20th November 2010

Internet Marketing for the Hair Beauty Business

Participants were introduced to the advantages of using the Internet to market their services.   Some of the major points noted were:

  1. 1. Showing the statistical growth of the Internet and how it has developed over the years.  The effect it currently has on business generally and the hair beauty business in particular was emphasised.
  2. 2. The need to explore the Internet for growth was discussed.
  3. 3. Using World of Braiding experience, Joy explained the various hurdles she has had to overcome in order to use the Internet for her business development and growth.  She gave advice on various ways to cut the hurdles in order to achieve great web sites using her experience.
  4. 4. Creating a great web site was not enough but adding value that clients will find useful was important in the hair and beauty business.  This went beyond showing amazing hairstyles and how to achieve them but also including on your websites what your clients should expect when they do come to your shop.  Noting some of the customer care service you offer, environment to expect, value of your service including effective consultation etc. Others included using a variety of various Internet media to stay in communication with the clients.

There were amazing discussions, experiences shared and inspirational talks.

Participants were grateful for the amount of detailed information and clear explanation of what to expect in the industry from the point of view of using the Internet.

Below are some of the participant’s comments.

Vicky – Salon Owner – Hemel Hemstead. “I am glad I sacrificed my day to attend this event.  I now know what to say to my web designer and how he can provide me with a web site aimed to attract more clients to my business. Joy teaches from experience and this makes learning down to reality. I will recommend this training to anyone who wants to grow in their business.”

Yeno – Beginner Student – London. “I cannot believe this training was free.  I would have paid any money to attend this training and gain the knowledge I have acquired.  I am about to start in my business and with the knowledge I now have, I will cut out any form of confusion when building my web site.  I am glad Joy is open minded about sharing her experiences.  Anyone who wants to grow  in their business should attend this workshop.  The knowledge to be gained is invaluable.”

22nd November 2010


Our young Mums were excited to gain as much knowledge as possible to be able to take control of their children’s hair. They were given information and skill in abundance among which were the following:

1 A clear understanding on how hair grows.

2 Foods that children need to eat to encourage their hair growth.

3 Things to avoid while working with children’s hair.

4 Products that are healthy for children’s hair.

5 Hairstyles that bring out the best looks of our young ones.

In addition to all the above and more, they got their hands deep into gaining the skill of some of the hairstyles – Single plaits, add extensions to single plaits, Cornrows, add extensions to cornrows

It was a day packed with information and skill and our lovely Mums were equal to the task. Some of their comments included:

“I never knew I had the skill of braiding in my hands.  I have always looked at anyone who can braid with amazement.  Now people will look at me with amazement.  To imagine I did this in one day is beyond words. Joy is an incredible teacher. Her patience is beyond explanation.” Phoebe – London.

“I will simply recommend this course to any Mum who wants to take control of their children’s hair.  The explanation on hair products, extensions types and equipment to work with has solved all the problems I have been dealing with working on my 5 year old daughter’s hair who always cried because I had no knowledge of what to do. To imagine I can call Joy anytime to ask more questions makes it even more interesting and satisfying.”

If there are any questions on any of the points mentioned here you will like us to discuss with you, please feel free to make your comments or email us.,,

If you were not able to attend these trainings due to personal issues and time constraints, please do stay in touch as there are more training planned for 2011.


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