We constantly get contacted by Black women all over the world for guide on how to grow their natural hair.  These questions vary hence we have made it our business to add our  focus on educating Black women in particular on hints and tips of how to care for the natural hair.  We are always creating videos on our Youtube channel to help people as well so please visit youtube and search worldofbraiding  channel to find out more.

natural black hair

natural black hair

Generally most people believe that the natural Black hair does not grow or when it grows; it does not grow as quickly as they would want.  Generally Hair grows at an average of ½ inch per month (about 1.2cm per month).  This comes to about 13cm a year.  You will be able to retain length and notice growth in your hair based on how well you treat your Black hair.

Here are some basic 5 tips to help grow your natural Black hair:

healthy foods

healthy foods

1. START WITH A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE:  Hair grows from inside and hair is a fiber that is part of our cells which grows from the subdivision of our cells in the hair follicles.  For this reason, we need natural healthy food that the body can easily break down for digestion in order for our hair to grow.  The foods we need for hair growth are fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and wholemeal foods.

2. PLENTY OF WATER:  Due to the unhealthy lifestyles we are forced to live with – synthetic foods, processed foods, genetically

drinking water

Drinking water

modified foods, toxins in the air etc, the body is constantly battling with toxins which do not encourage healthy body for hair growth.  To solve this problem, the body therefore needs lots of water for detoxification, lubricate food for digestion, aid digestion and reproduce the cells for hair growth.  We also need lots of water to hydrate the hair so it does not become too dry.

moisturising products

moisturising products

3. NATURAL & MOISTURISING HAIR PRODUCTS:  After the hair has grown out of the follicles, it needs care in order to avoid breakage.  The natural Afro hair is coily and naturally dry due to lack of sebum travelling down the hair strands.  Due to the coils and dryness of the Afro hair, it tangles itself and breaks easily with little manipulation.  Use of wrong products such as sulphates in Shampoos, silicons in conditioners, chemical relaxers, dyes and use of heat etc cause the hair more dryness which lead to more breakage. Start using natural moisturising oils to help make the hair supple, easy to manage and grow quicker.  These oils include jojoba oil, castor oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, shea butter, argan oil, broccoli seed oil etc.  They contain active properties that help stimulate blood flow and make hair grow as well as contain moisturising properties that make the hair manageable and easy to care for.

4. MANIPULATION:  When the natural hair has grown out, it requires less manipulation to avoid breakage.  Handle with care as natural

two strand twist

two strand twist

hair is a very delicate fibre that breaks easily. Less manipulation means less combing, pulling, tugging, tucking, ponytails, clips, blow dryer, flat irons, tight braiding, tight weaving etc.

5. PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLES:  When the hair has grown out, you do not need to leave it hanging out all the time as it requires time and attention to care for it.  You need healthy natural protective hair styles to retain your length and style.  These styles include 2 strand twist, single plaits, cornrows, braids with extensions etc to help to grow and retain its length.  These styles reduce  manipulation.  Remember not to hold the scalp too tight as it leads to hair loss and alopecia.

For any questions, comments or ability to add your personal experiences to our write up, please feel free to leave your comments or contact us using our details below for discussions.

World of Braiding & Extensions Group of Companies is made up of 4 major Service areas.
1. World of Braiding & Extensions Professional Natural Hair & Extensions Business School which offers education, knowledge & skill to students around the world with the mission to – get women into work & business.   We train our students with the best ways to apply all the different natural hair & extensions techniques.
2. World of Braiding & Extensions Professional Natural Hair & Extensions Centre offering healthy hair & extensions service on client’s hair with the passion for healthy signature natural hair glamour.  We consult with all clients before taking on a service of hair extensions.  We care for your hair and ensure there are no damages.
3. World of Braiding & Extensions Black Hair Education & Solutions Center where our focus is to train Black women in the understanding of their natural hair and how to care for it to avoid damage & hair loss.
4. World of Braiding & Extensions Natural Hair Accessories & Extensions center.  Providing all the materials you need to care for your hair.
If any of the issues mentioned in this article has affected you, or you have an experience you will like to share with us, please feel free to do so.  Also email us if you need our advice on any issues in this article.

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Joy a mother with her four children

Joy a mother with her four children

About your Trainer

Joy Phido is an internationally established Natural Hair and Extensions Educator, Specialist, & Designer.  Joy is a mother with 4 children and has first-hand experience on how difficult it is to work and run a family especially in the Western world.  After working in corporate Nigeria as a banker and corporate England in telecoms, Joy tried her hands on buy and sell businesses which failed. She eventually realized that to succeed in business; you need to have a skill in your hands first. In addition to her natural passion and skill in hair designing, Joy took series of professional training from across different continents and now has the mission to give students real skill of running a hair Business. This is why World of Braiding has become a success and it is this passion of owning your own skill that motivates Joy in helping people who come to World of Braiding & Extensions for training.

Joy has a BSc in Business Admin, a qualified NVQ Level 3 Hairdresser, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with UK Hairdressing Council, has over 20 years Natural Hair & Extensions experience.  She is also a qualified teacher, an NLP practitioner with varied career experiences.

Before setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy started teaching Braiding, Weaving & Extensions with the Newham Council Adult Education Department (Newceys) for 5 years at 4 Centres with some classes as big as 30 students. As the Chief Executive, Trainer and Artistic Director at World of Braiding & Extensions, her passion is to make Natural Hair and Extensions a professional skill as well as help stylist understand how to make money while designing glamorous clients.

Joy’s passion for natural hair is also associated with the fact that she experienced hair damage with chemical relaxers which made her start wearing natural hairstyles thereafter.  She can be seen as the Doctor  for healthy natural Afro hair where all her children wear natural hairstyles and she is no stranger on the internet writing from her blogs, teaching on Youtube with step-by-step videos to constantly enrich students’ knowledge with over 3million views and over 18,000 subscribers.  She is also a Natural Hair & Extensions Business Mentor and adviser helping students & practitioners not only on how to get into the industry but how to become successful and prosper in the industry.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to this training to enhance your learning.  World of Braiding & Extensions is constantly exhibiting at Hair events, giving talks in conference, taking part in major projects and designing hair for fashion shows and events. 




Before deciding to wear Braids, Weaves and Extensions, there are some facts you need to consider.

  • What is the state of your hair.  Is it natural, or processed with chemicals? If natural, is it in a healthy state.  Is it dry and breaking, is your hairline healthy or has it been damaged with various tight hairstyles?  If processed, what is the state of health of your hair? Has it got damaged hairline, is it also breaking or is it healthy? 
  • Braids, Weaves and Extensions will not help your hair if your hair is already damaged from various forms of abuse that you have subjected your hair to.   We can offer our guide if you need our support on any of your hair issues.  We do not want you to go bald before you get old.  Contact us for advice.
  • Our mission is to offer you glamorous natural healthy hairstyles. World of Braiding is a Place where nature means glamour.



  • To get started, your hair has to be freshly shampooed and conditioned.
  • Your stylist will check the state of your hair to let you know what the condition is.  If it is dry and lack moisture, you will be advised on the best products.  On the other hands, if you have damaged hairline etc, you will also be advised on what to use.  If you have special hair and scalp conditions such as hair lice, ring worm etc, you will be advised on where to go for help.
  • Before getting your hair on, your stylist will have a full and detailed consultation with you to understand the hairstyle you want.  This will include you giving your stylist an image of what you are wishing to have, finding out how you like to wear the hair, style you want, type of extensions you prefer and why, how long you want to wear your hair, the length of the extensions you want etc.  We will give you guidance on the style you choose and the extensions you prefer etc.



  • Your stylist will give you advice on how to maintain your hairstyle so it remains in its top style.  In addition to your advice, these are our general guide to help you enjoy your hair.



  • If you wear chemically processed hair, avoid:

– putting too much extensions weight on your hair strands as they overweigh your hair and make them fall out from the roots.

– Do not hold the scalp too tight as it leads to headaches and traction alopecia.

– Avoid micro-braids – they are unhealthy for chemically processed hair. They come out with your hair strands.

– Do not braid hair immediately after a chemical retouch. Hair is fragile and at its weakest. Give your hair at least 2 weeks to grow out before braiding.

– Ensure the style you choose is right and consistent with the health of your natural hair and hairline.



–         Braid with a good quality synthetic fibre or human hair. 

–         Visit your stylist at regular intervals to maintain your braids.

–         Your Braids should be kept clean – use dry shampoo to cleanse or depending on the type of extensions you use, shampoo at least every week or about 2 weeks intervals.

–         Avoid tight braids especially around the hairline.

–         Do not leave hair for more than 3 months as it locks itself.

–         Visit your stylist for a hairline touch up after about 4 – 6 weeks to give your braids a fresh look.

–         Let your stylist take out your braids, weaves or extensions as it minimises breakage and damage.

–         Always brush out the tight knots and dirt in your hair after taking out your braids, weaves and extensions before the shampoo service.

–         When shampooing /washing braids/ weaves, do not apply shampoo straight to your hair.  Dilute the shampoo with ¾ water and ¼ shampoo before application. 

–         Where possible, use shower to wash your braids /weaves. 

–         Do not use creme conditioners after washing braids/weaves, use liquid leave –in conditioners.

–         To dry, allow braids to dry naturally or sit under low heat dryer – for weaves, sit under hooded dryer and allow weave to dry completely or it creates mould and odours.

–         Cover hair at night to avoid frizziness.

–         To cover, use silk or satin scarf.  They do not soak moisture.

–         Apply braid sheen on your braid strands and scalp as often as required depending on your hair type and scalp condition.  It helps to moisturise your hair and take away dryness.

–         Do not put creams on your hair as they block your hair follicles and stop your hair from growing.

–         For help with particular hairstyles, contact us for advice.


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Joy Phido (SRH)

CEO – World of Braiding & Extensions

Natural Hair & Extensions Specialist, Consultant, Designer and Educator.

World of Braiding & Extensions is the premier institution for Natural Hair & Extensions teaching vocational training with Skills, Education & Information.




Before now, looking glamorous has always been a decision making issue which involved either, or.  Damage your natural hair and wear glamorous hairstyle seen and known in today’s society or keep your natural hair and do not fit into or welcomed in most parts of the society.  This is what is happening in our society of today.

Wearing natural hairstyles that are stylish and look glamorous at the same time has always been a difficult compromise.  Lots of stylist struggle to understand how to help their clients wear natural healthy glamorous hair.  They encourage you to either damage/ lose your natural hair to look glamorous with jazzy hair styles or maintain your natural hair and lose out on different glamorous options that allow you to enhance your look with variety of styles. This is what is causing our girls to go bald before getting old. The black hair community is the most affected as we have the highest rate of traction alopecia among all races.

Here at World of Braiding & Extensions, we have taken glamour and natural healthy hair to a new dimension.  We want you to have the best of both worlds.  Choose the image you want while maintaining your hair.  Enhance your natural look to suit your chosen image. GLAM YOUR LOOK! KEEP YOUR HAIR!!.  That’s our motto. Our glamorous natural hairstyles give you the look you want which gives you the confidence to achieve and open doors to every opportunity that comes your way.  We don’t want you to compromise your looks for the health of your hair.  We want you to have the best of both worlds.  Glamour and healthy hair.

See our Youtube videos which helps you to make your choices.



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Joy Phido (SRH)

Natural Hair & Extensions Specialist, Consultant, Designer and Educator

Independent Business Consultant.

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