Once you have a skill, it becomes part of you as long as you continue to practice it to become perfect. Your skill goes everywhere you go with you and you can up and go at any time with your skill in your hands. Your skill becomes your future which is why they are called Lifetime skills.

Hair Service at World of Braiding

Hair Service at World of Braiding


With your skill, you become your own boss as you know what you want to offer your clients. With your skill, you are in charge and it allows you to become creative to the extent that you desire.


Braiding in particular is a creative artistic skill of interweaving of strands of hair on the scalp to form designs. This creativity brings out your creative side and you could be known for your unique hairstyle. Colours, designs, lengths etc all add up to create a signature design for your brand.


Working with hair is a continuous process and people change their hair as often as they want their look to be appreciated. Looks are constantly being updated and revived and this gives you ability to support your clients’ needs. Apart from the face, the next thing to be noticed on a person is the hair, so you are in an industry that sells itself as long as you know what you are doing. This therefore ensures that when a client wants her hair changed, she is in a desperate situation and would pay good money to get great service so they do not owe you unlike other business types.

Trained student at World of Braiding

Trained student at World of Braiding


While getting into a business requires a lot of time and money investment; natural hair, Braiding and Extensions skills do not require such heavy commitment. Your highest investment is your training to gain the skill. Once you have your skill in your hands, your clients pay for the extensions you work with, products etc.  All you need is a comb in your hands and you can travel across the world to offer your skill where it is required.

With these 10 reasons, I hope I have been able to explain the joys of going into the Natural Hair, Braids & Extensions Industry.  Take with you some professionalism, experience, love, passion, excitement and energy into your industry and watch people flock to you for help on their hair growth, glamour and elegance.  Be prepared to help people you come across in the industry at all times.  Ask yourself how you can contribute positively to your industry.

Make your natural gifting edify others you meet in your life and you will discover you would have achieved your life’s purpose and no longer feel the vacuum in your life.

My personal purpose in the hair industry to help protect and glamorise natural hair which I have been doing since 1995.  I am also here to share my skill through the academy in order to help women become self-employed and go on to create jobs for others.

For comments, advise, information etc on this article, please feel free to email me.

+44 1702 339 858, +44 7946 439 057

Email us to join our mailing list:,,


Joy Phido (SRH)

Extensions & Natural Hair Care Practitioner & Educator

Independent Business Consultant.





From the CEO and Team here at World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd.

Joy Phido – (CEO) World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd

Zina  – (Director – IT, Branding, Social Media & Resident Model)

Efe  – (Director – Creative Designs, Communications & Resident Model)

Mega  – (Director – Style Research /Image Development and Resident Model)

Garen – (Style Adviser & Resident Model)

Charles Phido – (Director – Marketing, Administration, Creative Media & Public Relations)

We send our sincere gratitude to all our friends, clients, external models, viewers and subscribers who believed in us, supported us and contributed to make this happen.

8 years ago when we started this natural hair journey and movement, we were told that it will not work as no one believed in wearing natural hair any more.  We did not listen to the negative comments and pressed on with our search for solutions to natural hair problems.  The road was difficult to travel on. It was full of hurdles, challenges, stress, pains etc etc.

Today we are happy to see that our contribution is helping so many lives across the globe.

We are excited that we have pioneered Professional Training in Natural Hair & Extensions industry.  We are proud that in our little way, we have helped to create jobs and businesses to so many who would have found it difficult to get the job or business they wanted.


This is to say we appreciate you and will continue to do our best to support and guide you in whatever way we can.  Feel free to contact us on our details below.


World of Braiding & Extensions – is pioneering Professional Education & Care of the Natural Hair & Extensions Industry.

World No. 1 Professional Natural Hair & Extensions Academy.,

Tel: +44 1702 339 858, 07946 439 057,





World of Braiding Logo

World of Braiding Logo

INVEST £399.99 AND EARN MONEY FOR LIFE. (special discount)

Are you tired of looking for work and money? Stop applying for work and start applying your hands. This is exactly what I did. Here is a hint of my story. “I was made redundant, lost my home, lost my confidence and had four children to feed. I took up the skill of braiding & extensions and turned my life around.  Don’t let unemployment, redundancies and raising children stop your life. You too can do it like I did. Empower your hands to empower your life” joy phido.

World economy is not getting better. Bills are getting bigger and heavier.  We are getting more frustrated, stressed and depressed with lack of income. We can beat these problems if only we have valuable skills in our hands. Your situation will not change if you don’t change what you are doing. We have worked with series of people who were in similar situation and now they have changed their lives.  Don’t take our word for it –See some of their testimonials here.




By popular demand, we understand and are happy to help with this amazing one-off 60% price slash on our normal training price of £799. This is your chance to make that change today. Join our INTRODUCTION TO BRAIDING WORKSHOP.  Time to challenge yourself to face an unpredictable future and beat the worries of unemployment and redundancies by arming yourself with this extra skill to help DESIGN YOUR FUTURE with natural hairdesigning – a skill that gets you into immediate employment. 

DATES:  19th  – 21st    November 2015 (3 days)

Times: 10am – 5pm

PRICE: £399.99**  rrp £799.99 (pay before 10th November 2015) Thereafter £499.99

Possible Income

•           Single plaits with extensions

= £31,200 per year

•           Cornrows with extensison with 3 clients a day

£37,400 per year


●Single Plaits – natural hair

●Single plaits/ box braids – add extensions

●Cornrows – natural hair

●Cornrows – add extensions

●Hair Beauty Business MasterClass

Details of What you will learn

Know how to work with all hair types

Know 3 ways to section hair in single plaits or box braids

Understand your braiding fingers and know the professional finger placement for braiding

Know how to add extensions and close up gaps for a full professional head of braids

know how to create neat and tidy sections in cornrows, design professional all back cornrows, know how to add extensions and no-gap cornrows etc

know the business of hair and how to start, grow and market your natural hair business

know how hair grows, quality products and quality extensions etc etc

What you will Gain

A lifetime skill ● A skill that gets you immediate cash and employment.

●A skill that has no redundancies. ●A skill that gets better with time and experience.  ●A skill you can use on your family or for professional service.

●An internationally recognized certification that you can take to anywhere in the world. ●Gain knowledge of different types of extensions and quality hair products. ●A skill you use to work around your family if you have young children. ●Work from home, rent a chair in a salon, start your own salon etc etc. 

**This one-off offer expires on 10th November 2015.

**As part of the special offer you will receive 1 of our highly valuable DVD materials absolutely FREE:

Introduction to Hair braiding DVD worth £35 (FREE).

**You can use the Center Material for your training however,

Training Kit is available for purchase @£75.

Call now to secure your place!!!   01702 339 858

Do not miss this training:  This is a one-off offer and it is limited to only 10 students.

Call now to book your place!!

To get our special offers enroll before – 10th November 2015.


t: 01702 339 858,  07946 439 057

Watch our latest video on how to Grow your money.


For more information or advise, please contact us.


+44 1702 339 858


About Joy Phido

Joy Phido and her 4 children

Joy is an award winning Natural Hair, Braids & Extensions specialist and Educator. She is a celebrity natural hair designer and trainer to celebrity stylist. She is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd.

Joy is a graduate of Business, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH), a business entrepreneur, educator, trainer, teacher, Natural Hair & Extensions Designer & Carer, Natural Hair Consultant, NLP practitioner and motivational speaker.

Joy can be seen working with celebrities at photoshoots or for special events and usually the go to person at the back stage of various fashion and beauty events – ranging from working behind the scenes at Rita Ora’s X factor braided hair appearance, Rita’s Rimmel photoshoot, the Ethnic Fashion Show Southend, Essex Girls Football to major events as Blackstyles Weekend, Miss England, Miss West Africa, Afro Hair & Beauty Fashion show etc.  Training for major organisations such as Newham Summer School, Harrow Youth Council, Hackney Family Learning, American School in London, Newham Adult Education London etc

She has been braiding since the age of 5 and teaching natural hairstyles – Hair Braiding, Weaves & Extensions since 2002.

She has spent over 12 years in Natural Hair Education and Designs and 15 years in various Corporate responsibilities and careers with varied organizations and in various continents;  Currently teaching the world from the internet as a Youtuber with over 14.5 millions views and counting Joy brings on a wealth of knowledge ranging from being a mother in Business, a wife, a business owner who started from Africa and now runs her business in the West etc. You have a lot to gain from this wonderful, full of energy and ready to share knowledge woman.

Some testimonial about Joy.

“The good thing about your videos is that you are so bold and honest because you know exactly what you are talking about.Besides,you just don’t focus on braiding hair,but also on all the other aspects of it(customer service,what to consider to be successful in the business,natural hair care…)That was just firing me up!
I was getting better everyday and started braiding at home (mid May 2013), all by Faith! I wasn’t professional at all,but was working hard on that!I’m proud of my improvements today and can’t thank you enough for your insightful videos.We haven’t met yet,but I consider you as an African sister who just wants everyone to succeed .I see your business is prosperous and by God’s Grace I’m hoping mine will expand as well.And of course,I hope to work closely with you in order to get there!
By the way ,I just watched the video on tree braids with the Bundle of Joy.That hair looks amazing! And it doesn’t look silky at all,is it? It just makes me  want to use it 🙂
Well,thank you so much for your time ,Joy! Please check my pictures out when you get a chance and your advice would be greatly appreciated.
God richly bless you!


01702 339 858

07946 439 057 






European Sew-in Track Weave Workshop

(Qualification: Habia CPD Certification)

Price: £1,200.00



Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

A career in Hair & Beauty is the guaranteed way to get into employment and make money in today’s economy.  There is always a high demand from clients for professionally trained and qualified stylist who offers quality service and good customer care. Most celebrities now rely on extensions to get the desired look they want for their self-esteem.  Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce etc are all known for their hair extensions.

Kim Kardashian Extensions

Kim Kardashian Extensions

According to market research, Revenue in the Black Hair industry alone reads as follows:

  • In the UK  2004, it was worth £60million. 
  • South Africa in 2002 it was $90million.
  • USA in 2008 it was $14.7billion
  • By 2013 in the US it will be worth $4.2trillion.

To get into this career and earn the money you deserve, you require professional training from an organization that will equip you with industry standards and build your confidence to start working with clients immediately you complete your course.  World of Braiding will enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence to help you gain clients as you complete your training.  There are specific tactics that can help you get into this industry and we are happy to give you all the tips and tricks of the trade. 

To get you started, we have put together this special workshop to train you on your way to Natural Hair and Extensions Designing.  No hype or fuss, just simply skills and information that will get you into employment.

  • Become work ready in 3 Natural hair & weave extensions hairstyles
  • Get International accreditation with Habia CPD certification.
  • Gain professional techniques to boost your confidence to operate from as little as just 6  weeks
  • Know hair types, textures, hair growth, hair damage, hair conditions, health & safety etc in natural hair designing
  • Essential natural hair weaving skills for any Natural Hair Salon
  • Theory, Business and Practical Hands-on Classes

Detailed Practical Techniques –  (Sessions will include):

Your Course contains practical hands-on techniques from our range of natural, sew-in weaving and extensions Styles such as

1. Cornrows – natural hair  2. Cornrows add extensions 3. Sew-in /Track Weave Extensions.  

The Course Details include: (A compulsory part for all Courses)

  • General Background information into natural hairstyles
  • How to professionally consult with clients to know what they want.
  • How to check client’s hair and scalp condition before designing chosen techniques
  • How to cleanse and prepare hair for the chosen techniques.
  • Health & Safety in natural hair, weaving and extensions
  • How to neatly section/partition hair into the right shapes for the chosen technique.
  • The correct braiding fingers and how to use them for the chosen technique.
  • Pick strands of hair with the correct finger placement and sequence for the chosen technique.
  • Firmly hold the base of a chosen technique with the correct grip to avoid causing pains and possible traction alopecia.
  • Smoothly continue and neatly complete a strand of chosen technique.
  • Complete a professional full head of natural hair in chosen technique.
  • Introductions to Hair Extensions and why we need them.
  • Colour match and blend hair extensions for the chosen technique
  • PREPARE and TREAT hair extensions for the chosen technique
  • INSERT, APPLY and STITCH hair extensions into the chosen technique
  • Advise client on after service & home care in the chosen technique
  • Remove & take out natural hairstyles and hair extensions correctly and safely in the chosen technique

Natural Hair & Extensions Business Master Class (Content)

Step 1: Theory on Client care and consultation

Step 2: Research and understand the Natural Hair & Extensions industry

Step 3: Marketing, selling and Internet Social Networking to accelerate your business

Step 4: Branding & Image Presentation

Step 5: Personal Development to grow your business

Step 6: Set your business as a Legal Entity

Step 7: Back to reception & Database

Date / Time:

  • 5 days training from 10am – 5pm.

Why you should come to this workshop?

  • If you already own a salon and want to add modern healthy hairstyles to suit your clients.
  • If you want to grow your salon by adding more skills to your current knowledge.
  • If you want to avoid turning clients away because they demand styles you are not able to offer.
  • If you love natural hairstyles – cornrows natural hair, cornrows with extensions, sew-in track weave, but don’t know how to go about getting into the business.
  • If you are unemployed and have a passion to see other people looking beautiful with current hairstyles.
  • If you have been practicing natural hairstyles but you want to move it to a more professional level so as to attract high end clients etc.


  • Continuous assessment is built into the programme to include questions and answers, repetitions, demonstrations, discussions etc and practical work on models may be carried out within our commercial Salon (where applicable).
  • You will be required to carry out Case Studies, Research, Discussions, Salon Management and Reception duties as part of your work etc,
  • You may be contacted to participate in hair shows /events, seminars, trade shows where applicable – to help you gain confidence and understanding of the industry.
  • You will be given on-going support when required etc.  The assessment methods will be explained to you by your tutor and feedback will be given to you on a continuous basis.
  • To gain Habia certification, you will be required to produce and submit a PORTFOLIO of your work for assessment.

What will I receive when I complete the course?

  • Once you successfully complete the Afro European Weave course you will receive Habia Certified CPD qualification in Weave Hair Extension.
  • You will be able to obtain public liability insurance.
  • You will be able to start working with clients and start earning your money back.


  • You will be advised of your training centre.

Entry requirement:

  • You should be in the hair industry.
  • In addition, you must have an interest in the natural hair weave industry and a passion for hair.
  • You should know about cornrows

Afro European Sew-In Track Weave Course kit content:

Full kit for Course (half price of -£149.99)

  • 2 Mannequin Training Heads
  • 2 Training Head Clamp
  • 12 pack sectioning Clips
  • Sectioning Tail Comb
  • Brush, weaving needles, weaving thread
  • Set of Scissors
  • 1 pack of braiding hair extensions
  • 1 pack 18” 100% human hair weaving extensions
  • Carry Bag

What will I gain after the Course & Progression Route:

With hair weaving and extensions being very popular and in high demand, you will be able to create your own job by starting your business –

  • Work from home
  • Rent a chair/ booth in a salon,
  • Become a freelance/ mobile stylist.
  • Grow your existing salon.

Your earning potentials may vary according to locations, experience and time commitment. Progressions routes will be discussed during your course.

Contact us:

Tel:             +44 1702 339 858,     mob:             +44 7946 439 057,


About your Trainer

Joy a mother with her four children

Joy a mother with her four children

Joy Phido is a qualified licensed hairdresser /cosmetologist.  She is an internationally established Natural Hair and Extensions Educator, Specialist & Designer.  As the Artistic, Creative Master Director at World of Braiding Joy is inspiring women and younger generations to embrace not only natural hairstyles but to get into the Business in order to create wealth for themselves in the hair industry.  Joy is a mother with 4 children and has first-hand experience on how difficult it is to work and run a family especially in the Western world.  After working in corporate Nigeria as a banker and corporate England in telecoms, Joy tried her hands on buy and sell businesses which failed. She eventually realized that to succeed in business; you need to have a skill in your hands first. In addition to her natural passion and skill in hair designing, Joy took series of professional training from across different continents and now has the mission to give students real skill of running a hair Business. As a way of sharing her knowledge and encouraging other women in business, Joy has been active in conducting seminars, workshops, events etc across various continents.  She can be seen on Youtube sharing her knowledge and skill with over 2million views and over 8,000 subscribers. She has written e-books and produces DVDs for sale to help her clients understand the industry better.  This is why World of Braiding has become a success and it is this passion of owning your own skill that motivates Joy in helping people who come to World of Braiding & Extensions for training.

Joy has a BSc in Business Admin, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with UK Hairdressing Council, has over 20 years Natural Hair & Extensions experience.  She is also a qualified teacher, an NLP practitioner and has varied career experiences.

Before setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy started teaching Braiding, Weaving & Extensions with the Newham Council Adult Education Department (Newceys) for 5 years at 4 Centres with some classes as big as 30 students. As the Chief Executive, Trainer and Artistic Director of World of Braiding & Extensions, her passion is to make Natural Hair and Extensions a professionally recognised hair beauty skill that can be practiced by anyone.

Joy’s passion for natural hair is also associated with the fact that she experienced hair damage with chemical relaxers which made her start wearing natural hairstyles thereafter.  She can be seen as a Doctor  for healthy natural hair where all her children wear natural hairstyles.  She is also a Natural Hair & Extensions Business Mentor and adviser helping students & practitioners.  

She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to this training to enhance your learning.  World of Braiding & Extensions is constantly exhibiting at Hair events, taking part in major projects and designing hair for fashion shows and events. 

But don’t take our word for it!

Here are just a few testimonials from Students across the world that Joy has trained.

“A Course from World of Braiding was all I needed to skyrocket my business.  The thing that realIy stood out for me was the determination and selfless aim of Joy to teach students’ EVERYTHING she knew. World of Braiding has changed my life forever and I’m so happy I travelled the world to gain this skill.  The training gave me confidence to expand and grow my business and now I am everything I wanted to be.  I run one of the most sought after salons in Australia. I am a committee  member of a Hair Show in Sydney,  write for hair magazines, speak on radio show s, stock my own natural hair brand  etc.   Thank you so much – World of Braiding.

Francesca – Owner (Freedom Couture – Australia)

”I am a lawyer by profession but when the economic recession started and my business was changing, I knew it was time to start a new career that will give me a skill.  World of Braiding helped me to make my vision clear and now I run my own salon.  ” 

Vicky – Owner (Braids’n’Weaves -Hemel Hemstead)

”I come from Salt Lake City in Utah in the USA and I came to England to learn detailed Braiding as it was the best full course I could find.  I took up the International Braiding Course and on completion; all aspects of the training exceeded my expectations.  I feel so well equipped and confident to take my skill to the next level. The training is so professionally organized and extremely detailed.  I will recommend this course to anyone who wants to arm their hands with this unique skill which becomes yours for life.”

Celestes –Salon Staff –  USA.

”I was fed up working for other people and wanted to start my own business. Coupled with the fact that I have young children I needed a business that will allow me work around them.  I took up the Foundation Course and now, I have set up my own salon.  After my first month in business, my shop now pays its own expenses. I am very happy as I have achieved the skill I wanted to start my business.  The rest is now left to me” 

Laurayn  – Owner (Laury’s Beauty Elite -Ilford – London)


After completing Introduction to Braiding and a course in Extensions everything changed for me.  With the skill in my hands, I changed my small salon into a huge cosmetics and beauty shop in Portsmouth.   I combine my skill with retail of hair extensions & products. This has changed my life as I am a different person and a lot better than I ever dreamed. I cannot begin to quote my weekly earnings.  Thank you so much World of Braiding.

Rita – Owner (Rita’s Beauty – Portsmouth)

I attended the Track Weave Course at World of Braiding to add more to the knowledge I have in natural hair and extensions styles.  On completion, I set up my own business and since then I have not looked back.  It may be tough running a business sometimes, but I am glad I took the plunge to set up my own business.   Thank you so much World of Braiding.

Ivy – Owner (Weaves World – Glasgow)






There are two major types of Chemical Relaxers – Lye and No Lye Relaxers.

LYE RELAXERS – has its main ingredient as Sodium Hydroxide also known as Lye or Caustic Soda which is a corrosive substance. This type of relaxer is also known as a BASE relaxer as it requires the coating of the scalp with petroleum jelly to protect the scalp from being irritated or burned during its application.  Lye Relaxers are made with Sodium Hydroxide mixed with water, petroleum jelly and emulsifiers to create a creamy consistency.

The ingredient Sodium Hydroxide is at the extreme end of alkalinity on the pH level of 13 and 14.

To discuss pH level, we need to understand how important it is and how it impacts on our actions. It technically stands for “potential for hydrogen ion concentration.”

The system allows us to compare our body chemistry to the chemical makeup of our environment.  pH is a medical term that describes the balance of your system and it refers to the condition of metabolic changes. pH level means how acidic or alkaline something is. The lower the pH level the more acidic it is.  The higher the pH level the more alkaline it is.  pH is based on a scale of 0-14 where the level of 7 represents neutrality and pure water is at this level.

Understanding the varying ends of the scale and how they affect us helps us to better understand what the chemical relaxer contains and how it affects our hair.  Healthy hair and skin has a pH factor of around 4.5 to 5.5.  If it is exposed to something more acidic or on a lower pH than itself, it hardens, becomes brittle and burns off when at the extreme end of the acidic scale – hydrochloric acid.  When it is exposed to something more alkaline, it tends to swell, soften, and melt off when at the extreme end of the alkaline scale – Caustic Soda. Here is an example of the pH levels on some basic products and substances.  Note where Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) is placed on the scale – highest level on the pH level.

pH level indicator

pH level indicator

Source: Dr. Don Colbert’s book “The Seven Pillars of Health”,

Manufacturers of lye chemical relaxers vary the sodium hydroxide content of their solution from 5% to 10% and the pH level between 10 and 14.

Also note that Sodium Hydroxide is the same active ingredient in the household liquid drain cleaners or sink un-blockers which led the United States Government – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the use of more than 10% of this ingredient in household liquid drain cleaners because it corrodes and damages the drain pipes.  This same ingredient in generally the same dosage is what is used in chemical relaxers applied on Black women’s hair.

In general, the more the percentage of sodium hydroxide used, the higher the pH level and the quicker the chemical reaction will take place on the hair, and this leads to the greater the danger of hair damage.

“NO LYE” relaxers

The increasing concerns concerning the potential damage and dangers associated to the use of Sodium Hydroxide led to the discovery the “No Lye” relaxers.  There are three main types of the No lye relaxers.

Type 1 – operates on the same general principle as lye relaxers but uses a slightly weaker alkaline agent – a). Potassium Hydroxide, b)  Lithium Hydroxide or c)Guanidine Hydroxide.

Type 2 – uses ammonium thioglycolate which is also known as Perm Salt for its use in permanent waves.

Type 3 – is the relaxers sold for home use with the active ingredient as ammonium sulphite and ammonium bisulphite.  These ingredients selectively reduce the bonds in the hair and is much weaker and slower to act.

All these chemicals are designed to soften and swell the hair’s fibers and alter its natural setting.


When the chemical solution is applied on your hair either by a professional in a salon, or at home with your home relaxer kits, the caustic “lye cream” swells open the hair’s fibers, penetrates the protein structure of the hair and weakens its internal bonds, causing the natural curls to loosen out. This then alters the entire hair structure causing it to change by this action. The chemical melts down the protective layer of the hair shaft. Leave it for too long or apply too much and the hair will turn to a mushy paste and melt off which is the corrosive nature of the chemicals.

To understand the way the chemical relaxer works with hair, we need to have a basic glimpse of the hair strand.

Damaged hair strand

Damaged hair strand

The Human hair is the subject of a remarkably wide range of scientific investigations. Its chemical and physical properties are of importance to the cosmetics industry, forensic scientists, and to biomedical researchers.

Hair is made of keratin – a protein found in also in nails and skin.  It is keratin that gives hair its strength and elasticity.

Each strand of hair is made of 3 parts. Cuticle, Cortex and Medulla.

Cuticle is the outer layer of the hair strand and looks like scales on a fish or tiles on a roof.  They are colourless, transparent and easily damaged. The Cuticle layer protects the hair strand.  The Cortex makes up the main bulk of the hair strand. This is the place where all the chemical and physical bonds of the hair are found. The bonds determine the elasticity, texture and curl of the hair. The Medulla is the central part of the hair strand consisting of cells filled with air spaces. A medulla is present in most hairs with the exception of thin hair.

Our main concern in chemical relaxing process is the Cortex as this is what gives the hair its curl, strength and elasticity.  It contains the bonds which affect our chemical relaxing process.  The bonds are 3 types – Disulphide bonds, Salt bonds and Hydrogen bonds.  The Disulphide /Sulphur bonds are the strongest and can only be broken when chemical relaxers are applied to the hair.

When the chemical relaxer is applied to the hair shaft, it causes the cuticle to swell allowing the product to penetrate into the cortex of the hair.  This then breaks the Sulphur bonds releasing one atom of the sulphur bond and replacing it with a new bond lanthionine. The hair now has one sulphur and one lanthionine bond.  Once this bond has been broken, the hair has now lost its natural shape and resistance and is now straight. This is what has altered the natural curl of the hair strand.   Thus, when you use chemicals to make curly hair straight, you have not only changed the natural pattern of the hair but you have also lost its strength and elasticity.  The action of using chemical relaxers on the hair has been likened to burning wood into ash where it cannot become wood again. This is one of the problems about using relaxers as once you’ve applied them to your hair, there’s no turning back. There’s no way to reverse the process except to work with new growth.  The degree to which the hair is successfully straightened depends on the type and strength of chemical used, the time it’s left in the hair, and the underlying health or weakness of the hair being treated.  The treated portion of the hair moves away from the scalp as the new growth of untreated hair sprouts up from the roots, requiring periodic retreatment (about every 6–8 weeks) to maintain a consistent appearance.


Although the general argument for relaxing hair is to increase manageability and flexibility in styling the Black hair, its damaging consequences are numerous to mention.  Most Black women have been brainwashed to think that Black hair does not grow long, is dry, will break off, is unmanageable, is too hard to comb and needs straightening in order to manage it.  The reasons for these excuses are due to ignorance and lack of sensible information on how to manage the uniqueness of the Black hair.  Most Black women will wait for hours on a busy Saturday morning at the hairdressing salon waiting for their turn, when they finally get seen, the hairdresser slaps the chemical relaxer on their hair, and ask them to wait in another chair for the relaxer to take effect.  It starts irritating and burning  your scalp but because the hairdresser is very busy she tells you to hold on and in the end you have your scalp burnt with large crumps of skin scaling from your head and in some instances the hair is completely melted away.   We do not give the burning sensation any thought as we imagine it to be normal.

Chemical relaxers generally is dangerous but in an untrained hands is worse and is a recipe for untold disaster.  Caustic soda on hair is like putting bleach on clothes.  These dangerous ingredients are corrosive and if left on the hair longer than required will melt the hair which explains why your hair does not get any straighter but thinner as it continues to melt away the protective layers of the hair strand.

chemical hair damage

chemical hair damage

Chemicals in your hair is more than just changing the texture of your hair.  The instruction for applying chemicals involves wearing gloves on your hands because it is corrosive but there is no instruction on what to use to protect the scalp.  For the reason that the scalp is exposed to these chemicals, they absorb into your skin tissues, through your cells and into your blood stream thereby exposing your health to chemical toxins.  The dosage of this exposure is constantly increased depending on the number of times you apply your relaxer e.g 6 to 12 times a year and for an average of the number of years you apply them.  This is why it is a taboo to apply these chemicals on children as has been seen to have been practices by  some mothers of children as young as 2 years. Imagine the amount of toxin in their body by the time they turn 30 years?

As these chemicals can enter the body through the skin and the lungs, it is also a known fact that this is one of the occupational hazards of beauticians and hairdressers as they are constantly inhaling and working with these chemicals which has been linked to tumors and cancers.

patchy scalp

patchy scalp

Considering the fact that we are constantly exposed to a barrage of external and environmental pollutants, the least we can do is help ourselves to reduce the amount of chemicals we put in our body. You are therefore  personally responsible for putting toxic cosmetic chemicals into your body through chemical relaxers. With the world now developing a greener conscience – cutting down on carbon emissions, the climate change issues, the genetically modified food issues etc, you therefore need to make a conscious effort to protect yourself from exposure to these chemicals by either completely cutting away from them or by decreasing your usage of them. Chemical relaxers should therefore not at any cost be applied on children.

The general consensus is that the chemical relaxers have failed the Black woman.  It does not help the Black woman’s hair to grow rather it causes it to break. It leads to brittleness, dryness, baldness and widespread alopecia where the Black woman is statistically known to have the highest rate of traction alopecia exceeding all other races combined.  This has caused Black women to accept short hair as normal where genetically this is not true.  Chemically straightening the Black woman’s hair is not an option to healthy hair.  Natural hair care options provide a healthier solution of non-hazardous styling processes.

The lack of information on the route of natural hair styles is what has sent the Black woman on a search which has led her on a road to misguided information – the beauty supply shop and the Hairdressing/cosmetology colleges.

Beauty supply and hair shops are usually owned and operated by non-specialist in Black hair and are therefore not a solution to Black hair needs.  The hairdressing and cosmetology colleges are not a solution to save the natural Black hair as they claim to be authorities on Black hair yet uphold a practice of one standard of beauty – to test the proficiency of the straight hair styling – which does not care for the health of the natural Black hair types.  Due to the wrong information offered by these hairdressing colleges, most trained Black hairdressers are also at a loss in helping the natural hair client. They lack knowledge and skill to work with natural Black hair based on their training and their role is to offer their natural Black hair clients the quick solutions of chemical relaxers.


Start by taking the necessary steps to understand your hair while becoming an informed consumer.  Remember that beauty starts from within you and thank God we are no longer in the slavery era where your beauty was dictated by others but yourself.   Work with what is healthy, makes you comfortable, and is not risky and damaging to your hair follicles.  Take time to select your hair beautician as there are very few that understand the structure and chemistry of the Black hair.  There are countless untrained and unthinking hair beauticians practicing and a dose of the poisonous chemical – Sodium Hydroxide – can prove lethal in the hands of this person. Always remember the Black woman’s natural hair responds to good treatment, right tools and right products.

The natural hair alternatives to chemical processing of the hair which create beauty are: Hair weaving, hair braiding, hair locking, wig beauty etc.  Apart from hair locking, these styles are temporary and give you the various choice of styling options.  When they are done by a trained hair beautician on a base of natural black hair, these styles give you versatility without damage.  Whatever you choose to do, being in a position to decide puts you in the driving seat of your beauty and gives you the power to be pro-active instead of re-active.

World of Braiding & Extensions is a pioneer in this issue and is in a position to guide you in your journey to working on a healthier hair choice.  Let us know how we can help you by sending us your comments, questions, experiences, advise etc.

Joy Phido is the Chief Executive & Natural Hair Consultant at World of Braiding & Extensions

Contact: Tel: +44 208 983 9815, email:


African Caribbean Hairdressing – Sandra Gittens

Lets Talk Hair – Pamela Ferrell

The Hair Bible – Philip Kingsley

And various internet websites.



Glamorous Afro Hair

Teeyana Taylor in glamorous Afro hair

There is a huge need and demand to understand black hair.  The struggle to understand this hair type goes deep into history.  History has personally taught me how to appreciate and embrace my Afro hair type, how to work with it and also how to be proud of it.

Going back to the roots takes us into the history surrounding how black hair was treated prior to a change in our historical understanding.  Back in the African civilization – where the Afro hair type originates from, hairstyles were used to indicate various things  – age, ethnic identity, wealth, rank in the community, marital status, religion, birth of a new baby, coming of age, death etc.  The afro hair was groomed by women who cared and understood how the African woman’s beauty should be. The social significance of hair was massive as also was the aesthetics of the hair.  A lot of hair was a quality every woman loved and wanted. The significance for Africans was to have not just a lot of hair but clean, neat and specifically designed in plaits or braids to conform to culture.  Leaving hair undone was generally not tolerated otherwise you are seen as dirty, insane, or bereaved.  Historically, every region of Africa had different ways of styling the Afro hair.  Generally, a mother took care of a daughter’s hair while passing on the skill of grooming, understanding tools, products accessories etc to the child.  Occasionally, the grandma initiated the passing on of this knowledge and this perpetuated in the family.   In the society, styling and taking care of each other’s hair was a social treat where the mums and friends spent valuable time to share confidences and laughter in each other’s company grooming each other’s hair. Money did not exchange hands as each woman took turn to style each other’s hair.  Your hair stylist was usually someone very trustworthy as there were personal connotations attached to someone you allowed to touch your hair. The task of grooming the hair included shampooing, oiling, combing, braiding, twisting adding decorations if required etc and the process usually takes a long time lasting several hours and sometimes lasting days depending on how complicated the style may be.  The tools were generally a hand-carved comb with long tooth with the task of untangling the curled knots without causing pain. Products used were basic oils like the palm oil or palm kennel oil.  There was a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being involved within the process of grooming that accounted for a complete approach to a woman’s beauty.  Black people in Africa had pride  and loved their beauty.  They had no problem appreciating their natural beauty.

Beautiful Afro hair

Beautiful Afro hair

Then time changed.  Slave trade came into the African society around the 16thcentury.  New territories had been discovered in North America, South America and the Caribbean and the Europeans needed an imported labour force.  It was at this stage that the African slave trade began.

In a period of nearly 400 years and with an estimated 20million people forcibly removed from their home land and dragged in chains to the slave markets – slave trade changed the Black person’s mentality about themselves.  Most of the slaves were between the ages of 10 and 24 and the majority hailed from Western and West Central Africa. The captives were sold to European and Arabian slave masters.

When the black woman got to America, the issue of how to care for her hair and what style is acceptable became a problem.  This is because the slave masters wanted maximum output from each slave, often choosing to work them to death in a matter of years rather than show them compassion. Slaves were expected to work in the fields under a gruelling sun for 12 to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. Giving these gruelling inhumane circumstances, the Africans had neither the time nor the inclinations to care about their appearance including their hair.  Personal care, grooming and well-being had been put aside. The black woman had to struggle for survival in America and was forced to put pain and suffering over her beauty regimes. Treasured African combs were nowhere to be found as they had been forcefully taken away and had no time to be organised for life in a strange land.  This led the once long, thick and healthy black hair of both women and men to become tangled and matted.  Out of desperation for tools, the slaves started using Sheep Fleece carding tool to untangle their hair.  Scalp diseases became prevalent such as head lice infestation etc took over.  Slavery had stripped black people of their identity, pride, values and culture.   This caused frustration and hardships which led the black woman in America to feel inferior and learned to hate themselves, their beauty and their hair.  Black people were not born feeling inferior but the cruel circumstance that slavery offered forced them to feel this way in a European dominated world as an example here confirms – in the mid 1800s the black woman’s hair was virtually outlawed in New Orleans when they were forced to cover their hair with a scarf while in public. Underneath the scarf was neglected hair with limited grooming options which caused serious hair and scalp problems. The black woman started to struggle with her image – good hair-bad hair, light skin-dark skin, anti-African-pro European. They started to seek solutions to change their physical appearance in order to please their slave masters – these were images opposite to their natural hair including pride in skin colour and all distinctive African physical attributes.

“We had been completely brainwashed and we didn’t even know it. We accepted white value systems and white standards of beauty and at times, we accepted the white man’s view of ourselves” Assata Shakur – former Black Panther – in her autobiography.

Then Madam Walker came to the rescue of women with a range of cosmetics for black hair needs encouraging them to take back pride in themselves. She encouraged straighteners to enable hair to become easy to comb.  She considered her hot combing more natural as this was a temporary method which allowed hair to “go back” with water.

There was now a huge demand for this hair style as it posed a solution to the problem the women were dealing with. This huge demand then gave birth to a more permanent solution to the problem which now became the chemical relaxers – a very lucrative hair industry black women deal with today.

Black women still want to know when beauty touches them. Is this in the eyes of the beholder, should we let someone else tell us when we are beautiful or should we remember that the natural gifts we have from nature is ours to embrace and work with rather than damage and work against.

These are some of the examples of well loved celebrities who have learnt to love their natural locks.

Please check them out – Jill Scot, Corinne Bailey Rae, Erykah Badu, Teeyana Taylor, Shingai Shoniwa, Solange etc

Joy Phido

CEO – World of Braiding & Extensions

+44 208 983 9815

For comments, contributions, questions and more information about this blog, please contact us.







New year, New you………. 

With the challenging work economy, it is now time we look inwards and create our own jobs/ businesses.

Join hundreds of women who are doing just this and attend this one day business information and practical skills day.

In addition to offering you a FREE HAIR BRAIDING DEMONSTRATION workshop, we have teamed up with successful leading Women entrepreneurs in various business sectors who have willingly volunteered to speak, demonstrate and advise you in their chosen area of expertise.

This is a unique opportunity for you to gain education, get information and be guided in making informed decisions while making investment choices in business.

Come and be inspired and empowered to take the leap to employ yourself, add more lines to your existing business, gain skills you never knew you had, or find the business that is right for you.

We believe “knowledge is power” and we want you to be well informed to make your choices in life.

Presentations will range from successful experts from a diverse field including:

HAIR BEAUTY INDUSTRY  – demonstrations and presentation.

•           GENERAL BEAUTY AND SKIN CARE – products & presentations etc

•           MAKE UP AND ANTI-AGEING THERAPY – demonstrations & presentations

•           HEALTH, WEALTH AND WELLNESS – demonstrations, products & presentations


•           FASHION


•           Free products samples

•           Networking opportunity with other delegates

•           Tea, coffee and snacks etc



  • Mothers – to save money braiding your children’s hair.
  • Unemployed – to make money and gain a skill to start your business.
  • Salon owner / hairdressing students, beauty students – to add more to your skill & knowledge.



  • A demonstration of various skills including hair braiding
  • General information on how to prosper in the Hair industry.
  • Starting your Business with planning, marketing; client care etc
  • Meet other Beauty, Business and personal Development experts to broaden your life.

Date:  February 22, 2011

Call to REGISTER & confirm availability.

Spaces are based on first come first served basis.


Tel:  0208 983 9815,  07932 695 305,  07946 439057


Please send us your comments, information, ideas and any help we can offer.

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Glamorously braided hair



  • Always shampoo and condition hair before putting in a braid. Never put braids on dirty hair.  It causes itch and constant scratching.
  • Remember to always have your hair in good condition to wear braids as hair braiding is about encouraging and nurturing healthy hair. If you have any particular hair condition – ring worm, head lice, alopecia, dry hair etc.  These conditions need attention, discuss with your braider as they may be able to help point you in the right direction.
  • If you wear chemically processed / relaxed hair, ensure your hair is healthy before you put on braided extensions.  This is because if your hair is damaged, braids will not restore your hair condition.  The added stress of braids will cause you further damage. Remember that if you go ahead and braid an already stressed hair condition, braiding is not the cause of your problem.  
  • If the hair is natural /virgin hair without chemical processing do the following to get started:

Afro hair

  1. add moisturising lotion – some good names include – Pink oil moisturiser, Motions moisturisers, Organic Root Stimulator moisturiser, Kids organics moisturiser etc
  2. Use hand dryers with a comb pick attachment to detangle the hair.
  3. Allow to comb easily before braiding – Tip: comb from the ends to the roots so as not to cause tangling or pain on your client.
  4. When braiding is complete, apply braid spray on hair to give it shine and moisturise the scalp some good brand names – Isoplus natural range, African Pride, Better Braids, Sulphur 8, Organic Root Stimulator etc.

European hair,

a        Dampen the hair as it is very slippery and fragile by adding water from a water spray to make it ready for braiding.

b       Do not apply grease or oil as it becomes slippery.       

  • When braiding unless otherwise necessary (due to design and style) – try and match hair extensions textures to the client’s natural hair as this gives a more natural look.


  • Do not braid a freshly relaxed hair until after 2 weeks of the chemical application as this result in damage or excessive stress to the hair leading to hair loss.
  • While braiding the hair, avoid pulling the hairs at the hairline as they tend to cause damage resulting to traction alopecia i.e hair loss due to stress and tightness.
  • After a hair braid, where possible, do not over expose hair to hard water because it strips hair of its natural oil, and takes away the gloss and shine from the braid.  When there is need to cleanse the scalp of dirt and smell where applicable, use natural cleansers such as Witch hazel, tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, surgical spirits etc.
  • Other products to cleanse scalp include dry shampoos – some good brand names include – Organic Root Stimulator, Sta-Sof-Fro, Better Braids, Isoplus etc.  After application of these products, use braid sheens, anti-itch oils, leave-in conditioners and hair fresheners to banish itch and bad smell that may occur.
  • As a rule of thumb, do not leave a braid for longer than 3 months. When you do, the hair starts to naturally lock itself and the products start to build-up leading to tight knots at the base of the braids.  This leads to hair loss & damage if the right process and products are not used when taking out the braids.  


  • On the average, after about 6 weeks the braid should be re-touched at the hairline.  A term used in braiding which means the braids at the hair line should be taken out and re-braided to give a fresher new look.
  • Use braid and scalp conditioners on your scalp on as-needed basis to combat dry scalp and avoid flaky scalp.
  • It is important to cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf when going to sleep.  This keeps your hair smooth, neat and avoids loss of natural oils. If you have problem tying your hair then get a satin or silk pillow case as they do not absorb the moisture needed in your hair.
  • Put your hair up for your work out and activities.
  • To maintain healthy hair, add leave-in conditioners such as Infuisum 23-diluted with a little water and add your braid sheen to it.  Spray this on your braids on as-needed basis.
  • When taking a shower, keep the hair covered with a silk or satin scarf to control the hair and then put a shower cap to avoid getting your hair wet.
  • To combat frizz, mist the hair until slightly damp.  In the palm of your hands add a little gel and smooth it over the braids in the direction they were braided.  Cover with a silk or satin scarf until dry.
  • For individual braids frizz, oil the scalp, moisturise with a no-rinse conditioner, and mist lightly with water.  Cover with a silk or satin scarf until dry. Remove scarf and all are neat.
  • For Cornrows frizz, mist your hair with water until it is slightly damp, then take a small amount of gel and smooth it over the cornrows. Tie the hair down until it is completely dry.
  • For hot weather in summer, try hairstyles that are short and has no fuss.  They are cooler to maintain in the heat.
  • Cornrows are funky and easy to wear.  They are dramatic, creative and stylish.  To achieve a great style, create your own unique cornrow by adding all the other styles you find around with a design you have created and this makes it special to you.
  • If the hair on your hair line is too small to be picked up when braiding, avoid breakage and apply a light gel hair cream to get a smooth baby hair look – good brand names include – Lets Jam (Soft Sheen Carson), Elasta QP Glaze etc. 


  • When removing braids, be gentle. Avoid being in a hurry.  Set out a time and date to take your braids out in comfort or better still get the services of a professional braider.
  • Spray the braids with good products that are aimed at helping to take out braids – some good names are – Un-braid by Better Braids, Ease out by African Pride, Unlocker by Isoplus etc.  These products melt the knots that are formed at the end of each plaits due to product build up and dust from the atmosphere.
  • Gather all the braids up in a ponytail.  Take your braids down one by one and undo them. This will make removing your braids easier and less frustrating as you can gauge your progress.
  • After taking out the braids, gently comb through with a wide-tooth comb.  DO NOT WASH /SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR UNTIL YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY ALL THE KNOTS IN YOUR HAIR.  This is important as the knots lead to hair damage.



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