Be a Natural Hair Fashion Designer

Be a Hair Fashion Designer and run your own business.

Train Professionally across 10 different natural hair fashion styles and start booking high-end clients within 3 months.

With celebrities changing their image daily, hair fashion is a part of daily beauty regime that has come to stay. Be the designer who creates the beauty to earn thousands of ££££




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1. Weave Installation  3 dayswith cornrows knowledge (1 day a week for 3 weeks – all training completed in class with supervision)


1.Sanitation,Health & safety in weaves 2.know your weave hair extensions 3.prepare weave Cornrow  4. needle placement for blanket style weaving 5. blending-in weave stitching 6. creating a professional weave closing and closure 7. weave extensions hair cutting, blowdrying and styling 8. caring for weaves.  Complete head of full Cornrow weave

practical work, discussions, demonstrations, questions & answers

Price: £1000 excluding kit and uniform – to be confirmed 

2 Box Braids  2 Days (1 Day a week for 2 weeks)  1.Sanitation, Health & Safety in Braids 2. know your braiding fingers 3.Finger placement for professional braiding 4. know your 3 block sectioning for consistent braiding design 5.natural strands braids 6. braids add extensions 7.prepare extensions for box braiding 8.complete professional braid closure without gap  Complete head of Box braids

Demonstrations, practical work, questions & answers

Price: £400 excluding kit and uniform to be confirmedd

3. Twisting 2 Days (1 Day a week for 2 weeks) 1.Sanitation, Health & Safety in twisting 2. know your twisting fingers 3.Finger placement for professional twisting 4. know your 3 block sectioning for consistent twisting design 5.natural strands twists 6. twists add extensions 7.prepare extensions for Afro kinky twisting 8.complete professional twists closure without gap Complete head of Afro Kinky twists

Demonstrations, practical work, questions & answers

Price: £400 excluding kit and uniform to be confirmedd

4. Cornrows  1 Day classroom training   1.Sanitation, Health & Safety in cornrows 2. know your cornrows fingers 3.Finger placement for professional cornrows 4. know your 2 block sectioning for consistent cornrows design 5.natural strands cornrows 6. cornrows add extensions 7.prepare extensions for cornrows 8.complete professional cornrows Complete head of Box braids

Demonstrations, practical work, questions & answers

Price: £199 excluding kit and uniform to be confirmed

Other Designs

5. Ghana Cornrows 



1 Day class training with cornrows knowledge



Same as above with details specific to Module 





6. Senegalese Twist 1 Day class training with natural twist knowledge  Same as above with details specific to module  £199
7. Crotchet Braids / Weaves 1 day classroom training with cornrows knowledge same as above with details specific to module £199


8. Track Weaves


2 days classroom training with Cornrows knowledge same as above with details specific to module  £500
9. pick ‘n’drop braids with 100% human hair 1 day classroom training with braids knowledge same as above with details specific to module £299
special class

 Masterclass in Hair Business Enterprise 

1 daypractical Business knowledge Understanding specific to Natural Hair fashion Understanding Business, Business Planning, Marketing, Personal Development, Customer Care, Internet & Social Network Free for Full Courses.£299.99 for others
10.Micro Beads extensions ( strand-by-strand extensions) 1 day classroom training same as others with details specific to module  £500



ONE TIME PAYMENT of £1,500 to save thousands, or

take training in bite size to cover what you can afford at a time.





For details of training dates, venue and time please contact us.


For more information please contact us.


+44 1702 339 858


About Joy Phido

Joy Phido and her 4 children

Joy is an award winning Natural Hair fashion educator and designer. She is a celebrity natural hair designer and trainer to celebrity stylist. She is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd.

Joy is a graduate of Business, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH), a business entrepreneur, educator, trainer, teacher, Natural Hair & Extensions Designer & Carer, Natural Hair Consultant, NLP practitioner and motivational speaker.

Joy can be seen working with celebrities at photoshoots or for special events and usually the go to person at the back stage of various fashion and beauty events – ranging from working behind the scene at Rita Ora’s Rimmel photoshoot, the Ethnic Fashion Show Southend, Essex Girls Football to major events as Blackstyles Weekend, Miss England, Miss West Africa, Afro Hair & Beauty Fashion show etc.  Training for major organisations such as Newham Summer School, Harrow Youth Council, Hackney Family Learning, American School in London, Newham Adult Education London etc

She has been braiding since the age of 5 and teaching natural hairstyles – Hair Braiding, Weaves & Extensions since 2003. Prior to setting up World of Braiding & Extensions.

She has spent 12 years in Natural Hair Education and Designs and 15 years in various Corporate responsibilities and careers with varied organizations and in various continents;  Currently teaching the world from the internet as a Youtuber with over 8millions views and counting Joy brings on a wealth of knowledge ranging from being a mother in Business, a wife, a business owner who started from Africa and now runs her business in the West etc. You have a lot to gain from this wonderful, full of energy and ready to share knowledge woman.

Some testimonial about Joy.

“The good thing about your videos is that you are so bold and honest because you know exactly what you are talking about.Besides,you just don’t focus on braiding hair,but also on all the other aspects of it(customer service,what to consider to be successful in the business,natural hair care…)That was just firing me up!
I was getting better everyday and started braiding at home (mid May 2013), all by Faith! I wasn’t professional at all,but was working hard on that!I’m proud of my improvements today and can’t thank you enough for your insightful videos.We haven’t met yet,but I consider you as an African sister who just wants everyone to succeed .I see your business is prosperous and by God’s Grace I’m hoping mine will expand as well.And of course,I hope to work closely with you in order to get there!
By the way ,I just watched the video on tree braids with the Bundle of Joy.That hair looks amazing! And it doesn’t look silky at all,is it? It just makes me  want to use it 🙂
Well,thank you so much for your time ,Joy! Please check my pictures out when you get a chance and your advice would be greatly appreciated.
God richly bless you!


01702 339 858

07946 439 057 





CONTACT US ON 01702 339858   OR email for booking.


All prices exclude materials /training kit.  A list of kit will be given when requested.

New Year Networking Lunch – (Buffet & Drinks)  21st February    11am-5pm  19.99 37 Alexandra Street 
 Natural Hair & Extensions Business Masterclass  7th March  10am-5pm  99.99 37 Alexandra Street 
Full Weave Closure Masterclass 28th – 1st April, (5 days)  10am-5pm  700 37 Alexandra Street
Internet Marketing for Hair Beauty Business – meet your clients online  18th April  10am-4pm  49.99 37 Alexandra Street 


Cornrow Workshop  25th April  10am-5pm  199.99 37 Alexandra Street
Introduction to Braiding Workshop  2nd May –6th

May  (5 days)

 10am-5pm  500 37 Alexandra Street
Lacefront Wig Workshop  23rd – 24th May  10am-5pm  249.99 37 Alexandra Street
A Glamorous Evening of Networking for Natural Hair Practitioners. Know tips of how to grow your business  6th  June  5pm – 9pm  19.99  37 Alexandra Street
Track Weave Workshop  20th – 23rd  June

(4 Days)

 10am-5pm  599.99 37 Alexandra Street
Single PlaitsWorkshop 27th June 10am-5pm 199.99  37 Alexandra Street
Prosper with Hair Business Conference Series.Skills  Demonstration, Education and Information Workshops  4th July  10am-5pm  FREE  St. Marks Beckton

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About your Trainer – JOY PHIDO (SRH)

Joy a mother with her four children

Joy a mother with her four children

Joy Phido is an internationally established Natural Hair and Extensions Educator, Specialist, & Designer. 

Joy is a mother with 4 children and has first-hand experience on how difficult it is to become someone’s staff and run a family especially in the Western world.  In addition to this, Joy has tried so many retail businesses which failed and eventually realized that to succeed in business; you need real skills in your hands first. This is the basis of Joy’s mission in training students in hair – to give women the real skill of running a Business. This is why World of Braiding has become a success and it is this passion of owning your own skill that motivates Joy in helping people who come to World of Braiding & Extensions for training.

Joy has a BSc in Business Admin, a qualified NVQ Level 3 Hairdresser, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with UK Hairdressing Council, various certificates in natural hair, weaves and extensions in addition to over 20 years Natural Hair & Extensions experience.  She is also a qualified teacher, an NLP practitioner with varied career experiences.

Before setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy taught with Newham Council London – Adult Education Department (Newceys) for 5 years teaching 4 different centres with classes as big as 30 students in some classes.

As the Chief Executive and Artistic Director at World of Braiding & Extensions, her passion is to make Natural Hair and Extensions a professional skill as well as help stylist understand how to turn the skill into a business making money while designing  glamorous hair on clients.

Joy’s passion for natural hair is also comes from the fact that she experienced hair damage with chemical relaxers which made her start wearing natural hairstyles thereafter.  Joy can be seen as an evangelist for natural hairstyles where she and her children wear natural hair and she is no stranger on the internet writing from her blogs, teaching on Youtube with step-by-step videos to constantly enrich students’ knowledge with over 1.5million views and over 6,000 subscribers. 

She is also a Natural Hair & Extensions Business Mentor and adviser helping students & practitioners not only on how to get into the industry but how to become successful and prosper in the industry.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to this training to enhance your learning.  World of Braiding & Extensions is constantly exhibiting at Hair events, taking part in major projects and designing hair for fashion shows and events.

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