Stop wasting your life with excuses.


Are you wasting your life to excuses? This may be true in most cases.



Do you find you are unemployed and unable to carry on? Are you tired of being unemployed and want to create your own job. Do you find that whenever you want to make a change you find yourself seeking excuses to stop your effort?

Do you find you want to buy or have something and discover you have not got the money to buy it? All you need is to take action to change your life. What could be responsible for your lack of action?  Idling away precious time in life is not the best way to live a successful life.  Time is money some would say and life is too short others will say. Some people however prefer to blame other people for their lack of action that will bring change to their life.  After spending years teaching women skills that help them to set up businesses to change their lives, Joy Phido has experienced unemployment and now in a position to help people review some of the age old excuses that stop progress. Here are some of the excuses people use and the different suggestions Joy offers to solve them.



1. CHILDREN.  Lots of people tend to hold their children responsible for their inability to progress their life. This is mostly among women. “I have 4 children and they have never stopped my progress in life. In fact I used my children as a motivation to go out and start my business” according to Joy. Avoid dropping to this level of using your children as the excuse for your lack of progress in life. For women with young under-age school going children; for the time your children are in School, you can offer to take on volunteering roles at various charity organisations and gain experience with such jobs and thereafter gain part time employment that will help you into work. On the other hand, you can join Council Adult Education trainings to gain skills, or you can take on private training to gain skills and start working from home. These are various options that can get your life back on track. Your children should not be an excuse to put your life on hold rather a catalyst to move your life farther in life.

2. HUSBAND. My husband does not understand my business idea or support my business idea. “I have a husband and this was my situation years back when I started.” says Joy. I had to follow my dream and carried on with the vision I had in my head. Your husband is not in your head and so does not understand what you are thinking or how the plans you have will work out. You have to follow your dreams and push on till he starts to see what you are talking about. In the end when the idea becomes successful, your husband will be proud of you but if you drop your idea to please him, you will live in constant regret as your dream will never be fulfilled.

3. PARENTS. My parents want to stop my progress. Remember you were born alone into the world and apart from the basic upbringing and education, your parents will not live your life. They do not know what skills you have and what your talent is. You need to stand up for yourself and show your parents that you know what you want in life and seek knowledge in that field. When you get good at what you want, your parents will be proud of you.

4. Race or being Black. Most black people like to hide under the black race as a trumpcard to stop their growth. My solution is you have 2 hands and you have a community. Start selling to your community. You do not have to chase people who do not appreciate you and what you represent. What affects most businesses is knowing who to sell to. If your business is not appreciated by all, target and narrow your market to people who would respect and love what you have to offer. We all have a potential for growth. Do not waste yours.  “When I started my business in hair braiding and extensions, my market was mostly black and today everyone appreciates my skill. I started from somewhere first.” says Joy

Getting rich in business

Getting rich in business

5. MONEY. This is number one excuse for most people. “I would have started my business but I don’t have money.” No one has money to spare. You have to make the money.  Start with the little money you have and show a passion for what you want. You can offer your time free for volunteering to help out with people who do what you do. Gain knowledge and skills to grow in that industry.  Save little money every month, cut out unnecessary expenses and save your money towards what you want.

Other excuses include being too fat, too skinny, too young, unemployed, disable etc etc.

SOLUTION.  Gain a skill in your hands and you can start by working from home while gradually

World of Braiding Home Training programme

World of Braiding Home Training programme

growing your experience and confidence. This is what we offer our students at World of Braiding & Extensions Academy. With over 10 million views on our youtube channel and over 80,000 subscribers, we are a force to reckon with while aiming to share knowledge and skill to the world. Join our team and change your  life for the better.


All these excuses should not stop you from living the life of your dreams.  All you need is to stay focused and work towards what you want to be.

Remember life is too short to waste.


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About Joy

Joy is a qualified and certified NLP practioner whose wealth of experience continues to motivate and inspire her students all over the world for growth in business and personal life.

In addition to other learning, Joy continues to educate herself in the field of Personal Development from great authors and world leaders such as Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Christopher Howard etc.

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Joy a mother with her four children

Joy a mother with her four children

About your Trainer

Joy Phido is an internationally established Natural Hair Care Designs and Extensions Educator.  Joy is a mother with 4 children and has first-hand experience on how difficult it is to work and run a family especially in the Western world.  After working in corporate Nigeria as a banker and corporate England in telecoms, Joy tried her hands on buy and sell businesses which failed. She eventually realized that to succeed in business; you need to have a skill in your hands first. In addition to her natural passion and skill in hair designing, Joy took series of professional training from across different continents and now has the mission to give students real skill of running a hair Business. This is why World of Braiding has become a success and it is this passion of owning your own skill that motivates Joy in helping people who come to World of Braiding & Extensions for training.

Joy has a BSc in Business Admin, a qualified Hairdresser, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with UK Hairdressing Council, has over 20 years Natural Hair & Extensions experience.  She is also a qualified teacher, an NLP practitioner with varied career experiences.

Before setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy started teaching Braiding, Weaving & Extensions with the Newham Council Adult Education Department (Newceys) for 5 years at 4 Centres with some classes as big as 30 students. As the Chief Executive, Trainer and Artistic Director at World of Braiding & Extensions, her passion is to make Natural Hair and Extensions a professional skill as well as help stylist understand how to make money while designing glamorous clients.





“To either work the system or be doomed by the system”

This is a secret I have learnt over my several years of being in existence, working, attending schools, travelling the world, running a business in Africa and now subsequently running a business in the UK.

You are well educated, hardworking; you are smart, intelligent, focused, determined etc. You keep your eyes open and ears close to the ground and you do everything you can to achieve success but this is not happening. It’s as if you are yet to scratch the surface of the ground and so you get sad, depressed, frustrated and you want to give up. So you think you were never made to succeed. You start to think and believe success is for other people and not you. But wait a minute – it’s not you that has a problem; it’s our society. This is the topic of this article. “We are programmed to fail!!!”

“Our society is designed to make us fail.”  Great news.  Our Creator did not design us for failure.  We all have just about the same chance as anyone to succeed and become great but we have to prepare ourselves to overcome the major hurdles that have been put in place by society which is aimed at making us fail.

What are these HURDLES?

1                   ACADEMIC EDUCATION SYSTEM: 

Education system

Education system

 i.                   TIME: 

We are made to spend too much time of our life in the education system learning things that have absolutely nothing to do with the future we eventually survive in. Most of our time spent in school is used to learning academic theories starting mostly with English and Maths.  This way of training continues as we are growing up and we are given false hopes. When and if the schooling finally finishes; real life starts – but hey presto! there are no jobs waiting to cover what we have spent so much time learning – English and maths.  There is nothing unique about English and maths if everyone is equally qualified.  English and maths do not hold a candle to the rat race that starts when we start real life. We start by sending series of application letters written in English to every organisation we can think of, we may get lucky, and get invited for interviews where the process begins – we get turned down by everyone and the excuses starts – your CV was not good enough, you did not do well at the interview, someone better got the job, someone with a better qualification or experience got the job etc etc. This starts to break your spirit as you had built an image of what your life will be when you finish school. You had started dreaming when you were really young. You probably watched series of movies or like me; you read a lot of fiction novels and built castles in the air. You just knew that you were going to be great. However, what you are experiencing right now is nowhere near being great. Somehow, no one told you life will be this way. No one brought you to life and prepared you for the disappointment and failures that you are beginning to encounter or face.

ii.                 DEPENDENCE:

Our society builds us up for complete dependence on other people for your financial survival. You finish your long education which prepares you for nothing in real life and then you have to go to someone to get a job. You start by sending CVs, applications letters, attending interviews etc. You start getting feedback telling you the CV was not good enough; your application was not good enough; someone who is better qualified than you got the job etc. You find out 20,000 people applied for a job of maybe 10 staff and so they had to weed off everyone. You start experiencing rejection and this starts to break your confidence and spirit. You start thinking something is wrong with you and you are not good enough. You end up frustrated and begin to loose believe in yourself.

What if Society had prepared you to be independent? What if you had some skill in your hands that you could control and be able to help yourself with your own job?

Then the questions arise – who gave that person the ability to give you a job? Who put that person in a position to give jobs? Just like this person, can you also create jobs that other people can apply for in future? Do you simply need the right skills in your hands?

iii.              LEFT BRAIN / RIGHT BRAIN:

So we go to school to supposedly gain education that will better our lives or the skills to empower or help us through life. Somehow the school systems we have are not making great progress with this role presently. They are focusing on teaching only academic knowledge – read and write. There are no practical or physical activities to start activating our brain to think creatively and innovatively. This system only empowers us with Left brain functioning action which concentrates on theory. The lack of use of our creative mind also known as using the Right brain has left us becoming nothing but zombies and robots.  We are constantly being hypnotised and put in a trance so we do not question anything around us. The Matrix Movie is an example of the society we have become. This is unreal as nature provided us with 2 sets of brain and 2 hands. This was to help us think and take action with activities that will help better our lives. These activities were not meant to be uniform as is the case of – English and maths Pythagoras theorem, algebra, adjectives, noun, verbs etc etc.  They were meant to be varied and unique to each of us as we are different. They were meant to empower each of us with our unique way of thinking using the special talent that we have been naturally given to create something different from the next person – great with hands, great with voice, great with feet, great with sight etc.  This explains why there are so many different learning styles for each of us.

The Seven Learning Styles

  • Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  • Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
  • Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
  • Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
  • Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
  • Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
  • Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

We all do have passions and talents that we can pursue to create something unique/ something we enjoy doing so we can grow it and make it great.

For some of us, we love to cook or bake, we love to work with hair, we love to wear and make beautiful clothes, we love to create beautiful make-up, we love working with equipment, materials, bricklaying, playing football, swimming, running marathon, dancing, playing piano, gardening, photography, videography, electrician, plumber etc. These are real life needs and they are satisfied from our natural passion for working with them which is why we are different. The society we live in however does not appreciate our talents or hands-on skill as they tend to see these skills as not good enough, demeaning, derogatory and belittling; simply not good enough for so-called intelligent people who only learn by reading, writing and memorising – verbal learners.  The question then is – can someone be creative without being intelligent?  This is because, generally, creative people are usually credited with little intelligence. It is therefore the society that is misleading people and pushing them on a part of destruction – putting so much emphasis on verbal learners than giving/ encouraging everyone to have a chance in life by proving themselves. Academic qualifications that are generally appreciated and respected are mostly – lawyers, historians, politicians, business, marketing, finance, anthropologist, psychologist, sociologist, banking etc.

Big question then becomes, after these courses, can you employ yourself automatically? Can you do something on your own without involving others? Can you be your own boss?  This is rare as you have to look for a job from someone else who is running a business. How does this help anyone who cannot find a job for the reasons stated above? Who do you turn to – family, friends, someone at the top etc? Unemployment for life? This explains why there are so many unemployed people and why there are so many poor people. The youths are so bored, they have to find things to occupy their time and this is why our society has deteriorated and thy are angry leading to social unrest and social problems everywhere – stabbings, killing, pick pockets, robbery, looting, vandalism other. How has the education system helped to better the lives in our society? On the other hand, when you escape the unemployment queue, you start working with clear cut instructions on how to think and work. There is no free creativity on your part as you have to follow the organisations’ policy on how to work. Then you work so hard in your youth – giving it the best you can and you get promoted into various roles but as you grow older, you get to a point where the promotion has to stop unless you want to kill the people at the top so there is a vacancy for you to fill. Your boss will never pay you enough to make you rich – this is why it is a job – just over broke.

2                   HEALTH SYSTEM:macdonalds

unhealthy foods

unhealthy foods

The health system is completely messed up and prepares us for failure. It starts from the day we are born.  The content of the powdered milk given to us as food and the ingredients in the baby oil they rob on our skin are unsafe, unhealthy and damaging to us.  Then it gets worse as the food we continue to eat starts our decaying and oxidization process. All you see advertised and glamorised in your face are heavily processed, pre-packaged and prepared foods that contains parabens – full of synthetic chemicals which enhances and become catalyst for the process of sickness.   Your body starts to break down and decay so you start to fall ill. The sickness starts to build up – diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, heart attack etc.

When you are sent to the Doctors /pharmaceutical companies, they start using you for lab experiments to test their

Medical system

Medical system

various drugs.  This continues and as your body is natural and not built for chemicals, you deteriorate and eventually give up and die before the time you could have spent on this planet. Your family is then told that it is a genetic problem that runs in the family.

We are not told that our body being a product of nature; does not need chemicals but rather natural ingredients. Natural ingredients and products are never glamorised so you don’t see any use for them.  This is because if you went natural, you will stop buying their chemicals and then they will have less money so they simply want you to keep buying to line up their pocket lines. Profit before people. In the Western world, another snag is that the natural foods are made to be very expensive while the pre-packaged foods are very cheap and because you have not got so much money to go round for your needs, you end up buying their pre-packaged synthetics and chemicals foods where you actually end up using our own hands to kill yourself based on the foods you have been putting into your body.

3                   FINANCIAL SYSTEM:banking2



Money! Money!! Money!!! This is the one word that makes the world go round and this is the one word that the system does not want you to know about so you will never be in control. This is why caring for money, making money, managing and understanding money are never taught in Schools so you continue to make mistakes and never take control of what will help you. IT IS A CONTROL MECHANISM BUILT INTO THE SYSTEM SO YOU NEVER LEARN. We start with the wrong schools, wrong education with no life skills, live in the wrong neighbourhood, live in the wrong homes, wrong social groups, wrong friends and crowd, eat the wrong food etc because we do not have the right amount of money to buy the type of quality of life that will help us grow.  You have no money and you have no life – simple. If you had great business ideas and go to the bank to ask for a loan, you are automatically turned down because you do not have collateral to protect the loan you want from your bank. So how is the system helping you? You do not have a good job so it is obvious you will never get a mortgage, so you will not live in your own home or good neighbourhood. You do not have a good job because you did not have a good CV, you did not have a good CV because you did not go to a good school, you cannot go to a good school because you live in a wrong neighbourhood etc etc and the list goes on. Every barrier on the way stacks up against you. To progress in life, you need financial support to fund your ideas and to get financial support requires the system to help you so how do you get started? Chicken and egg which one came first? The Banks will not lend you money to start because they need years of accounts and collateral; you will not have years of accounts or collateral if you do not have money so how do you start a business to change your life? Why did the education system not help to prepare us?  

4                   LAWS & THE LEGAL SYSTEM:

the law

the law


This is a big big one. When they know you have been strong enough to overcome most of the other issues, then they hide under the law to further hold you down and depress you. The Banks will hide under a law and steal your money. If you don’t put money in the Banks, then you will not be able to buy things from so many sources. They use law and put insurance on everything; you may never have need to call on the insurance so you lose your money. When you do have need for the insurance, you are put through hell before you receive any payment claim if any at all. They use laws to create associations and groups and if don’t join them, you will never be recognised – Franchising laws, Health & Safety, cosmetology. Law says you should buy this insurance, attend this college or training, hold this certificate before you can practice, get this licence, get this signature etc etc or you get sent a huge fine and where this is not the case, you are sent to Court or prison for practicing without authority.

If you have to argue with anyone over any issue and you get the lawyers involved, then the lawyers get rich in order to take your case to Court.  The smarter lawyer wins the case and then you pay so much money for taking this action. If you have any case against the Government, forget it as you will never win – there are so many movies that tend to inform us about these things and people think – it is only a movie. They are real because they are based on people’s experiences and examples – The Matrix, The Firm, Law Abiding Citizen, Enemy of the State etc etc. The whole idea is to keep the small man smaller while the rich man gets richer.

5                   TAXES:



This is the height of injustice and unfairness in our Western society. Everything you touch is taxed.  I was reading an article the other day and there was an interesting picture in it. The picture had 2 refrigerators side-by-sides. In fridge 1, was just one bag while fridge 2 had every food in the world. Vegetable compartment, meat, diary, cheese etc. The caption of the empty fridge read – The hardworking taxpayer and the second fridge had – The man with welfare support from the Govt.  The Tax system had taken the hardworking man’s money and he could not afford anything anymore including food.

My children got so frustrated with their friends in school whose parents are on welfare but are able to buy all the latest gadgets – shoes, designer bags and clothes, ipad, iphones latest versions, wii, xbox etc etc.

frustration from bills

frustration from bills

They start asking questions like how come these people can afford these things. They say to me – “Why don’t we go on welfare too?” I don’t know what future we are giving our children by showing them examples like these where people don’t work and have a lot and people who work have nothing. According to Max Keiser of Keiser Report on Russia Television, we have over 150 taxes in the UK. There is no hope for the ordinary man.

6                   BILLS; BILLS; BILLS:

Bills are everyone’s enemy. They come in every form – electricity bills, gas bills, telephone bills, Council tax, Council rate, VAT, insurances, water bills, TV licence, food prices increase etc etc. Then you have personal requirements – rent, mortgage, car and maintenance, petrol prices, parking prices, road insurance, children’s school trips, travelling on public transport etc. The demand over your personal mental and physical strength and energy is far too much and

bills, bills, bills

bills, bills, bills

endless. How do you survive? As my Pastor will call it, take on 4 jobs to live one life. Where is the help? No jobs to cover your bills so where do you run to? How is society helping to better your life?

7                   NETWORKING AND CRONISM



Meeting the right people at the right time has helped some people hit their dreams overnight. Some people will call it being at the right place at the right time. Everything else becomes irrelevant. You know someone in Government positions and they help you; you get help from people in high places etc. You know the Bank Manager, you have a godfather in that establishment and many more cases.

 Well in spite of all above, you need to give yourself a chance. You need to bring yourself back to use your natural gifts, talents and passion. Use your right brain and start creating unique things – fashion, hair, beauty, food, baking, carpentary, electricians, photography, videography, music etc.

 Bring the real you to life by burying the society made version of you. Go back into your originally version which was created with gifts, talents, skills and passion by simply getting into a vocational trade. Get to train in what you love to

vocational skills

vocational skills

do, turn it into a business and be in control of your life

This is where the change in our life will come from and when we can change our individual lives, then we change our community and our economy.  We will take back control of our lives, as the skill in our hands will make us money without our reliance on the government or other individual by looking for a job. You are in control of the thoughts coming out of your brain and in control of the activities that your hands can perform.  Do not allow yourself to be tied to anyone’s thinking process.  Do not put yourself in a box because there are no rights or wrongs in the skills you possess – simply innovations – new ways of doing the same old thing – new colour, new length, new models, new texture etc etc. You simply bring your creative side alive while making a business out of it. You can then grow your ideas to a big business and at least you would have introduced new things into the world without simply being another number. You can now face the issues in your life with  focus and a clear mind without societal distortion of feeling inadequate and being mundane.


This is how I protected my future when I put my skill in my hands by going into Natural Hair & Extensions care

This is the world we live in today. You have to protect yourself as there is no one out there to do it for you.


There are so many movies that try to explain these scenarios to us but most times we think they are just movies. They are as real as you can imagine – examples – The Matrix, The Firm, Law Abiding Citizen, Enemy of the State etc.

It is up to you to either work the system to your advantage or prepare yourself to face the system and struggle for the remaining days of your life.

We are programmed to fail in order to keep the Capitalist system wheels in progress by enriching only the few and leaving the poor poorer. If we were all smart and owned our own business, then we will not look for jobs and there will be no big mega companies to hold us to ransom.  If we all ate well and were all healthy, then there will be no need for doctors and we will all live long lives. Then they will not manufacture and test new drugs coming from mega conglomerate pharmaceutical companies. If we were all rich, then there will be no need for the banks to frustrate our business ideas by refusing us loans.

It’s now up to you to learn more about the system you live in and avoid being miserable and depressed by it but rather learn how to work with it. Knowledge is power and knowing will help you change and better not only your life but your family, friends and community.  When I have knowledge, I like to share it and I want you to share this message if it has helped you learn a bit more about our world/ society.


Wishing you the best in your life and experiences.


World of Braiding is happy to support you with all the points mentioned above to help you grow and develop.


Joy is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions

World No. 1 Professional Natural Hair Academy., +44 1 702 339 858, 07946 439 057,




I write when something striking comes to my spirit and experience. This thought explains to me that there are people out there experiencing similar things and are therefore looking for someone to support them.  My spirit then inspires me to either get into the studio and shoot a video on get on the computer and write about the experience. When I come out with the writings or video, I feel better because I know I would have helped someone to deal with the issue or at least know that someone out there has an idea of what they are experiencing and so they are not alone in their predicament.

This is how the topic for this article happened. Recent activities and events I have experienced is making realise how difficult it is to run a minority business in the Western world. It is a struggle to survive as a minority business in the Western Countries as people are being made to feel inadequate or inferior.  This is the issue I address in this article.

Survival in the Western World is not one of the easiest tasks in the world. Yet way back in most developing countries, the assumption is that people who live in the Western world have a very easy life. It is assumed that everyone is making lots of money and having lots of fun like the celebrities in the Hollywood blockbuster movies. As one of my friends puts it – when her family members call her from Nigeria, they tell her to send them lots of money and presents because they want to look like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Rihana, Julia Roberts etc but she tells them, “These people are not real. I don’t live anywhere next to them and I only see them in the movies just like you do.”  Another friend of mine says she tells her family when they call her on the phone, “Hold on because I will go and pluck the money from the money tree in the garden” and many more stories.

All of the above scenarios come to play because the mainstream Western media creates the most glamorous image and impressions of wealth with civilized and fair society.  However, reality of this lifestyle is far from this truth.  It may be civilized but the bigger problems that people face are far exhausting than the benefits of civilization – issues such as racism, unfairness, bigotry etc rear their ugly heads at people when living in the West.  Some people may pretend to you that these issues don’t exist but nothing much has changed since the slave times. The names used may have changed but they continue to hide in the society – in Schools, Work place, Local Councils, Banks, Shops and worst of all when you start to run a Business.  I should know about these as I have experienced all these situations. The most important to me at the moment is when ethnic minorities try to run a business in the western society and the tons of mountains they have to climb or overcome before they can make sense of their business.  This is difficult but how to do you cope through this system to survive when you have an idea that you feel strongly about and want to turn into a business?

Here are my top 7 survival tips to running a minority Business in the Western World. 

1                   BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: 



You have to start by believing in yourself and your idea. Ask yourself a lot of questions and answer them genuinely.  What do you want to offer people? Do you really see a market for it? Who are your clients? Will you be helping people out with the service you want to offer? How will this help etc etc. Focus on what is right. My experience with World of Braiding & Extensions is a case in point. I remember when I was starting and being told by people that I was not going to create any impact in the society as there were Hairdressing Colleges everywhere.  The answer I had for such a person was – “Not everyone who is a hairdresser can braid hair. Not all hair braiders are professionals.  So there is a market for training people and offering professional service of helping people care for their hair.”  This is still the same to this day as we now have  clients from all over the world.

My advice is do not wait for anyone to pat you on the back and tell you how great you are doing. Do not wait for accolades, awards recognition etc. Simply know the clients you are going to serve. There are so many examples of people who started businesses that were told will not survive because it was not mainstream. An example is Tyler Perry and Madea. Today Tyler is worth billions. He never gave up on his dreams. We have been told by so many businesses that we are not mainstream enough. My question to such people is that I have clients to serve and my clients have needs that are not mainstream so I will continue to serve these clients.

2                   LOVE YOURSELF:



You must love yourself. People out there will want to talk you down so you forget who you are and what you want to do. They will pick on the most insignificant unnecessary issue to put you down.  These types of fights are usually spiritual as they aim to break you from inside – sadness, feeling of being inadequate, depression, mental disorder etc etc. You must learn to love yourself. You have been placed on this earth for a reason. Your creator did not make a mistake when he created you so you need to find out what you represent.  Allowing people to talk you down gives people power over you so be prepared to take on anyone who chooses to attach your physical appearance – height, face, accent, hair etc etc. example is Danny Devito – He was never your typical movie actor but he became one of the biggest actors of his time.  When people want to stress you about your physical appearance; tell them how much you love everything about yourself.  Then they will leave you alone as they find there is nothing else to pick on. They will move on to the next victim. A friend of mine who ran a Caribbean food business was told that the food she cooked was smelling and not good enough for the location we all shared at the time. This same location had another restaurant which had mainstream menus but the smell was okay and the minority restaurant was not okay. Luckily she moved and found another location to operate her business.  

3                   BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF:

Stop being too judgemental on yourself. Praise yourself when you do great things and don’t be too heavy handed on yourself when things don’t happen the way you want them.  Don’t be your own worst enemy and criticise everything you do. When you pull yourself down all the time, chances are you will not be able to move your business forward as well.

4                   MAKE MISTAKES:

Feel free to make mistakes. This is what makes life what it is. Mistakes are a necessary part of life as it helps us grow. Mistakes are bound to happen because when they happen and you learn from them, you move your life forward. You now know what happens when something is done in a particular way. This is what they call experience. Be like a child. When they start working, they stand and try to walk and fall, they try again and fall again until they finally can walk. This should be a lesson for all of us.  You do not give in at the least opposition. Especially when you live in the Western world, all types of problems will come your way. Do not pack up and stop at the least turn. This happened to one of my student – she paid good money and learnt our highest paying skills – she was absolutely brilliant with the skill. Then she set up her room to start her business from home and her landlord told her she could not operate from her home. She gave up and stopped operating. When I heard her story I called her and offered her various options. She simply was not prepared to go back again. This is simply nothing in business. There is no one who has ever achieved anything that does not encounter problems and especially a minority business in the Western world.  Problems will come in every form.  We have encountered everything you can imagine. I have had a bailiff visit my shop for the most ridiculous reason and telling me he wants to shut down my shop. I faced him squarely and dealt with the problem.  You will face all types of problems. You simply have to learn to be strong.

5                   YOU HAVE A MARKET:



Remember you have a willing market that is ready to take on your service.  Like I mentioned earlier, you are not here to serve everyone. The world is full of people and as at 2012, we have 7billion people. You may want to serve 1000 or 500. If you are from minority, you are not aiming to serve mainstream so do not allow anyone to put you in a box and give you mountains to climb in order to serve a small set of people. Example of people who want to offer braiding services in the US being asked to take up Cosmetology in order to braid hair. In our last episode of hair helpline, we said to you, aim to be perfect in what you want to offer and not what the system wants you to learn. Our students who want to get grant and support for their training with us are told sometimes that they do not recognise our training because it is not mainstream. What does mainstream mean. Do they mean we have to sign some paper work that says mainstream or it is about filling lots of forms that mean nothing? What I say to these students is that it is up to them to decide what they want as Cosmetology will not teach them what they want so if you sit back and wait for mainstream, you will never move your life forward.  Your market will be sitting down and waiting for you while you will take up your mainstream course and start to look for clients that will not exist because the same mainstream people will not be needing your service as you do not fit into their profile. Think before you act. Ask lots of questions before you commit yourself to mistakes.  I know lots of people who went to sturdy Hairdressing courses and yet cannot use their skill in any form.

6                   FIND A MENTOR:

Never take anyone’s word for granted. Whenever you want to operate a business in the Western world, seek people who have set up businesses or are running businesses. Find out from them what it means to keep a business. Find out their experiences and how this can fit into the plans you have. Do not simply jump into it. If your heart is in your dreams and you believe in yourself fully, use all the advise you can get from these people and add to yours they start your business. Do not let anyone talk you down.


market research

market research

Luckily with the power of the internet, you can find out a lot of answers before asking anyone. Do not be ignorant. Ask anyone who tells you lots of tales why anything is the way they think it is. Seek your own solution and take your own decisions.  The system will not like you but they will respect you when you know your rights.

We have been there and done that. I have had all types of businesses and continue to run a successful one so I will be happy to help if you need help.

Wishing you the best in your business start-up and growth.

World of Braiding is happy to support you with all the points mentioned above to help you grow and develop.

Joy is the CEO of World of Braiding & Extensions

World No. 1 Professional Natural Hair Academy.

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Joy Phido’s Top 9 tips on how to make your own money.

I get series of enquiries every day from people who want to take on training that gives them skills to help them create a better life for themselves and their families.  Out of these series of enquiries comes one of the most frequently asked question (FAQ) “How do I make money?”  Ironically, this is a common question on everyone’s lips.  It is a question that defines life itself as we all want to know how to make money because having money is an absolute necessary part of life.

Why is making money such an important part of life and why do we need money? We need money because it makes the world go round so there should be no pretence or denying the need for us to make money.

Getting rich in business

Getting rich in business

“People go to work with the aim to make money and people set up business with the aim to make money. People take up trainings, attend schools /universities, take up courses and travel the world etc with the hope to gain knowledge and skills that help them earn good money to lead a successful life.”

Money therefore is a very important topic that affects us all in the sense of what it can do for us.  Unlike other topics of life that offer training and guide for example food, health, fashion, hair, travel, make-up, technology, engineering etc, unfortunately there is no training that prepares you on how to make money or how to spend money wisely.  There is no School of Money that teaches you how to make money, handle money, protect money, care for money etc.  Money is a secret topic that no-one talks about. It is not taught in schools or universities as all the teachers would have been rich and not need their jobs. If solution to money problems were written in books, instruction manual or information packs etc, we would all have bought these pack and become rich without having to go through the stresses of trying to discover how to make money for our very existence. Money is simply taken for granted.  You either have it, keep struggling to have it or simply don’t have it.

The truth is the blueprint of how to make money is one of the mysteries of life as it has been hidden away from all of us so we continue to search for ourselves, struggle, trial & error, make mistakes; learn from it; take another route and try something different; fail; start again; achieve by getting really rich in the process or sometimes die along the way without achieving anything.  There are simply no guarantees to whatever route you choose to make money.

My life experience with reality is that no one is going to sit you down and teach you how or give you the key to make money as money in itself is power and no one wants to share power that they can keep for themselves.

According to an internet search, statistics have it that since the 1990s in US, 40 percent of the increased wealth went into the pockets of the rich minority, while only 1 percent went to the poor majority.  From 1977 to 1999, the after-tax income of the richest 20 percent of American families increased by 43 percent, while that of the poorest 20 percent decreased 9 percent, allowing for inflation. The actual income of those living on the lowest salaries was even less than 30 years ago and this story carries on.

If you do not know how to create wealth, the chances of you being able to run away from poverty are unlikely to be the case.  If you were not born into wealth, to create wealth like every skill of life, requires training, information and guide.

This is why when I set up my business in 2004, I made it my mission to help people not only gain a skill but know how to use it to help them make money.  It is this mission that has brought me a variety of people who continuously ask me this question over and over.  “When I finish your training, can you guarantee that I will make lots of money?”

To answer this question, I will take you into some of my personal experiences with money.

For various reasons, I have also been very curious in finding out how to make money for as long as I can remember – I was very aware that I was born into a poor home at an early age; I come from a poor community; I married poor and I have not been able to

African children

African children

accumulate wealth in my continuous search for it yet.  As a teenager, I had read a lot of intriguing books that gave me hope on how to achieve success in life despite my personal circumstance – such as – A woman of Substance – by Barbra Taylor Bradford; Kane & Abel – by Jeffrey Archer; Power of Positive Thinking – by Norman Vincent Peale etc etc and so I continue to hope and explore.

My immediate story to this article comes from my circumstance in 2002 when I became very desperate to make money to better my situation. 

I had just been made redundant from the company I worked for – MCI Worldcom (a US telecoms company in the City of London) and I had also just discovered that I was pregnant with my 3rd child.  These two simultaneous events made me realise I was in serious financial trouble.  The reason this became very clear is because I live in Western world where you are encouraged to buy everything on credit especially when you have a well-paying job.  With MCI Worldcom, I had a good job so I had also become a victim of the normal process which I prefer to call Western credit disease – I had a mortgage on a big house, furniture on credit, kitchen, conservatory, all the trimmings and accessories that make life comfortable in addition to the usual bills that follow – electricity, gas, telephone, petrol in the car, holidays etc etc.  I had 2 young children who had needs and was now on my third child.  All would have been okay until now that my big salary has stopped as I had lost the job.  I was in trouble waiting to face all the creditors and my fate.

This is the reality of Western civilisation – The capitalistic credit system where we are made to go through life on borrowed line – credit

credit cards

credit cards

cards – mortgage, insurance, store cards, multiple credit cards, car loans, student loans, equipment loan, hire purchase etc.  If you are on a high income, Banks, credit card companies, store cards etc all give you a large credit line, and if you are on a low income, you are given a low credit line.  You practically live a lie by buying everything on credit and pay back in little sums.  Your whole being and existence is placed at someone else’s mercy as the minute something drastic happens such as a change in your personal circumstance – your source of income disappears through redundancy, unemployment, job loss or you fall ill and stop working etc, everything you once knew disappears. Then you encounter the evils and devils of the system that will turn your regular happy life into a living hell.  Like sharks waiting for its prey, all the lenders and creditors will start appearing for their pound of flesh and your very existence as is known with free spirit then disappears.   We all live on a money time bomb as a cut on your source of income automatically blows you off the surface of the real world as we know it.

I was no exception as I knew the creditors will stop at nothing until they get everything I had acquired with their money and I was made destitute both physically and mentally – the house, car, clothes, gadgets and equipment etc etc.  There was no hiding place as this is the fate of the Western world debt disease. I was sent nasty letters, threatened with bailiffs and heart wrenching phone calls etc that breaks even the strongest of spirits and in the end, I was expected to become a shadow of the person I used to be.  It is a nasty experience to undergo.

My situation was bad and desperate and I needed to have a job but being pregnant and with 2 young children, it was difficult to find a job that will pay enough to cover child care which is another unimaginable expense in the West.  Childcare is more expensive than paying a mortgage for a big house. Before taking on a job, you have to consider who will look after your children and how much you will have to pay to get that service. I knew the job I wanted was near to impossible so I needed to help myself to create a job that would give me money and flexibility to be at home with my children – ability to work from home.

This was when my story started becoming more interesting.

In continuation with the messed up capitalist system, I made one of my first major investment mistakes.  I was desperate and went on the internet to look for businesses that could let me work from home.  I found one with a pyramid company – Herbal Life.  To cut a long story short, I invested all my redundancy money with the hope to make money for my family. To add insult to injury, I again got sucked in with the well-designed fancy marketing gimmick machine which entices, attracts, and invites the ordinary, innocent, gullible, person to fall into their trap. I ended up losing every money I invested in addition to additional money from my credit cards.  I was stuck with products worth thousands of ££££ that no one wanted to buy.

Now my financial woes had no end as I was in bigger trouble than when I started – I had no money, no job, lost all my savings and redundancy pay, huge mortgage to pay, loads of other unending bills and 3 young children to feed.

Then things changed slowly.  I love reading as reading helps me go into a world where I have control over my thoughts. I had read a book while with Herbal Life – “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  This book guided and urged me to look into myself, my passion and hobbies and that I could turn them into my business. It went on to advise that as these hobbies are my passion, I will work with them without pressure and they will not feel like I was working.

I have always loved and worked with hair all my life but had not thought of using it as a business.  This was when I knew I had to make changes and be serious with my life as I had no other option or choice to take in my situation.  I needed to make desperate decisions to protect my children’s future.

I took my children’s savings and took up professional training in hair. I travelled the world in order to understand hair better, to be the best,   gain up to date knowledge with the current trends in the industry and offer the best service to my clients.  On completion, I set up my own business and this was how I was able to make my own money and changed my life.

“Fighting poverty and debt for me is a personal war as I know my experience is the same with most people in the Western world. This is why I make it my business to answer questions from my students about “how to make money”.  It is a personal choice to help my students who are mostly women and mothers who are in the situation I was in to aim to achieve prosperity with hair business so as to make money for their children and loved ones.”

My experience, understanding and dealings of debt are not to run away from it as this is the intention of the “powers that create debt”.  The ultimate aim of debt is to break you so you lose out on your right to exist.  Once your mind has been engaged with debt, you become fearful and scared, you shrivel, shrink, lose control of who you are and eventually your spirit disappears and you become a shadow of who you are.

The system that create debt is not built to help you recover as you are further enticed to take up more loans to pay for existing debt and the cycle never stops.  Fighting with debt is a terrible burden as it sucks into your very existence and kills your spirit and soul leaving you to deal with low self-esteem, insecurity, depression, lack of confidence, bankruptcy, schizophrenia, mental disorder, madness etc and finally you either get locked up in a mental institution or you die wretched.

Creditors do not give you advice on how to make money because you are a money making machine to them – the fees, the penalties, interest etc.  This is why the banks declare billions every year and the source of their money is mostly from ordinary people. The strain and pressure from debt jeopardizes everything you care most about – your relationship, your marriage, your health, your sanity, your freedom, your life etc.  Debt is a disease just like cancer – it spreads, imprisons and numbs the mind stopping you from any ability to think freely, recreate and be your own person.  Debt simply puts you in a mental prison as it turns you into a vulnerable wreck which is afraid of even your own shadows.

My dreams and hope for every woman is to stay away from debt and where you have been sucked in through ignorance or lack of choice, learn to break free from this trap and prison and stay strong and true to who you are as this is the only way to get out of debt.

From my experience above, I learnt that training to gain control of my natural skills and abilities gave me back my freedom and free

Training in natural hair designs

Training in natural hair designs

passage to create my own job and money. Never stop believing in who you are and seek help from close family and friends to take up a training that puts skills into your hands.  With skills, you gain back control of who you are and this becomes your ticket to debt free life. Avoid spending any money until you have earned it as this takes away the extra pressure of adding on more debt.

According to an internet research on poverty; “A great number of Americans suffer from poverty and hunger. According to the statistics of the US government, over 32 million citizens, or 12.7 percent of the total population of the country, live under the poverty line. The incidence of poverty is higher than in the 1970s, and higher than in most other industrialized countries.”

Western world may be civilised and lands of opportunities, but it is also a land full of doom and gloom; it is also a land where dreams die young and are killed prematurely. It is a land where greed and injustice is hidden in the jargon and glorified name of the law.

My story and journey from above carried on with my husband also losing his job, was made bankrupt, we lost the big house and we had to start our lives afresh. I refused to give in, believed in myself, carried on with my dreams, vision and hope for everyone and today live to tell the story where the future is very bright.  If I could fight debt and live to tell the story, I believe everyone else can.




This is why here at World of Braiding & Extensions, we make it our business to empower you with skills that help you create your own job where you can start by working from home; looking after your children and putting your money in your purse. As a mother, my experience of struggling with job loss and redundancy is the reasons I chose to teach women in particular to gain back control to their own lives as every woman deserves the right to have money to spend on her children and loved ones. Going by my experience, I do not wish the pain I went through on another woman and this is why I am happy to share my Top 7 Tips on How you can Make your own Money. 


What it Money?

spending money

spending money

To get us started, we need to understand what the definition of MONEY is? According to Merriam Webster dictionary – money serves as a medium of exchange universally accepted in return for goods and services.  Money acts as a measure of value etc etc.

My personal understanding is – Money is a medium exchanged while sharing a service, product or knowledge. Money is created from the energy we invest in the right place and at the right time.


  • We need money to provide us with the basic necessities that we need in life.
  • Money buys you the things you desire in life.
  • We need money to create a better life for ourselves – training, education, information, knowledge etc
  • We need money to travel and see the world and understand how other societies operate so we can compare and learn from them.
  • We need money to live in a descent home, feed ourselves with quality meals, take care of our health, have clothes on our back etc.
  • We need money to be able to help other people who are less privileged in life.  Without money our life is bleak especially if you live in the Western societies where there are bills for everything as you  cannot pay your bills so you are frozen during winter, cannot move from one place to the other, end up in a poor home, poor neighbourhood etc etc.




Go back into yourself to re-discover your natural talents, skills, hobbies and passions.  What are those things you love to do that makes you feel your best or feel good inside about yourself.  What are those skills that you share with your family and friends that they love to get from you and yet you think is of no value to anyone. Your passion is that hobby that you are most likely to do without making any complaints at all whenever you are asked to do it. This is the hobby that we are going to turn into a business and because you are passionate about it, you do not notice when you are doing it and this is what will help you become successful when you turn it into a business.


While deciding on the hobby or natural talent that you have, make sure it is something that people will be happy to take from you for a fee.  Would you be happy to buy from you?  Remember it should not be a hobby that no one will love to share with you. Example includes: maybe you love to bake cake; you love to wear make-up; you love to sing; you are good at organising events and parties; you love to see people co-ordinate their clothes; you love to cook; you love to see people wear beautiful and healthy hair etc. It should also not be a skill that will take forever to perfect but a skill that you can pick up easily.


Find out everything there is to know about your chosen hobby or natural talent that we are going to turn into a skill.  Is it something that people really desire?  Is there a lack of it in your community? What are the competition of your hobby in your community?


You have found out a lot of things from your research.  Do something about it.  Information is the key to knowledge.  Take up training and education to get yourself ready and to be good in what you want.  “It is easy when you know how”. If you don’t train, you will never know how it is done properly and professionally. You will find that you will end up  struggling for years to find a solution to a problem that could have taken a day or a few weeks because you refused to take up training. Remember the money you put into training yourself comes back to you as you become the best in your field and everyone respects your opinion and comes to you for your service.  Money invested in training yourself is one of the best investment you can make in yourself.  Your investment helps to expand your knowledge and buy you a better future. It gives you lots of edge over people who refuse to take up training.

Other ways of getting information is to read, read, read.  Read up on other people’s experiences, successes, failures etc.  There are books on every experience in life.  Develop a habit of reading to prepare your mind for success.  While food nourishes the body, books nourish the mind with ideas.  Ideas are what we want in order to grow.  Ideas are what differentiate us from animals.  Ideas are what keep us thinking and we are what we think.  Give your mind the wrong idea and you turn out with wrong reality.


Whenever you finish your training, remember if you do not take your new experience into action, you will likely lose it and it will become a waste of money.  Practice the skills, knowledge and information you have gained from your training. Apply it constantly. Repeat it over and over again.  It will feel awkward at first.  This is normal.  Remember every expert was once a beginner.  You have to practice your skill to perfect it.  During your practice stage, offer free service sometimes, offer discounts, be willing to share your knowledge freely etc and this will bring you lots of clients who will believe in you.  Experience cannot be bought so you have to put your hands into practising your skill.  As you are perfecting your skill, make sure you keep portfolio of your work as this is what your clients want to see to believe you.


Selling or sharing your skill will come to you as a natural process. Remember you invested money into the training and so you have to recover your money back.  This is the stage that you then start making money.  The more you sell your skill, the more money you make.  How do you want to sell your skill; who do you want to have as your clients; how often do you want to sell your product or service etc etc.  Remember to be noticed by potential clients; you have to market your skill or product. The more people are aware of your skill, the more they will want your skill and the more money you will make.


Now that you know what you are doing, there will be distractions from every source you can imagine.  Stay focused and strong – mental and physically. Watch what goes into your body as food or information.  In order for us to achieve our dreams, we have to be physically and mentally healthy.  We are responsible for what goes into our body and mind.  Take absolute control of what you expose yourself to.  In order for our life to progress forward, we have to be in good physical and mental health and we cannot be in good health if we are not watching our food intake, exercise, relaxation etc.  Only a healthy body, mind and soul can think, plan and act to achieve success.


This is what they call research and development. (R&D).  This is where most people stop being relevant in business.  Do not stop learning, asking questions, researching, looking at your competition to see what new things they are adding to their businesses etc. Customers like to work with people who are up to date and not people who stay stuck in time.  Be consistently up to date and deliver latest trends to your clients. This will help draw more clients to you but remember you need to constantly seek knowledge to be ahead of people around you. PLAN YOUR LIFE instead of LEAVING IT TO CHANCE and this can be done by keeping track of what you are doing and what you plan on achieving.


Reading has helped me develop my mind continuously.  There is a saying that you start life education the day you stop going to school.  School or university does not teach you real life.  Real life you learn through experience but one of the best ways to learn is through reading about people you admire and how they achieved success. I admire Madam C J Walker and her achievement and made it my business to read about her. Other idols of mine are Anita Roddick of Bodyshop, Oprah Winfrey and a few others.  I have books on these people and constantly listen to Personal Development CDs which help me keep my mind on track.  An idle mind is the devils workshop so keep your mind on a positive track by feeding it with positive information.  This will help you discover your true mission in life and how you can help change other people’s lives for the better.  Remember making money without fulfilling a personal satisfaction with your soul leads to nothing.  Make sure the type of money you learn to make is one that you can look back on and be proud of your efforts.  Let it be one that you can pass on to your children and such that you can tell the world your source for that income.

Help make life exciting and a good experience for the next person you meet.  Make your natural gifting edify others you meet in your life and you will discover you would have achieved your life’s purpose.

My personal purpose is to share my knowledge, skill and experience with you in order for you to avoid making mistakes and to bring you success.  What are your dreams for 2013?  Would it be a year of you achieving your heart’s desires?  Would it be a year you come out of debt & poverty to take care of your life?

Is there any business ideas you will like us to help you with advise? We are always happy to help. Remember; Do not spend money unless you have earned the money. That way you will be free of debt eventually.

If you need us on any topic or will like to share your experiences with us, please email us or call us for a chat.

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Joy Phido has a BSc in Business Management.  A qualified Hairdresser /Cosmetologist specialised in natural hair & extensions consultation and designs; a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with the UK Hairdressing Council; has over 10 years Natural Hair & Extensions education; a qualified teacher; a qualified NLP Practitioner; an established Independent Business Start-up consultant and mentor; and has varied career experiences that spans over 20 years in Banking, Telecomms, Fashion, Make-up, Weight management etc etc.





By Joy Phido –BSc Bus.Admin, Qualified NLP Practitioner, Qualified Hairdresser (SRH), Qualified Teacher, Business Entrepreneur, Mentor

Chief Executive, Natural Hair Educator, Designer, Consultant

World of Braiding & Extensions

In my encounter with continuous enquiries in business regarding life’s questions, I have come up with some of the basic things that could help us stay on track for success in life.  An example in point was a call from a client who wanted to come and take a training to acquire skills that could help her emigrate from the UK to achieve a better quality life in another country.  She wanted to gain a skill to help her set up her own natural hair and extensions salon in another country.  As is normal, we had our consultation and a price for the training was quoted.  She was happy to continue with her decision but on further investigation, realised that she needed to pay transport money to get to where we are located.  This is the predicament of most of our enquiries from across the world.  She was willing to take up a training loan from the bank but was not prepared to add the cost of transportation to this loan.  This stopped her from taking the training. Question now is “How is her life going to change if she does not take the action to change it?”  Are we ever going to get out of the trap we have created in our lives to create success if we do not make sacrifices in our life?  This article is based on some of the personal experiences I have had in life and some of the things I have had to do to help me.  I have written this to help give inspiration and support to others who may be in similar situation.



spending money

spending money

Before you start buying things in life, ensure you have the money to spend as anything otherwise puts you in a position where you are subject to your creditor’s beck and call.  This is the reality we face in Western civilisation – The capitalistic credit line syndrome.  Families are made to go through life on credit – mortgage, insurance, store cards, multiple credit cards, car loans, student loans etc.  If you are on a high income, Banks, credit card companies etc will give you a large credit line, and if you are on a low income, you are given a low credit line.  You are allowed to live a lie by buying everything on credit and pay back in little sums.  Your whole being and existence is placed at someone else’s discretion until something changes in your life –   your source of income may disappear or stops.  Then your life becomes a living hell.  Like sharks waiting for its prey, all the lenders and creditors will descend on you and want your flesh and your very existence.  They will want everything you have acquired with their money – the house, car, clothes, gadgets and equipment etc etc.  There will be bailiffs, court orders, threatening letters, bankruptcy, and heart wrenching phone calls.  They will use every bullying tactics you can imagine. This is the reality with the present day economies of the West as most families are struggling to find their feet from failed economies that has put us in this desperate situation.

credit cards

credit cards

Fighting with debt is a terrible burden as it sucks into your very existence and kills your soul leaving you to deal with low self-esteem, insecurity etc.   It jeopardizes everything you care most about – your relationship, your health, your sanity, your freedom etc.  Debt simply puts you in prison as it turns you into a vulnerable wreck.  Break free from debt and be the master of your own person by avoiding taking on credits that you do not really need.  You can start by seriously investing in yourself to take control of your source of income and avoiding spending money before you earn it.





Before buying anything ask yourself a basic question – “What value is this thing bringing into my life?” Lots of us are simply

cost and value

cost and value

temperamental shoppers. We get very emotional when we buy things.  We end up buying things just for emotional satisfaction that dies in minutes after we have acquired the item.  Why are we buying this item should be a question you should put at the top of your list of shopping before you make it.  Stop being an impulse buyer.  Give yourself time to remind yourself the reason for that purchase and if it is absolutely necessary. Some questions could include: Is this an absolute necessity – a need or a want? How will this change my life – asset or liability?  Will it bring more or take away anything from my life. Is this purchase an investment that will help me create more in future?  If you do not review your reasons for purchases in life, you will end up in Debt’s prison.  Lots of us in life are simply shopaholics who are used by others to make money.  Do you want to be used to make money or would you be on the side of those who make the money.  This is your choice in life.


Your physical state of health is a major part of your success in life.  You cannot achieve much in life if your body is not in a position to

healthy foods

healthy foods

work with you.  If you are constantly visiting the Doctor’s clinic to fight for your health then this becomes what consumes your life such that you are unable to give thought to anything else.

Before you decide to put any food or drugs into your body, ask yourself a basic question – “How is this going to contribute to my overall health.”  Start by being your own doctor.  Learn to know the things that are good for your body and the things that are not so good for your body.  While some of the things we put in it may help as catalyst to sustain the body abilities, others may simply slow the body down and stop it from performing at its best.  Just like a car engine – good quality petrol you put in your car will help it perform at its optimum while wrong petrol will stop the engine from performing and may actually damage its ability to function.  Choose the type of petrol you fill your body with as this will help you achieve your life’s ambition.



investing in training

investing in training

When deciding to take on training and education, ask lots of questions, do lots of research, seek out a role model in your field and read all about how that person was able to achieve their dream. Your choice for training or education should aim at satisfying a need in your community or society so that you become a solution to a need that exits. For example – a medical doctor is there to help cure the sick; a trained hairdresser is there to help people with their hair understanding and how to care for it; a musician is playing music to feed an emotional void that needs to be satisfied and a farmer is planting the food that we eat etc etc.  Do not take on a training or education for the sake of it without having a reason for taking it on.  Your education and training should be real and practical.  Snap out of the colonial mentality which has failed our educational system in today’s economy where people take on academic trainings that lead nowhere and allow people to sit and wait to be employed after their education.  Start today to ask yourself the realistic question on how your education and training can help your society. If you find it is not real, start to make changes today as there are lots of needs out there waiting to be satisfied.

Cornrows natural hair training

Cornrows natural hair training

You may be the solution people seek in your field or community.  This will help you create a more successful life.



When deciding on the choice of a life partner, be sure you understand from what angle your partner sees life. This is one of the most

wedding /marriage

wedding /marriage

deadly and life threatening decisions we make in our life.  Your partner may help you prosper or help you disintegrate to nothingness.  So many relationships have been known to wreck one partner over the other.  The level of divorce cases in our society is a testimony to what comes out of wrong decisions while choosing partners.  One party to the relationship may be the hard working one, ready to build something great and the other party becomes the one who chooses to destroy everything that has been built.   Avoid this scenario and choose wisely – it should not be based on pity, infatuation, lust, wealth, looks etc as all these wear away through the test of life.  It should be based on genuine understanding of who you truly are.  Marriages are meant to be for life especially when we contribute to bring children into the world.  Your combined actions add to wrecking the young person’s life especially when arguments, disrespect, fights, divorce leads to shattered dreams in the home. Your success will become quicker to achieve if you have the right partner who stands with you shoulder to shoulder by supporting, advising, guiding and being there for you.





Success is not static.  Success is not a part handed down to us by our parents.  Success is a part that we chose to take on in life.  It is a part we achieve by going out to seek answers to the daily issues and questions we are bombarded with in life.  Success does not walk to you at home; you can discover it by going out to seek it.   You start by being inquisitive, asking questions, challenge stereotypes, rebellious where necessary, researching to find out the truth, adventurous to seek another way out of a problem etc.  For you to achieve success, you have to crave and hunger for success.  It should show in everything you do as you grow above mediocre and get to the level of seeking solutions to the questions you have.  You can only get help if you ask for help. According to The Bible “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Mathew 7:7.  This is why success is reserved for the few who seek.  Be among the few who seek success in your life.



Be very alert and clear with your thoughts when deciding on the information and know-how you constantly expose your mental mind

thoughts and mind power

thoughts and mind power

to.  This is very important as the mind is like a sponge.  It soaks up what it sees and hears every day.  This is why we are told to be aware of the people we surround ourselves with and also to be careful the books we read as these things shape our way of thinking.  We are what we think about as our thoughts guide our actions and our actions become our life.  You can achieve anything you set your mind on.  All you have to do is work with your mind and keep it healthy at all times. Detox it, clear it and make sure you are constantly on track. Your mind is your most important asset and should be protected with all your life as the moment you lose your mind, you lose everything. This is where personal development and NLP has helped to get some minds back on track.  But remember you have to seek help in order to be helped.

To your success, health, wealth and life.

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Top 11 Tips to


In a Recession

We had a business growth bootcamp 2 weeks ago at World of Braiding & Extensions and the focus was to help my trained students and new enquiries to understand different Tips to grow their business.  One of the biggest things that came out of the bootcamp was coming to the understanding that to make our business grow, we have to first grow as individuals.  I realised that this is the secret behind successful people – the fact that they also experience pain and stress and yet are able to overcome them in order to succeed.  I have been interested in understanding this aspect of life for a long time which made me take up trainings in a field called NLP.  It has become one of my biggest fields in business as I am a qualified and Certified NLP Practitioner who specialises in helping women and children with their personal development in order to achieve success.  This has been further proven in my years of offering training with World of Braiding & Extensions where I constantly need to take on motivational pep talks in order to help my students achieve success in their businesses across the world.

During this bootcamp however, a lot of things became clear as the audience wanted to know more about Personal Development so they could practice this in their business and daily lives and I decided I will share this knowledge and information that has become an anchor for my business and personal life across to my worldwide wider audience.

This is what inspired this topic as one of the questions that came to mind while looking at the progress of my various students across the world over the years was – HOW DO I TRAIN ANYONE TO TAKE BACK THE POWER THEY ALREADY HAVE WITHIN THEM TO CREATE THEIR OWN SUCCESS especially in a recession? How do they realise they have this power so they can start projecting it for success?

There are lots of scenarios that I have experienced in my personal and business life which would have made me give up easily.  In business, I have trained a group of students who have paid all the necessary fees; taken up the training and while with me have mastered their skill; are very good at what they do but on going out to the open market; some do well and others pack up and forget they have taken a training or have a skill at all. Something inside them stops them from going out there and offering their service as a business.   This has given me food for thought. What could be responsible? Fear or lack of passion?  Others are ready for business, decided they do not want to use their skill but would rather retail; they have stocked up stocked their shop; have opened the shop and can run it to make profit, but somehow cannot be motivated to go out and sell to their public?  Why? Where is the problem?  Whatever is stopping them is not physical but ingrained in their minds.


thoughts and mind power

thoughts and mind power

Then I had flashbacks to when I started my business and how when things were not going so well I became disillusioned, frustrated and needed help.  I kept saying things to myself like I was doing the wrong thing.   Being Nigerian, family and friends thought I had gone crazy and wondered loudly how an educated, intellectual like me could condescend so low to take up hair braiding for a career. This played up in my mind for months but something in me kept me going explaining that I was on a part rarely travelled; and why I will be the go-to person in future etc etc.  This carried on until I came across NLP which turned out to be my saving grace as this pulled me through my darkest hours with mental strength that I never knew I had.  Training in NLP helped me to understand how my mind conditioning & language was responsible for the physical results that became my daily life.  Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP – is an approach to communicationpersonal development, and psychotherapy.)  This was one of my most important investment in empowering myself for growth and success. It changed everything for me and for which I can look back and count as one of my reason for achieving success in life and of which I am happy to share some of my knowledge and understanding with you in order to help you move your life and business forward from what you are currently experiencing in other to achieve success as well.

Here at World of Braiding & Extensions, we stand against injustice, poverty, ignorance, lack of information etc.  There is an adage give a man fish and he feeds today; teach a man to fish and he feeds for life”.  We believe in this adage in every form and this is why we share what we know because we know that everyone can achieve success if they really want it and if they know how to do it.  When need meets with know-how then we are generally on our way to achieving success.  I recall one of my favourite movies – The Lion King.  “when the student is ready; the master will appear.”  There are answers to everything we need everywhere.  There are people willing to help us achieve what we want too, but most times, the problem is inside us to find out how we can achieve the “know-how.”

Know-how is therefore the state everyone should be aiming for in life and not charity or help.  Know- how is the training you get when you want to be an expert at doing something.  Know-how is what gives you confidence to do something with pride and without fear.  Know-how is where lots of people get lost in life and where those who know hold others to ransom and demand so much in order to pass on their knowledge.  Sharing know-how is where the world is stuck today.  This is where World of Braiding & Extensions will train you to gain know-how by helping you discover the hidden creative ability already in your hands (skills) adding information and education to help you work your way towards growing your business and out of poverty.

We therefore offer our know-how through Education, Information and Skills training.  Let us explain what each of these areas mean by digressing:



This is a definition I found on the internet that was quite interesting.

Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people sustain from one generation to the next.

We will re-visit this definition later in our discussion.

On the other hand, our definition of Education is:

Sharing and giving someone know-how to use in solving a problem.  Education to us therefore means giving someone the capability to solve their own problem.  Gaining knowledge to solve a problem or creating a solution to a problem is our understanding of what education should be.  We therefore need constant education to give us continuous flow of know-how.

To explain the need for continuous education, we have to understand what happens to the human brain when a child is born.  The Human Being is born with an empty mind just like a new computer system with hardware and no software.

Tabula rasa is Latin for “blank slate”.  The theory is that a baby is born with a void for a brain, and information is imprinted on the empty mind as the child is exposed to all manner of sensory experiences.  Just like the computer, we need software programmes to help bring out the result that is expected from the child.  Some of the software programmes for a child therefore include: the parental upbringing teaching right from wrong; the society with guiding laws; the religion teaching moral beliefs; the friends with peer pressure and ultimately the Schools with set educational system.

Does going to School /University mean Education?

Is academic education giving us return for our investment in a recessions?

Our society stipulates to us that going to school and university to gain academic education is necessary to help us structure the way we think and work within our environment.  However, university education also known as academic education is not the same education that helps us solve practical problems or create solutions to our problems.  It is also not the same as gaining know-how as it does not directly respond to showing someone the answer to solving a direct real life question of: “ I will like to know-how to cook; stop my toilet from leaking; clear my garden; cut my hair etc etc.   These are real life problems that need immediate answers yet academic education does not solve them.  We take on this glorified piece of paper called certificate and yet cannot solve the most basic daily life needs.

This is where is has been confirmed in some quarters that our current educational system has failed our society.  This is because as explained above, the programming software – the curriculum in our educational system that is programming and structuring our mind is not providing us with solutions to our societal problems rather it is allowing us to think and act in a pre-conditioned ways dictated by a few individuals who think they have the answers to what life requires.  Referring to our earlier definition, “Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people sustain from one generation to the next.”  This is absurd and ancient as the aims and habits of these group of people is outdated, does not reflect our societal needs, cannot solve the problems of today’s society, is not worth the paper it is written on and should no longer be forced on our younger generation.  Our understanding of this definition means:

 “The result of the academic know-how (knowledge) that has been imprinted in our brains is such that

graduating students

graduating students

has put us in a state where we don’t act freely for ourselves but wait on other people to give us power and instructions to do what they think is best for us.”  This system of academic education is what is responsible for our lack of success in life as it takes away power from us not to think anymore but wait on someone to guide us on how to think and act.

This explains to me that we have been systematically guided and groomed to meet expectations of a few people’s interest.  This is how our mind has been brain washed over the years to think in a set way – grow up, get academic education, get a job/employment to work for someone, get paid a salary and this salary will help run our poor lives.  This mind conditioning has been working for years when society had enough to share.

However, things have now changed as the society grows bigger –( 7 billion people 2012).  This is no longer sustainable to meet all our needs and demands and we are now expected to fend for ourselves at all cost in the form of global recession with countries like Spain – 53% youth unemployment, Greece – 55% youth unemployment, Ireland, England, USA etc constantly under pressure with riots etc.  This is where society is now questioning what has happened to our well educated graduates who are now very upset and questioning why someone is not employing them.   Could it be because they went through a system of mind conditioning that does not allow them to think of a way to create their own job as they have been programmed by an educational system that has imprinted dependency in their brains where they have to wait for other people to create a job for them or could it be because they were never taught anything on know-how with the aim of achieving results from solving particular problems?  I live in England and to find a work man with know-how is one of the toughest jobs you can ever embark on. I recently moved house and business and I have been put through some of the worst experiences to get someone who can do the basic chore of plastering my walls, provide electricity sockets, stop my toilet from leaking etc etc.  Why then do we complain there is no job?

How does our brain work?

To explain the mind conditioning clearer, everyone is believed to be born with a “Right Brain” and “Left Brain.”

The Right Brain is responsible for: random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing and subjective thinking.  People who use this brain more are artistic and love illogical work like singing, dancing, painting, sculpture etc.  They are more reliant on intuition and quickly grasp the overall picture of a situation. They are free thinking people and are driven by emotion.  They use creativity to solve problems.

Left Brain on the other hand is responsible for: logic, sequential, rational, analytical, and objective thinking. They are aggressive in work study, research, academic and profession.  They prefer reason over everything else. They are thought and fact driven and bear no emotions. They use rational logic to identity the cause of a problem and then think about how to solve it.   Mostly lawyers, accountants etc

Each person has a bias, based on how they use the right brain and left brain to solve problems.  You can also use both to work.

However, going by this analogy, this explains why our ACADEMIC education is responsible for the way educated people behave and think.  We have been pre-conditioned through mind control technology, structuring and restrictions to behave as is dictated by someone else with ulterior motives.   Academic education therefore enhances, nurtures, grooms and puts too much emphasis on development of the Left Brain and this is why we find it difficult to think freely; be creative to solve our problems without being very logical and fact driven working from a box that has been designed by these group of people.  This makes me question….

Can the amount of money spent on academic Education be justified to society?

The amount of money we are forced to pay to obtain a college/university education, public and private is frightening and yet we come out to become someone else’s zombie. It has been confirmed that the rate at which college tuition have gone up over the years has exceeded not only the rise in home prices but also other major expenses in our society etc. While in the USA, homes have peaked at 400%, medical costs by 600%, College tuition has risen by more than 1,000% in 32 years and during this recession, few jobs await any college graduate because we cannot think out of this mind conditioning.  When they are able to find this job, they are stuck with having to pay back loans for life and this then leads to other societal menaces like depression, mental disorder etc.  We are made to spend years and so much money in academic education to be brain washed and structured such that we cannot think our way through basic life problems in order to help ourselves.

Here are some statistics to show the financial outlay that the academic education system is costing the society.

Tuition fees for Home student in the UK is now £9,000 p.a for basic degree

In the USA it is now an average of $17,997, with the top universities exceeding imaginations such as:

Yale                 $54,086

Havard           $52,652

Princeton        $54,780

Cornel             $57,125.

This has been dubbed the College Trap as students have resorted to taking out loans and this is tied to them for life. “The amount of student loans taken out last year crossed the $100 billion mark for the first time and total loans outstanding will exceed $1 trillion for the first time this year. Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards, reports the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the U.S. Department of Education and private sources.” In the UK, total outstanding university education debt at the end of 2009/10 was £47.4million.

Across the world, this is the stark reality while the sad story is that there are little or no jobs to match the academic education (mind programming) that our society is grooming.  Question is; has the money invested in academic education compensated for the results that our society has received producing people who cannot think their way through life?  Is our society better off with the amount of money that has been spent /invested on academic education?   If the reason for the huge investment in educating people in our society, was to solve societal problems and find answers to our needs has this achieved its results?  No, instead of solving problems, what we now have are highly educated problems.  These are people who have now come to add more to society’s problems as we are unable to employ them and now need to seek solutions to solving their needs.

We believe in time people will wake up, snap out of this trance and tap into their right brain to take responsibility for their problems by creating solutions that comes with emotions in their hearts.

Could it also be this same brain washing that has plagued the Blacks and African Countries?

african continent map

african continent map

Yes it is this same mind programming that has plagued and crippled the black community in general and Africans in particular and has stopped most Africans from achieving success in their lives.  During slavery the same mental conditioning, hidden agenda and other people’s interest /expectations forced Blacks /Africans to accept everything they were told to do without questioning.  As a general rule, our ancestors were made to wait for approval and acceptance in everything they did – hair, clothes, way of speaking, music, culture, traditions, status symbol etc.  This made us completely lose out on our own identity and culture to this day and now the typical African child only knows success when it is attached to the Western world.  They are always trying so hard to impress other races but themselves.

For years Africans have been told that our continent is poor and our people need charity and aid to support our poor hungry citizens.  The only image the West projects of Africa is negative especially in the mainstream media – a starving poverty stricken African child in every form, with slums and ghetto everywhere.  Our raw materials are presented as inferior and sub-standard.  We are constantly told that we lack knowledge and cannot help ourselves hence we scuttle on the next available plane for a better life in the west.

Yet it was the same Africans who were put in chains, dragged, beaten and taken in slavery for their unique strength which was used to plough and grow difficult plantations for their slave masters in America and build underground tunnels in Europe.  Yet it is Africa’s raw materials that are strenuously sought after by the same Western world constantly causing war and political turmoil in most African countries.  Yet it is the same raw materials that are refined, packaged, branded and then sold back to Africans at the most exorbitant prices. Examples: Nigeria’s crude Oil being drilled constantly by Shell and leaving the citizens in abject poverty, Shea Butter from Ghana used in every glamorous cream made in the West, Argan oil from Morocco, Cocoa beans used for coffee, Body Shop International with raw materials from Africa etc etc.  It is called entrepreneurship or business but obviously not in the interest of Africans as the know-how is hidden away from them so they remain dependent for  these hidden agendas.

If the true story about Africa is being told, this is the reality check:


28 June 2010 – Africa investor (Ai), a leading international investment research and

Africa's wealth is vast

Africa’s wealth is vast

communications group, in partnership with The Africa Group (TAG), an Africa-focused consulting, research, and advisory firm announced the launch of their ground-breaking Africa Wealth Cheque Report and this was their conclusion – Africa is richer than you think.

  • The Wealth Report has identified US $1.671 trillion of potential wealth and additional production potential in six key sectors (agriculture, water, fisheries, forestry, tourism and human capital).

  • The report also estimates current proven stocks of extractable energy resources in Africa (oil, natural gas, coal, and uranium) to be worth between $13-14.5trn.

  • Explaining the Africa Wealth Cheque Report, Hubert Danso, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Africa investor, said: “The aim of the Africa Wealth Cheque Report was to identify and estimate how much natural, economic and human capital wealth is within the continent, in essence to quantify the beginnings of the asset side of Africa’s balance sheet.” “The report is unique as it is already catalysing debate about how wealthy as opposed to how poor the continent is, and signalling tipping points for African governments and global investors seeking growth opportunities.”


The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the business and economics research arm of McKinsey

Africa's  vast wealth

Africa’s vast wealth

conducted a research on Africa in 2010 and found out the following:

  • Africa’s economic growth is creating substantial new business opportunities that are often overlooked by global companies.  Early entry into African economies provides opportunities to create markets, establish brands, shape industry structures, influence customer preferences, and establish long-term relationships. Businesses can help build the Africa of the future.

  • In Africa, the number of households with discretionary income is projected to rise by 50 percent over the next 10 years, reaching 128 million

  • Africans spent $860 billion on goods and services in 2008—35% more than the $635 billion that Indians spent, and slightly more than the $821 billion of consumer expenditures in Russia.

  • Today the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa is higher than in any other developing region. For several reasons: Competition is less intense; few foreign companies have a presence there and pent-up consumer demand is strong.  Therefore companies that desire revenues and profits can no longer ignore Africa as the key to Africa’s growth surge came from improved political and macroeconomic stability and microeconomic reforms..

  • Africa’s collective GDP, at $1.6 trillion in 2008, is now roughly equal to Brazil’s or Russia’s.

  • If Africa maintains its current growth trajectory, consumers will buy $1.4 trillion worth of goods and services in 2020, which will be a little less than India’s projected $1.7 trillion but more than Russia’s $960 billion.

It is time Africans snap out of the trance of brain washing as well and start asking valid questions:

  • Why is China, America and the West causing war and arguing over Africa while slowly taking over the continent?  Is it because they love Africans so much or is it out of selfish interest for Africa’s natural resources?

  • On the other hand, why are Africans struggling and selling everything they own to get on the plane to go to the West for an imagined better life while all they will get in return is grime, poverty, the worst meaner jobs, racism and abue etc which leads to frustration, depression, nervous breakdown, high blood pressure etc that is never discussed in the mainstream media?.  Is it because they think their life will be better or is it because they have been mis-sold the concept of a better life by the media?

  • Why is every other race so keen on selling Black people’s products rather than their own?  For example black hair products, hair extensions, food etc.  Is it because they love the black community so much, or because they simply want to take control of the money circulating in the black community or is it because the black community is thinking only with their left brain and have allowed other races to infiltrate their community?

Questions, questions, questions – so what is the way out?  The solution is to snap out of the poor ways of thinking and take back control to your own success. To snap out of the trance of years of mental manipulation, restriction and conditioning which led us to only think with our left brain instead of the combination of both.   It is time we start thinking freely and creatively and come out of the structured designed box we have been placed in through academic education and this is an area where NLP can help restructure your mind to be free.

It is time we start realising that success does not come from academic education alone or from anyone else but from us seeking our own knowledge, skills, experiences that deals and responds to particular needs or providing solutions to particular problems in our society.  Realising that you do not need anyone’s approval to achieve success and also knowing that you are your own person.

The solution therefore is to find out what it is lacking in our individual community all over the world, and make every effort to provide solutions to those problems in our own way without allowing anyone to dictate and decide for us – our hair, clothes, food, know-how, skills, music, status etc.

Seeking solutions to problems in our society is what World of Braiding & Extensions has done by helping to pioneer education to support people in understanding of the Natural Afro Hair & designs.  This is what we will help you achieve with what we know as Education.  The Education that allows you to see your universe with a different eye, see things differently by reading books that help you to continuously learn and add value to your life by using a combination of your Right Brain and Left Brain.


This is where World of Braiding & Extensions gives our students up-to-date information to encourage real continuous life education which is about adding knowledge to what you know and what you are naturally passionate about.  Information is what keeps you ahead of others.  Information is what guides you on your toes and makes your knowledge desirable.

It has been confirmed that academic Education does not equal wealth; while on the other hand, life education gives you knowledge through information which helps you to achieve success and wealth.  It involves expanding your mind by reading books which touch on various topics that you may be passionate about.  Changing the focus to – “when I grow up, I want to become………….” as against, when I grow up “I want to work for………….”


World of Braiding teaches you skills that allows you to release the creativity already in your hands to work and this is the reason we believe we have hands.   We believe there is no need seeking or looking for jobs when you can train to use the two hands you have to add value to your life and other people’s lives by creating something needed in your community.  With a brain that thinks and two hands that can respond to instruction, you can make anything you put your mind on in the world.  You can create your own job without waiting for anyone.


In a Recession

This blog is about helping you take back your power to succeed in anything you put your heart on.  Here are our Top 11 tips:


soul searching and mind power

soul searching and mind power

Start with a soul searching journey.  Ask yourself deep rooted questions like:

  • Who am I? Why am I here?
  • What am I here for? What is my purpose?
  • How can I contribute to create a better society?

Discover who you are; what you represent, your personality; your distinct identity; your purpose etc.

Every living being /thing has a soul. Your Soul is not about making loads of money, winning awards, recognition, accolades, becoming popular, being a celebrity, being a powerful politician, being pretty, being ugly or being smart.

Your soul is the essence of your life and embodies who you are.  It is your core being.  It is what keeps you as a living being. It is not pretentious or seeks approval.  The soul navigates the challenges of physical life with the mission to overcome it.

If your soul is in something, you will never lose interest in it, fail or give up on it.  You will find a way to overcome challenges and achieve success.  When you work with your soul, you achieve a fulfilling life that neither money nor fame can buy.  Your soul is what makes you unique and cannot be replicated in anyone else and this is why you cannot copy /imitate other people and expect to be better than them.

When you discover who you are in your soul, you will find you stand for something. Find that word and this word will guide and inspire everything you do – My word in life revolves around JUSTICE.  This explains why I stand for any issue or people I find oppressed in any form. I then become a voice that represents this group and this is who I am.  This word transcends in everything I do and is my guiding principle.

Fighting for natural hair as it is mis-represented and lied to; fighting the cause of women as our position in life tends to keep us downtrodden; fighting justice for Africa as she is constantly lied to and defrauded etc etc.

Find what your soul represents and let this guide you in any cause you undertake in business or personal life in the form of your purpose, mission, vision or dream.  Just like Martin Luther King in his time, have a dream that you want to achieve.  What do you want to do for your community?  What do you hope to become that will help solve some of the problems you see in your community.  Once you can clearly identify the purpose in your soul, have the passion and desire to solve that need; you will achieve success.

My purpose is to help people discover the strength in them and empower them through sharing skills, information and education to create their own jobs and prosperity. An individual or company without a purpose does not endure.  They lack root, follow everyone else, have no direction and simply fade into time. What you represent will be the core of who you are and will become a constant natural inspiration /motivation for your actions and activities.

Find out the need you want to satisfy in your community. This is because every day in every community across the world there are needs and worries that people are not comfortable with, are complaining about and want solutions to.  There are problems that need attention and needs to be solved.  You have looked around you and confirmed you want to solve this need by offering your services to your community. The unique things about problems are that they are locally based. Make it your business to be the local solution to your local problem instead of expecting strangers to come and give you solution to your local problem.

No. 2. – Be open to learning and be teachable.

Once you have discovered your purpose or the need you want to solve; be ready to research this topic and seek it wherever it will take you.  Find out everything there is to find about this topic so you become an expert at this. When I realised that I wanted to empower women with a skill that will help them create their own jobs/wealth; I searched everywhere for answers.  Currently there is every source to start with.  Internet and google are amazing sources.

Next stage is your willingness and ability to open yourself to learning more about this topic.  Remember we don’t have every knowledge and we learn as we grow in life. Learning is a part of life that transcends age so your ability to allow yourself to learn is what will give you the edge you are looking for.  Be teachable is your willingness to allow knowledge to impact on you and make changes to suit what you have learnt.  When you learn and allow yourself to be taught, you add more to what you know and this makes you a more knowledgeable person.  Continue to welcome new knowledge, information, advise, suggestions, recommendations etc as you are never too smart, old or wise to learn new things.

No. 3. – Invest to Gain Training /know-how to solve the problem.


investing in training

investing in training

The problem you identified will need a need a solution and there are solutions everywhere when you look to find it.  After your research, you will find out there is more to learn to make you an expert in your chosen field.  This is where structured education comes in to help.  Be willing to invest to gain know-how in your chosen field.  This is where training gives you the opportunity to ask questions that you are not sure about.  Training offers you know-how that targets particular problems in your field and gives you the confidence to put your skill into action.  This is different from academic education which is very broad and does not deal with specific issues, training will focus on the need you have and guide you through knowing how to handle the issues you will experience in that particular field or area for instance if you decide to take training in braiding, fashion, cooking etc.  While academic education cost so much money and drains families of resources with little return for investment, vocational skills on the other hand cost a lot less and adds immediate value to lives and guarantees immediate returns on investment.  I took up training to perfect my skills from across the world – USA, Europe, China, Africa.  I paid a lot of money for each of my 3 courses that I took in the US.  This included hotel bills, air tickets, long stay away from my family and business etc. I did not complain because I knew this was an investment that will yield me results I wanted to achieve.  My students travel from across the world for their training and because I have been through similar situations, I give them the value they deserve for their commitment and dedication.


When you decide to take training in any field however, remember to ask lots of questions to help your understanding.  When you take training, make sure it is focusing on your needs and gives you the confidence and power to use it on completion to tackle your real life problems. Get a clear learning programme that you can relate to and know what you will be gaining out of the training.  This is what we offer at World of Braiding & Extensions. Do not allow anyone to hoodwink you into paying money and taking a training that will not give you answers or solve the problem you want to overcome.


No. 4. – Believe in yourself, have passion for what you do and eliminate FEAR from your life.

elimination fear

eliminating fear

Most people lose out on who they are because they have no believe in themselves.  They allow outside influences to talk them out of their dreams and who they are.  Most times these influences are usually people you love, trust and listen to – family, friends, teachers, mentors etc.  My family and friends tried to talk me out of my dream when I started but I knew what was deep in my soul and did not listen to them. Remember only you know what is going on in your soul, mind and head.  Stay steadfast to who you are and dig deep to find what you really represent and want and never let anyone talk you out of who you are.

Be passionately in love with what you do so you do not need too much motivation to do it.  When you love what you do, you will find that you no longer work as it will become second nature to you.  When I was pregnant with my son, I worked till the last day of his birth. I was never tired attending to my clients. Be original as this makes you stand out of the crowd.  We have all been created differently and this explains why we must stop trying so hard to be someone else or trying so hard to impress other people. Do not do something because everyone is doing it and yet you have no passion for it.  When you are original, you will follow the unbeaten part which is usually scorned by most people and yet will lead you to greatness.  Braiding was seen as inferior but I had my dreams to achieve. You will stand out as people will remember you for being the one that started that unique thing.

Conquer fear from your life.  Lots of people know what they want, have it in their hands, and still struggle to let it out because of fear.  I have a principle my father thought me growing up in life – “if anyone can do it, you can do it too if not better.” Delete and eliminate fear from your life.  Face whatever it is but like I say to anyone, if you know something is your fear, then concentrate and learn all there is to know about it so it is no longer scary.  Practice it over and over and this way you will become confident by the time you face the fear.  Remember, you are not aiming to be perfect at the first attempt but with continuous practice, you will become good and overcome it.



No. 5. Don’t be a quitter. Be invincible and determined to achieve success.

The world is full of stress and pressure.  If you stay true to yourself, you will gain divine wisdom and divine energy to persevere in your mission to overcome challenges.  Stress and pressures comes to everyone.  Your success comes from your ability to face your stress and overcome it.  There is no success story without problems, pitfalls, drawbacks, challenges, frustrations etc.  It is usually easy to assume that the stresses we encounter and face in life from minor daily annoyance and major crisis we experience sometimes are what prevent us from achieving success. Far be it from the truth as everyone in life experiences these same problems with varied degrees.  What keeps the successful people apart from the unsuccessful people is how we react to problems.  While some people will take it in good stride, get up, dust themselves up, take it as an experience to learn from, and then start all over again; others will simply break down and give up – ending with mental problems such as depression, schizophrenia, various diseases etc. How are you able to cope with stress?  Remember the saying “winners never quit and quitters never win”.  If you quit, you lose. Give whatever you are doing time to settle down and bear you fruit.

No. 6 – Practice what you have learnt to solve your problems & turn it into a business

Practice your skill once you have acquired it and sometimes start by offering it free to gain experience.  Then start using local raw materials to solve your local problems so you are not dependent on anyone else.  This helps you to take back control to who you are and stay in charge of your dreams. Do not mortgage your dreams or conscience to anyone or any group.  Stay true to yourself at all times. With local solutions, you can help solve your local problems while helping your people. Once you get good, turn your skill to a lucrative business that will change your life.


No. 7. – Continuously learn to stay up to date with your know-how.

Constantly update your knowledge / know-how. Someone with current information is confident and can face current problems with the latest way of dealing with it.  This is why you never stop training or learning different ways of solving problems hoping to find the quickest and safest way to achieve results. Never let your knowledge become stale.  To stay up to date means you have to keep learning.  Reality is we learn something new every day.  Do not get into the habit of thinking you have learnt enough and then stop learning.  Stay modern and be the trend setter in your industry by constantly learning new ways of doing it. I am constantly updating my knowledge by attending business seminars, getting more information on technology, attending workshops on how to market my business etc

No. 8 – Stay focused at all times

stay focused

stay focused

Focus is when you stay alert and keep something constantly in your radar.  Without focus, you forget what you are doing or working on and get distracted to lose track of the success you want to achieve. Distraction can come in various forms when you have a dream to achieve – challenges, temptation, confusion etc. Focus is what keeps you on track and why you keep going until you achieve your results. Where possible write down what you are working on and keep in a place where you can see so it becomes a constant reminder of where you are and what you should stay focused on.

No. 9 – Stay positive & be patient

a growing plant is like an idea

a growing plant is like an idea

Remember your attitude to life either gets you results or helps you lose results.  The best attitude is to stay positive at all times.  It keeps your spirit alive and brings you great things.  Patience is another virtue to take on.  Most people think they have taken training in their chosen field and want to see immediate result otherwise they get distracted and look for something else that is achieving great results.  It takes great energy and time to build experience and expertise in whatever you do. If this was not your dream and you took it on because you saw someone else achieving results with it, then you will move on to do something else.  This is why you must be clear on what you want to do as it will never go away if it is your dream. Remember just like the plants, if you want good harvest, you must nurture it with good soil, water it constantly, give it sunshine etc so the same applies to anything that will give you good result; it requires you to take time to nurture it and give it time to germinate and produce good fruits.  Without roots, plants do not produce fruits and the same applies to your skill.  If you don’t nurture and take care of it to take its roots, it will not produce you any fruits. 

No.10 – Take care of your Health

healthy life and family

healthy life and family

This is the beginning of whatever you want to be.  If your body is not strong, it will not be able to stand up and achieve any success and the same applies to your mind as this is where the idea starts to germinate from.  If there is no idea in your head to achieve, there is nothing your body will stand up to achieve.  This is when it is easy to become a stooge and bend to anyone else’s dreams.  This is when you lose touch with your soul and you become someone who is running from pillar to post; chasing the rat race and looking for whatever sells and makes quick money.  Quick money does not sustain life as it will disappear just the way it came leaving you to come back to chasing the same dreams that you are avoiding. You only have peace of mind when your activities meets your soul’s requirements.

Keep your mind, body and soul in one place by taking care of yourself.  We have various parts to who we are – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  Do everything you can to keep yourself in great shape judging from the various parts that makes you a complete person.  It is these parts that help us deal with life pressures and stresses. Remember that when one part of you is affected, it also involves the other parts so keep yourself in wholesome health at all times.  Read books that help to keep you on track on both physical and mental state of optimism.

No. 11 – Think; Plan; Take Action

How to write ideas, plan and aim to take action

How to write ideas, plan and aim to take action

To achieve success in life you have to do your thinking, planning and action taking yourself.  Stop allowing anyone to brain wash you into thinking you are doing something great but it turns out you are working towards their hidden agenda.

Start by putting your thoughts and ideas through your own brain.  Relate clearly to the idea and the solutions it will bring, and if it makes sense, put it down on paper in the form of a plan.  Do not be one of those people who have great ideas but leave it in their brain or mind.  Learn to write down your thoughts.  Once they are written, put them into a sequence of how you will work on them – known as visualisation.  This way of putting them down in a plan allows you to visualise it and organise how it will be worked on.  Then physically put these plans into action by doing them.  Once they are done, results follow but remember to be patient with yourself as your ideas need to germinate and achieve great roots to hold it in place.

As long as you are in control of what you are thinking, planning and acting upon, you are well on your way to taking back the power to your own success.  You only take back Power to your own success by creating your solution yourself without being manipulated, restricted and brain washed.

World of Braiding & Extensions is always happy to share knowledge, information and skills and wishes you success in all your endeavours.


What are your personal experiences with taking back power to your success.  Are you responsible for your success or are you still allowing other people to dictate what you should do with your life? Drop me a line if you need help identifying who you are or if you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned in this article.

We are putting together plans to take our training on a WORLD EDUCATION TOUR, to a location near you. The tour aims to Educate, Inform and give Skills to people who want to take back Power to their own success in life.

Register today by contacting us for details. On this tour, Joy will directly consult with you, find out where you are and how we can move you forward. Our training is about Education, Information and Skills training.  We make recommendations and suggestions on what is realistic, works for you and in your best interest.


About Joy

Joy is a qualified and certified NLP practioner whose wealth of experience continues to motivate and inspire her students all over the world for growth in business and personal life.

In addition to other learning, Joy continues to educate herself in the field of Personal Development from great authors and world leaders such as Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Christopher Howard etc.

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Joy a mother with her four children

Joy a mother with her four children

About your Trainer

Joy Phido is an internationally established Natural Hair and Extensions Educator, Specialist, & Designer.  Joy is a mother with 4 children and has first-hand experience on how difficult it is to work and run a family especially in the Western world.  After working in corporate Nigeria as a banker and corporate England in telecoms, Joy tried her hands on buy and sell businesses which failed. She eventually realized that to succeed in business; you need to have a skill in your hands first. In addition to her natural passion and skill in hair designing, Joy took series of professional training from across different continents and now has the mission to give students real skill of running a hair Business. This is why World of Braiding has become a success and it is this passion of owning your own skill that motivates Joy in helping people who come to World of Braiding & Extensions for training.

Joy has a BSc in Business Admin, a qualified Hairdresser, a State Registered Hairdresser (SRH) with UK Hairdressing Council, has over 20 years Natural Hair & Extensions experience.  She is also a qualified teacher, an NLP practitioner with varied career experiences.

Before setting up World of Braiding & Extensions, Joy started teaching Braiding, Weaving & Extensions with the Newham Council Adult Education Department (Newceys) for 5 years at 4 Centres with some classes as big as 30 students. As the Chief Executive, Trainer and Artistic Director at World of Braiding & Extensions, her passion is to make Natural Hair and Extensions a professional skill as well as help stylist understand how to make money while designing glamorous clients.

Joy’s passion for natural hair is also associated with the fact that she experienced hair damage with chemical relaxers which made her start wearing natural hairstyles thereafter.  She can be seen as a Doctor  for healthy natural hair where all her children wear natural hairstyles and she is no stranger on the internet writing from her blogs, teaching on Youtube with step-by-step videos to constantly enrich students’ knowledge with over 1.5million views and over 6,000 subscribers.  She is also a Natural Hair & Extensions Business Mentor and adviser helping students & practitioners not only on how to get into the industry but how to become successful and prosper in the industry.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to this training to enhance your learning.  World of Braiding & Extensions is constantly exhibiting at Hair events, taking part in major projects and designing hair for fashion shows and events. 


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