Welcome to World of Braiding & Extensions.

World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd is the World No. 1 Professionally Certified Natural Hair & Extensions Business Academy. HABIA CPD APPROVED 004


MISSION: Professional Natural Healthy Hair Glamour

VISION:  Helping women PROSPER IN HAIR with:

1.         KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION and SKILLS training. The OBJECTIVE of our business is aimed at Helping you into SELF-EMPLOYMENT & BUSINESS CREATION. With knowledge, information and skills training, we offer you education in the understanding of Natural Hair Care, Hair Designing Skills, Hair extensions, Hair products and accessories.  This focus is aimed at making you an EXTENSIONS & NATURAL HAIR CARE PRACTITIONER.

Caucasian Track Extensions

Caucasian Track Extensions

Trained student at World of Braiding

Trained student at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding

You will be able to share your skills with your clients even when you are still in training with us. Our training comes in two major formats – Practical Hands-on skills in Braiding, Weaving and adding Extensions to hair as well as gaining Knowledge and Information in the Industry with our theory Masterclass in Hair Business Enterprise.

IMG_0428 IMG_0481

World of Braiding Team

World of Braiding Team

2.         The business is also aimed at offering Professional services at protecting and glamorising our clients with Natural hairstyles such as Hair Braiding, Weaves and extensions.  We therefore operate a Natural Hair & Extensions Salon where we offer the services of natural hair designing & grooming such as braiding, cornrowing, twisting, locking, fusion strand-by-strand extensions, weaving etc. Our slogan is all about Natural Healthy Glamorous Hair.  “Don’t go bald before you grow old”. We do not believe in our clients having hair damage or loosing hair or going bald.

After our two main programmes above, we have the other aspects of our business as follows:

3.       Part of our business is the Joy Phido International Personal Development Programes where we encourage women for Mental Development ready for business.

4.       Be part of the World of Braiding Alumni Students where we support you through networking events, workshops, seminars etc. You interact with other women who have been through our training and have already set up their own businesses.  This opportunity gives everyone who is interested in running a business in Natural Hair & Extensions industry to get support, advise and have the chance to discuss issues that are affecting their start-up, growth etc. You become part of the family of Natural Hair Care industry and you will no longer be alone to operate your business. Your worries becomes a problem of the industry and we will share it together. We will stand behind you and make you strong to encourage you to grow.

5.       Natural Hair Professional Agency.  This is a pool of trained Extensions & Natural Hair Care Practitioners  who come together to network and share their skill and learn from each other.  The coming together creates strength through unity.

6.         Get inspired when you join Joy Phido’s Business Coaching Programme and gain over 20 years of business experience, knowledge and skill.

Copy of American school 137

World of Braiding Pineapple Cornrows training

World of Braiding Pineapple Cornrows training

Hair Braiding is the interweaving of strands of hair.  This artistic skill of designing hair is simply another form of grooming hair just like the other grooming methods of hair cutting, brushing and hair dressing.  Hair braiding is an age old culture which started in Africa.  Hair braiding has now developed beyond the cultural divide which has been the case and is now a hair grooming technique that is practiced and appreciated worldwide on all hair types.  Celebrities and people of all cultures now braid their hair and this has led to the high demand for this skill as a thing of beauty and a skill for business.

This unique skill has only been taught in families and being passed on from generations to generations.  The demand by celebrities and the general public has led to the need for people to seek this skill in high proportion.  Braiding shops and salons are a rarity and most businesses especially hairdressing salons tend to combine the skill of braiding to their normal skill of hair dressing.  World of Braiding therefore intends to face this demand of training people of all cultures in the skill of braiding and encouraging them to take up the business of running their hair braiding salons.  Some of the celebrities who introduced hair braiding to the west include: Bo Derek who became known for her unique cornrow designs where she started the craze in the 70s.  Among other celebrities who have enjoyed wearing braids and designed natural hair include: David Beckham, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Lemar, Rio Ferdinand, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Queen Latifa etc etc.


11 Responses

  1. Hello,

    My name is Saiba, and my youtube name is (soul4eva1). I was looking for your email to contact you about locking hair information. what is the best email or phone number to reach you at?

    my email is: saiba.abbas@gmail.com

    Thank you for your message via you tube, and I admire you art by keeping the traditional braiding alive in modern day.


  2. I have learned so much from watching your rutorial on you tube. I in braiding school and would like to find out how to get your dvd and natural hair product or you can tell me what productt to buy. Myself i am going from permed to natural. I have been putting it off for a long time because i dont know what products to used. May God continued to bless you. You doing such a great job and i really thank you so much.

    • Hi Kim
      thanks so much for your message. I am glad we have been able to add some knowledge to your way of seeing natural hair. Regarding our products, we are in the process of packaging them but in the meantime, buy natural products such as natural hair oils – rosemary oil, olive oil, castor oil etc, avoid products that you do not understand what they are or the one that contains chemicals. I will recommend you go ahead and start the natural journey. This way your hair will stop breaking and start growing back. But like I always say, add healthy natural hair styling to it so it does not get dry and break. Regarding our DVD, visit our website – http://www.worldofbraidingacademy.com/buy_our_products.htm or if you need any of our current DVDs, we will send you an email on how you can order for them. Email us for details and let us know which particular DVD you want. Our email address is info@worldofbraiding.com.

      Thank you so much for staying in touch with us.
      Joy Phido

  3. Hi having trouble growing out my natural hair it has stop growing and it has searted to break. What shall i do?

    • Hi Patricia
      Thank you for your message. Please could you send me details of what you are experiencing so I can find out what is going on and how I can help to get your hair back. email me at joy@worldofbraiding.com. in the meantime, the very first thing to do is to moisturise your hair because hair breaks when it is dry. Stay away from chemical based products – shampoo, conditioners, lotions etc. Go for natural products and this will help. Waiting to hear from you.

  4. Useful tips for taking care of your hair naturally..

  5. i love ur work, where can i get a dummy for practise like u have? please mail me ufosspecial@yahoo.com

  6. The information in your article is incredible. Very good article. It is very well written. I am looking forward for your more posts in the future.
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  7. youre so amazing with hair. I have been wondering lately, if you would know what hair style suits which face shape best?

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