Afro Kinky hairstyle

Afro Kinky hairstyle


5th February 2011.

My client calls me to book an appointment.  We talk through the consultation process.  What hairstyle does she want.  Has she had this hairstyle done in the past.  What is her natural hair texture.  What hair extensions does she want and what colour does she want.  She wants me to get the hair as she does knows how she wants the hair to look but does not know the type of extensions that is best suited for the style.  I am happy to get the hair and we book an appointment. Remember you are the expert and you need to know your stuff.

My client comes to the salon on her appointed date and time and we get on with her hair.   First I noticed her natural afro hair was quite short and she was worried if I could put it in the extensions.  I simply applied the moisturisers I work with and combed it out with the WAHL pick comb.  She was surprised at the length of her hair.  She has never combed it with a pick comb in the past.

Afro hair has a tendency to recoil into tight curls if not combed out and this is where most clients think their hair is not growing.  My client is different though as her virgin afro hair looks absolutely amazing on her and she gets lots of compliments for it.  She is very proud of wearing her hair natural. We start chatting and she explains her reasons for cutting her hair.  It had been badly damaged with chemical relaxers and she was fed up pretending to have hair when she knew she had none.  She had tried Weaves and Lace front wigs to cover the damage but it was simply getting worse. She decided enough with the pretence and had to cut the hair off. After cutting the hair, it was now a problem to find someone to work with her natural hair.  She recalls a particular experience in one salon. “I have been to quite a few salons and it has not been satisfying. There was a particular case in point.  I went to a salon in Nottingham.  They were happy to see me but by the time they were finished with me, I looked like a chicken.  The style was poor and amateur.  The stylist was inexperienced and had no idea how to braid with extensions. The hair looked a complete mess when she was done with me.  I had to take it out after 3 days as I felt very conscious of the look.”

World of Braiding specialises in teaching how to work with all hair extensions in natural hairstyles.

Step-by-step on how to braid tight afro kinky twist with corkscrew tips.

Materials and extensions you need:

  • Large tooth comb
  • Detangling/moisturising lotion
  • Power/Hot pick comb – WAHL, AFRODITE
  • Olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, jasmine oil, coconut oil or
  • Motions Lotion, Organic Root Stimulator – olive oil
  • Sensationnel – Afro Twist hair – 3 packs,

Process of getting client’s hair ready for Braiding

Completed Afro kinky style

Completed Afro kinky style


  • Apply a generous amount of detangling/moisturising lotion to the section working from root to tips
  • Add some natural hair oil to give it shine, and lock in the moisture from the detangler/ moisturising lotion.
  • Comb through hair with power pick comb working slowly from tip to roots. By going from tip you are gradually releasing the tangled tips and allowing the hair to be free of the natural afro hair tightness of curls.
  • Use large tooth comb to finish up the treatment if you want ot wear your hair this way.

Process of Braiding Afro Kinky Twist

  • Divide hair into your chosen sections – squares, arches, triangles
  • Working from each section at a time
  • Cut hair extensions into two lengths (because the type we bought is long)
  • Pick a strand of extension
  • Add each strand of extensions into each strand of client’s hair and twist into place.
  • Complete twisting.
  • Using either the Corkscrew technique or with the small size curly perm rod
  • Seal the tips of the twisted hair into the rollers
  • Dip in hot water and allow to stand for about 5 seconds
  • Dab hair with towel and release the rollers.
  • Trim off the dangling tip to allow for the natural curls.
  • Style as normal or as required.
  • Advise client on how to maintain the hair at home.

When we finished braiding, my client was excited.  She was absolutely pleased and said she will recommend our service to anyone who asked her for our details.  She could not wait to show it off to her husband and was looking forward to our next appointment. I also received a thank you text as she got home.

Another satisfied client. Our mission is to make you feel glamorous and completely satisfied with your chosen natural hairstyle.

Our recommendation:

Love your hair and treat it right as it continues to grow. Give it whatever style pleases you.

Most afro hair salons do not understand the value of having a verbal consultation with clients before they come to the salon.  This is where it goes wrong and this leads to complaints as clients requirement are not usually adhered to. They also do not believe in booking appointments as they think it is okay for clients to simply walk in and wait for hours before they are seen. This needs to change as our clients are tired of waiting to be seen and spend so much of their time sitting in the salon doing nothing.

For questions, help, comments and more information on how to braid different natural hairstyles, please email or contact us. 0208 983 9815,



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