Working with clients since 2002, Joy Phido has been there and done that with hairstyling and designing. As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of World of Braiding & Extensions, she has helped millions of people across the world with the skill of Natural Hair Care, Braiding, Weaving and adding Extensions to hair. With a youtube viewership of 14.5million people and nearly 100,000 subscribers, Joy Phido is doing something right.

In addition to training people with skills she also shares other knowledge such as of personal development which she acquired from taking training in NLP, health care for optimum life and designing African fashion.

One area where Joy Phido also excels in without making a force about her skills is her designer hairstyles which she offers only to the people who appreciate their image and are willing to spend good money to have it. Some of the clients that have sat on her esteemed chair range from celebrities such as Rita Ora, Kanu Nwankwo and various beauty pageant events to name a few. Here are some of the images for your viewing and inspirational pleasure.

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Rita's braided hair on x-factor

Rita’s braided hair on X-factor







More images of the red carpet event on the X-factor with Joy’s well known stamp of perfectly manicured braids.


At the big weekend in Glasgow 2014, Joy also came to give her trademarked braids to support the glamorous Rita Ora with one of the well noticed braided look.

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Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Rita at BBC Big weekend Glasgow

Working with braids in particular is one of Joy’s favourite skills only in addition to natural hair care and adding various types of hair extensions as is the case with most of her clients including Stephanie who was one of the participants at the Miss England Beauty pageant 2013.

Joy can be reached at her Essex Salon and Academy in Southend on Sea where she can work with you to achieve whatever natural hair care designs or extensions that you may require for whatever the occasions.


Working with various high end clients is Joy’s specialism as she offers only the best service in hair extensions, braids and weaves.


Joy styling Miss England 2013 contestant

Joy styling Miss England 2013 contestant


Stephanie Contestant Miss England 2013

Stephanie Contestant Miss England 2013


To contact us:

Tel: 01702 339 858

Email: info@worldofbraiding.com

Other contacts include:

facebook – joyphido, worldofbraidingandextensions

Twitter: @joyphido, @worldofbraiding

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Joy can be seen in her salon working with clients or in training with her students from across the world.

Hair Service at World of Braiding

Hair Service at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding

Training at World of Braiding


Federal Judge Rules Law Against Texas Hair Braiders as Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Rules Law Against Texas Hair Braiders as Unconstitutional.



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Come and find out how Joy Phido – mother of 4, immigrant, made redundant, lost all her money to a pyramid marketing scheme etc – is now an International Business woman.  The creator of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd – the World’s only HABIA accredited Natural Hair & Extensions Academy – training students from all over the world – helping and coaching them to set up their own businesses etc.  Joy is willing to share her experiences with you and help guide you to the part of success with her programme YOUR SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDS – an 11 point success guide to accelerate you into clearing your thoughts and putting you into action for success. 

If you think things are not happening the way you want it and you need help then you are not alone.  Make this seminar a must attend event to hear how Joy has been able to cope with her circumstances and now wants to help you overcome yours.


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Tel:   0208 983 9815   Mobile:  07946 439 057

joy@worldofbraiding.com, info@worldofbraiding.com





Joy G Phido

Joy G Phido


  •   A mother with 4 children – 3 girls, 1 boy
  • A wife married for nearly 20 years
  • Chief Executive of World of Braiding & Extensions Group of Companies
  • A business woman whose experience in business spans across various areas.
  • An educator who trains and teaches her students the skill of natural hair and extensions
  • A business mentor who helps her students get into the Business of natural hair and extensions
  • A natural hair and extensions Designer, Consultant and specialist.
  • A motivational speaker and personal development adviser.
  • Wears natural hair and all her children too.
  • Someone’s friend, sister, aunt, cousin etc.


Joy Phido is the CEO and Creative Director of World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd.  She is an experienced business woman whose experience spans over various industries and businesses.

Joy is a licensed qualified Hairdresser/Cosmetologist, a Natural Hair & Extensions Educator, Consultant and Designer.  As a Natural Hair & Extensions Educator, Joy inspires women and young people alike across the world to embrace not only natural hair and extensions beauty but to get into business and offer the service of caring for natural hair and extensions in order to prosper and create wealth for themselves and their family.

Her mission: 1. Protect and glamorise Natural Hairstyles 2. Empower women to gain skills for self-employment & create jobs for others 3. Grooming Body, Mind & Soul to genuine Financial success with Business Enterpreneurship skills


Joy Phido teaching natural hair styles in a seminar

Joy Phido teaching natural hair styles in a seminar


Joy’s interest for education in Natural Hair industry began in September 2002 when she wanted to gain more education in the natural African type hair beauty and realised there were no colleges that taught this hair type. She became more curious and wanted to know why education in this hair type was not offered in schools. On further research she realised that she had discovered an emerging untapped industry with so many gaps and missing aspects.  This discovery led her to understand 3 major facts:

  1. There were Hairdressing and Cosmetology colleges in the UK and USA but there were no academies or colleges that focused on teaching, educating and training on the uniqueness of the natural African type hair.
  2. There were also no colleges that taught the creative art involved in natural hair designing and its glamour.  She noticed celebrities and ordinary people alike were constantly adorning natural hair designs and wondered:
    1. who was responsible for creating their hairstyles?
    2. Are the people creating these designs professionally trained and if so where did they gain their training?
    3. if a beginner had an interest and passion for the skill and wanted to learn or get into the industry, where would they go to get the training?
    4. The industry attracted so much wealth but there was a great imbalance in the sharing of the wealth that circulated within.  Her search on the industry had exposed her to discover there were a few groups of players in the industry which ranged from the salon owner/stylist, the product and hair extensions distributor /store owner (beauty supply shop) and the product and hair extensions manufacturer.  She then discovered that among these major players in the industry, the people who worked hardest were the salon owner /stylist who stood behind the clients all day but yet got very little income from the huge amount of money that circulated in the industry.   Continuous research into the industry shows such startling statistical population and buying power as:
  • World population is 7billion as at 2012
  • 80% of world population are people of colour www.redorbit.com.
  • UK population as at 2011 is 62.3million
  • 1.5million – 2% of the population are blacks.
  • US is 314million as at 2012
  • 42 million – 13.6% of the population are blacks
  • Africa is 1.032billion as at 2011 (Nigeria – 170m, Ethiopia 91m, Egypt – 83m, South Africa – 48m, Tanzania – 46m, Kenya – 43m)

And with real financial power in a multi Trillion dollar industry such as:

  • Total income /revenue as at 2011 – $72.41billion with 4.2% increase www.modernsalon.com
  • In 2008 small natural hair care industry tapped sales of $1.8billion
  • In 2009 the ethnic hair care and beauty accounted for $2.7billion.
  • It is estimated that by 2013 – Ethnic Beauty industry will have sales of $4.2 trillion www.marketresearch.com
  • “African Americans alone spend $1.5 – $2 billion annually
  • Black women spend 6 times more than the other races on hair.  www.treasuredlocks.com,
  • Why? Black women love their hair as is part of the culture.
  • Black hair is unique and requires special grooming. www.highbeam.com,
Type 4c Coily Ziggly

Type 4c Coily Ziggly

– Black hair is coily, tight, lacks moisture and easily tangled.   It is dry, frizzy and fragile to the touch which leads it to break easily thereby requiring constant attention.

As the natural Black hair is the opposite of society’s perceived notion of westernised beauty, there is the constant demand to manipulate and change its state to fit into the mainstream understanding of beautiful hair.  This therefore is the reason the Black woman has to spend so much money in order to have the hair that is noticed in her society.

The above discovery strengthened, inspired and encouraged Joy to embark on a journey to educate her community, share her knowledge and empower stylist and salon owners to understand the politics in the industry in order to join in and tap from the financial wealth that circulated unnoticed in the industry.  This helped Joy to set up World of Braiding & Extensions – the No. 1 internationally accredited Natural Hair & Extensions Academy with Habia CPD certification to act as the pioneer institution with the VISION:

  • To teach Professional Natural hair & Extensions skill
  • To guide students to set up and run successful natural hair and extensions Business.
  • To help students see the potential in the industry and to join in and prosper from the wealth within.

As a continuous way of sharing her knowledge, Joy can be seen actively conducting seminars, workshops, events, attending and participating at hair shows. Styling models at Special Beauty contest and shows etc. Miss West Africa -UK, Afro Hair & Beauty, Miss England 2013 etc.

Model showing Afro hair glamour3

Model showing Afro hair glamour3

Miss West Africa UK contestants showing off their lovely figure

Miss West Africa UK contestants showing off their lovely figure

Model showing Afro hair glamour1

Model showing Afro hair glamour1

across various continents of the world.  She can also be seen on Youtube continuously sharing and educating her community with the knowledge & skill she has acquired.  With over 2 million views and 8,000 subscribers tuned in to watch and follow her, she continues to perfect the knowledge of understanding the Natural Hair & Extensions industry.  She writes e-books, blogs, creates

Joy Phido and beautiful family

Joy Phido and beautiful family

home training DVDs etc to continue to educate and share knowledge.


As a natural hair designer, she is one of the industry’s most sought after Artistic Master Braids, Weaves and Extensions Consultant.

Zina's glamorous tree braid weave

Zina’s glamorous tree braid weave

Like the rest of society, Joy believes that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and should be treated with love and care so as to give her confidence to perform her best in whatever she does. It is with this knowledge that Joy is one of the pioneer hair designers who completely reject the use of chemicals on a woman’s hair to create beauty.  Knowing that chemicals damage the hair structure thereby leading sometimes to irreparable hair loss situations, this has led Joy to encourage her clients to stop using chemicals in their hair and stay natural.  While wearing natural hair styles has led so many women to believe that their hairs tyles have got to be boring and less adventurous, Joy has had to pioneer creative natural hair designs in order to give her clients the glamour and beauty they desire and deserve.

Stephanie Contestant Miss England 2013

Stephanie Contestant Miss England 2013

970185_461909593904097_112435684_n IMG_4797 IMG_4798Joy has pioneered and embraced many natural hair styles that empower women to value their beauty without chemicals. Joy’s niche in the industry is to create styles and designs for the professional business woman who is a style Icon – who not only stand for success in life, but appreciates glamour and health of her natural hair which helps to consolidate her image in society.  World of Braiding & Extensions is the 5 Star salon for the VIP Natural Hair & Extensions client. Look fabulous and feel great with natural hair and extensions glamour.  Natural and glamorous.


Joy’s passion for hair dates back to when she was 5 years old in her home country Nigeria where as a child in Ogoniland, started playing with grass blades for hair strands. The grass leaves could be seen as the Barbie dolls most little girls play with in modern society.   In her secondary school she continued with her passion for hair where she was the most sought after student to design the hair on the senior students.  To Joy this was an honour as she was spared a lot of dirty chores in place of working with something she loved – designing hair. Growing with the typical sentiments as is normal in Nigeria, her passion for hair was put in the back burner after secondary school for a glossier high University education lifestyle.  In University, she studied Business Administration with the dream of setting up her own International Business at some time in future.  After becoming a graduate, as is expected in Nigeria, she had to find a prestigious job to fit a prestigious lifestyle of the well to do Nigerians.  Working in Banking satisfied this role and worked in various banks and rose to the position of Deputy Manager in the Treasury Department of a Commercial Bank in Lagos.  She then set up her fashion and beauty business on the side as part of her plan of running her own business as was her initial dream.


Everything was put on hold as Joy had to relocate to England in 1994 in the heat of a crisis that had taken place in her hometown Ogoni.  She had to start a new life in a new country and a new society.  To fit into the new society, she had to start life all over again with humble beginnings as UK work ethics did not rely on educational qualifications without local industry experience.  Nigeria’s work experience was not recognised and so Joy had to go back to the beginning by taking on various trainings – starting with NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Business Administration.  After completion of her courses, she took on various jobs and eventually got a prestigious job in the City of London as a Circuit Designer working from Lloyds of London with one of the worlds’ top Telecommunications Company at the time – MCI WorldCom.  Telecoms industry crashed and so did MCI Worldcom. Joy was made redundant and as she was expecting her third child, she had to find a way out to survive the expenses that came with family life.  With childcare being very expensive, it had become apparent that paid employment with 3 children was no longer an option.  With 3 children to feed, she took on various other roles – that failed and led her nowhere.   The only choice left was to set up a work from home business.  She researched work from home jobs on internet and came across Herbalife – a pyramid weight loss company that promised to help her achieve great things working from home.  She invested all her redundancy money into this business hoping it will sort out all her problems. This proved to be the most expensive mistakes of Joy’s business and investment decisions.   With 3 children, a mortgage, untold number of bills, a failed business that had put her in so much debt, stress and no hope for a way out, Joy had no one to turn to.  Then she came across a book in the course of attending one of Herbal life’s marketing events – Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  She remembered her childhood dreams of running her own business. This inspired her to go back to her passion and dreams of working with hair. As she had always designed her 3 daughter’s hair, it was now easy to take this to the next level.


Joy joined the Local Council Adult Education Department to perfect her skills of setting up her hair business but realised that she knew more than her classmates and her instructor.  She happily offered and shared her knowledge with her colleagues and teacher.  As it turned out, her teacher was moving on to greener pastures and therefore suggested that Joy take over the job of teaching the class.  The Council officially offered Joy the job based on her teacher’s recommendation and this was the beginning of a new route for Joy as she had no prior experience of teaching.  While with the Council, she was offered a teacher training Course to help develop her teaching ability.  She continued with the Council where her duties carried on for 5 years with 4 teaching centres.  With various classes to teach,



Joy decided to make her teaching more interesting by adding more knowledge to her skill which she did by researching some more and finding out about training organisations based in the USA.  She then took various trips to the USA in order to compare and add more to her natural skills.

On her return from the US, she had made a good comparison between the braiding, weaving and extensions practices of Africa, America and England. Her comparison confirmed that while Africans could braid beautifully, they did not appreciate their skill and did not glamorise the hairstyles. They also lacked professionalism, delivery of good customer care and Health & Safety practices. On the other hand, the Americans glamorised braids but also lacked good customer care, professionalism and health & safety practices. While in UK and Europe, Braiding, Weaving and extensions was yet to take its roots and get recognised in the society. This comparison of knowledge and experiences empowered Joy to embark on various ways to make her training professional, introduce health & safety practices, glamorise and encourage theory education in the industry.  She was now able to offer detailed, versatile, organised and professional methods of teaching which helped ease her dealings with learners from various races, backgrounds and across the world.

This was quite an exciting time for Joy and after teaching for 5 years with the Council, she had accumulated enough experience to set up Braid Creations – her first natural hair and extensions business.  Braid Creations then gave her the confidence and knowledge to work from home around her 3 girls. After about 2 years as the business consolidated and settled down, she then moved the business into a commercial centre and later changed the name to World of Braiding & Extensions.


Joy has over 30 years’ experience of wearing and working with natural hair designs.  Joy has the following qualifications –  BSc Business Administration, NVQ Level 3 Hairdressing, NVQ Levels 2 & 3 Business Administration, City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Delivering Learning, ILEX Legal Secretary, State Registered Hairdresser (SRH), various Certificates in make-up, Hair Braiding, Weaving, Lace wig installation, Fusion Extensions, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Practitioner) etc.  In addition to teaching Natural Hair & Extensions, Joy is a motivational speaker who uses her training in NLP and personal experiences to empower other people to do more in life.


As Braid Creations grew successful, it was later changed to World of Braiding & Extensions Ltd.

Joy’s comparison of natural hair and braiding practices from across the globe continues to provide her with a wealth of information which she passes on to her students thereby making them better informed and equipped professionals. Training to become a qualified teacher also helped immensely as Joy found out this was lacking with the American training centres she had attended.  They knew their skill and could showcase the most amazing hair styles but could not share or translate their knowledge to a learner.  They also lacked depth in their training as it was only based on practical experiences without background theory to make learning complete.

With the continuous search for knowledge, Joy took on the NVQ Level 3 Hairdressing Course.  This was to gain a better understanding of the differences between what Hairdressing offered compared to the Natural Hair and Extensions aspect of hair.  This was to become very clear and the major points Joy noted was realising that the Natural hair and extensions industry was lacking in professional services & ethics, health & safety and lacked theory education which included understanding hair, growth and what caused damage.  Hairdressing therefore helped Joy to incorporate these aspects that were missing into the natural hair & extensions industry.  World of Braiding now added these theory and other professional practices into its training  such as Health, safety and hygiene in the salon, professional work ethics, client records, client care and communication, client consultation, retailing & displaying products & extensions, presentation and packaging of images in the form of photo-shoot etc helping to showcase the glamorous side of natural hair & extensions industry.  All of these information is to help the student with the understanding of setting and running their own salon businesses.

A student's shop in Ilford London

A student’s shop in Ilford London

A student's shop in Portsmouth England

A student’s shop in Portsmouth England

These research, education and training has given World of Braiding better background information to teaching students the skills they need to set up their own business as well as firmly rooted World of Braiding as the pioneer institution that helps to get students into natural hair and extensions business.

Joy’s continuous search for knowledge took her on a trade mission to China where she had to meet with manufactures of hair

Attending international Beauty events

Attending international Beauty events

extensions and products packaging. Joy believes that the key to teaching is about continuous research, communication, flexibility, patience, passion, willingness to share knowledge etc etc.  All these attributes have contributed to making World of Braiding a No 1 training Academy for teaching Natural hair styles and Extensions.  Joy has used these positive attributes at World of Braiding & Extensions to successfully create thousands of satisfied students who have trained to become professional natural hair and extensions practitioners and have gone on to achieve their dreams by becoming self-employed in their own salons, working in a salon, adding natural hair skills to their careers, offering the skill to their loved ones etc. World of Braiding can do the same for you.



One of Joy’s attribute to success comes from Personal Development.  She is a huge practitioner and supporter of the fact that if you are strong mentally, you will be able to withstand the pains and stresses that life presents.  She is an ardent reader of various great motivational speakers – Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, T.Harv Eker, Christopher Howard etc.  The hunger for personal development came from the training Joy undertook in NLP.  Without NLP leading the way for Joy to view life differently, the story may have been different.

In addition to other career experiences, Joy is well grounded and is willing to support and train others in the following areas:

  • Personal and Self-development to enhance success and growth in any area of life
  • General business advice and consultancy
  • Natural Hair image design, advice and consultancy
  • African hair braiding experiences
  • American hair braiding, weaving & extensions experiences
  • Teaching Adult learners of all races in Natural Hairstyles
  • Teaching young learners of all races in Natural Hairstyles
  • Starting and marketing a Natural Hair business
  • Fashion businesses

Joy’s attitude is that all hairs should be embraced and glamorized. All hairs can be designed into any style and this can be done by anyone irrespective of race, sex and age. This is a sentiment which has been proven over time by the cross section of students from across the world who have gained natural hair skills from World of Braiding & Extensions.  World of Braiding & Extensions is determined to turn anyone with a creative mind and passion into a professional natural hair and extensions stylist.

Joy is available to talk at your next event – conferences, seminars etc – as she believes that one persons’ experience can become a catalyst that inspires another to success in business, personal life etc.  Please contact us for details.

Contact us:

Premium Natural Hair & Extensions Professionals

Premium Natural Hair & Extensions Professionals

http://www.worldofbraiding.com, http://www.worldofbraidingacademy.com

info@worldofbraiding.com, joy@worldofbraiding.com

Tel: +44 1702 339 858, +44 7946 439 057

Natural Hair & Extensions Centre

37 Alexandra Street

Southend on Sea



Joy Phido and her 4 children

Joy Phido and her 4 children

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