Relaxer burnt scalp

Relaxer burnt scalp


Damaged hairline /Hair is a result of various types of abuse of the hair.  This problem is called Alopecia and there are different types of Alopecia.  The most common of them is called Traction Alopecia aka Hairline damage.  What is causing this problem and how can we solve it. There are 2 major root causes of this problem:  1 Untrained application of Chemical Relaxers; Untrained hair braiders who pull the hairline.

The worst case experience is when untrained braider meets an already damaged relaxed hair.  This leads to traumatic experiences.


Naomi's damaged hairline

Naomi's damaged hairline




  1. Stop Relaxing your hair.

The chemical content of chemical relaxers are far too dangerous than your hairdresser and manufacturer will want you to believe.  The active ingredients in relaxers is Sodium Hydroxide aka caustic soda – Lye and the one in No Lye Relaxers is Ammonium Thioglycolate.  This is a very strong alkaline with pH balance of 14. Its job is to corrode and dissolve the hair. This is why once you have relaxed your hair, you can never have healthy hair again.  Look out for my article on What you should know about your chemical relaxers.

2. Cut your hair to meet the damaged part.

The damaged hairline / short patchy stops have to be of the same length if you want your hair to start growing back.  There is no magic solution to recovering your damaged hair.  Your short damaged hairline will never grow to meet the long parts of your hair. You have to be patient with yourself and start all over again.

3 Get yourself a very pretty wig.

Halle's perfect wig

Halle's perfect wig


Wigs will solve your immediate problems of short hair.  Some people do not mind working around with very short hair but if this will be a bother for you, look for one of the most trendy current wigs that give you a natural look. Go for a design you would normally have in a hairstyle.  This is your chance to look like your favourite celebrity. Always remember to wear a wig cap when you wear a wig.  This helps to protect your hair and avoid friction against the wig base and your hair.

4 Take off your wig every night

Apply a fertiliser balm on your scalp/damaged hairline.  Some of the ones I will recommend are: Virgin Hair Fertiliser, Doo Gro medicated hair fertiliser, groganics, Organic Root stimulator, Dr Miracle etc

5 Shampoo hair at least every week.

Use a moisturising shampoo and shampoo the hair then use a good deep conditioner to help recover your healthy hair and scalp.

6 Eat Healthy

Hair grows from inside and healthy hair comes from healthy food.  Stick to natural healthy organic foods to allow your body grow healthy hair.  Foods such as brown rice, brown bread, fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts etc

7 Try good vitamin supplements that helps grow your hair.

Iron tablet and other supplements help to clean your blood which feeds the hair roots. Others include hair and nails supplements.

8 Water and lots more water.

Water cleanses your system of toxins – detoxes you, rehydrates you and keeps you supple. The body is about 90% water.  We need water to survive more than food.  Keep your system hydrated and it will keep the blood flowing.

9  Rest.

Your body needs a good rest to multiply the cells.  You also need lots of exercises to increase your oxygen inflow which helps to keep the body active.

10 Stay Natural

When your hair grows back, remember to stay natural.  You can achieve whatever hairstyle you desire with natural hair as the base.  Braids, Weaves, add various extensions, wigs etc all add the type of glamour you desire and when you feel like it, add spice and show off your lovely natural hair.

see our Youtube channel for guide. 

For more information, keep watching out for other topics as: What is hair and how does it grow; What you need to know about your chemical relaxers etc.


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4 Responses

  1. “This is why once you have relaxed your hair, you can never have healthy hair again.” is that even true? if someone was to shave their head bald and let their hair grow back it would still be damaged?

    • Thanks for your question. If you shave the hair and start all over again then your hair will be fine as the chemicals did not affect the new growth. The is why people who apply chemicals on their hair have a retouch.

  2. wow looks great tips to get long hair

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